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What if… you could live your best life… now…

Energy Healing Arts LLC is a full-spectrum energy healing practice.

Our clients are located throughout the world. Their work ranges in severity with some needing support with their day-to-day successes, establishing sovereignty in all areas of their life and others needing support to be free of the energetic conditions of COVID, as well as the environmental effects of COVID upon their Energy Body, their Life, their capacities to return to a successful, rewarding, and happy Life.

Generally, we do not diagnose conditions. However, if you come to us with your diagnosis, we will observe your condition through that lens. Once that information has been established, we will look at your condition through the lens of Energetic Information. When we look through the lens that permits us to establish an understanding of what is with your Energy Body, your Causal Fields, your Auric Fields, your Astral Field, your Mind-Plane, your Physical-Plane, your Emotional-Plane, and your Spirit-Plane, this creates a bigger picture from which we can identify exactly what is happening with your Life, your Physical Body, your Chakra System – which tells us a lot about what has occurred to you, occurred within your Lifetime, and if you have received “Information” in the form of curses, spell-bindings, charms, metaphysical conditions, or other “Intentions” from others, from non-Corporeal entities, or from covidic-ish “Int-it-ies,” which are “Intentions of Covid.”

This is a lot of information – prior to asking for an overview of how we practice – however, understanding that everything that is with you, everything that can cause a problem in your Lifetime, every form of Intention placed upon you, cast over you, created in an informal thought, or more precisely intended with another’s creative and capacitated powers of “Intention.”


Intentions are powerful. These can either support a person in achieving what they are targeting in their lifetime, or they can fully dismantle your life.

If an intention has been “cast over” you, if it has been purposefully made to shape your life, if it has been such that you are not longer able to “mind” your day in the way you intended, your Lifetime or your Life is being manipulated by another’s “Intention(s).”

If your Lifetime or your Life seems to be “less than you wanted, less than you are targeting, less than the goals you set quite some time ago with a strong personal intention” your life has been “Intended” upon.

If you are “Intended upon,” you must intend that this is cleared. That all that is with you and that which is not your personal “Intention” is resolved.

Our Work

Our work consists of abolishing all “Intention” that comes to you, to your land, to your home, to your family, to your properties, your career, your business, your estates, your financial capacities, your wealth, your health, your Best Life as it is described in your Incarnate Lifetime Plan.

Your Incarnate Lifetime Plan is a very important guidepost for all of your work.

Prior to incarnating in this Lifetime, you created – everyone did – a Divine Lifetime Plan. This Plan drives your Life, unless another overshadowed elements of your Life. Throughout COVID, the entities and “Int-it-ies” of COVID overshadowed nearly everyone’s Lifetime Plan.

Your Lifetime Plan directs the Divine Intentions, which you identified and recorded prior to deciding to incarnate. The “traditional” Lifetime Plan has several segments within it – most include the incarnating person’s DIVINE:

  • Purpose
  • Inspiration for Incarnating – which is related to their deepest inspiration for leaving the heavenly realm to become a human-being, a person, in a vulnerable body, in a changing world… this particular Lifetime required a significant amount of BRAVE. This is likely why works around this topic are very successful.
  • Intentions for Incarnating – these Intentions are very important. They support the purpose for your Lifetime… as in, “What I Intend to Achieve, Accomplish, Fulfill While I Am In Life,” What I Intend to Be, to Know, to Love, To Be Driven By,” and it may include other Intentions of great importance to your Source Incarnating Spirit – which may be an Essence of God Who is Source, Jesus Who is God, The Holy Spirit Who is God, in Spirit, The Archangels, Who are Pure Source Light, and the Angels Who Are Pure Source Light – of The Divine Realm. If your Vital Life Force Energy, or your Vital Life Force, or Your Vital Force is fulfilled by Divine Light, your Lifetime Incarnate Plan may be of the utmost importance in this Lifetime.

There are many other elements and segments of your Lifetime within your Lifetime Plan and each is important when you are receiving healing. 

Our Mentorship Programs, Teaching Workshops, Offerings

We offer many different kinds of Mentorship Programs, Workshops to learn how to be sovereign, how to heal yourself, your family, and your expanded expanded-family, ancestors, and how to clear your family lineages so that your family has the best opportunities to live their Best Life, enjoy their Prime Health, and enjoy an abundantly God-held and 100% protected safety throughout your Lifetime, and that of your family system.

Some of our offerings include teaching you how to become an EHA Trained, Certified Practitioner. These classes, certifications, and positions may become available in early Spring 2023.

Learn how to change a person’s life, how to work with The Divine, how to know, how to be clear about the work you offer others. Supporting you in achieving your Best Life and being certain it aligns with your perfected Lifetime Incarnate Plan, your Divine Purposes, Intentions, Inspirations, Promises, Principles, Protections, Perfected Life, Potentiated Prime Health, and your Divine Nature.

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Who Fulfills and Effects Your Work

Every single session is facilitated by Sheri Taber. Our practice is growing and soon we’ll have many different practitioners who have studied my protocols. Once each are certified, and approved of by The Divine Realm – Who are Those with Whom I work without exception – multi-disciplined experts in their fields will join our team.

This explanation is important because Energy Healing Arts LLC has been practicing energetic healing, energetic resolution, Best Life Manifestation, Prime Health Manifestation, and creating protocol that supports 100% ongoing Life Safety – supported, intended, held, and sourced by The Divine Realm, Who are Pure Source Light; Whom you may refer to as God, as Source, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and The Archangels of The Divine Realm.

When a client comes to our practice for support in achieving a very important healing or a clearing or a manifestation of a “thing” they knew they were supposed to achieve in this lifetime, WE / THEY know what is required to fulfill it.

THEY know you. THEY know you whether you know them. THEY have known your Source Incarnating Spirit or Light, Essences, or Energy since before you came into this Lifetime – since your Essence, Energy, or Light was Created. Your True Self is the Divine Blueprint for your Lifetime. Everything there is to know about you now, and everything there is to know about your Lifetime can be found within your Etheric Blueprint. Within the Etheric Blueprint is your True Self. That which overcomes, overshadows, or over-takes, or more routinely, we find that “others’ Intentions” are what causes pain, suffering, harm, disease, accidents, poor luck, failure to thrive – in any area – one or many; and more often than not, these are installed, intruded, over-shadowing your Blueprint because someone you know intended something upon your Life.

When a Traditional Session, or a “Resolution Program,” a solution, or a DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program – which is a “frequency-based” healing created by God Who is Pure Source Light of The Divine Realm – or a “Healing, Resolution, Restoration, Restitution, Resuscitation of Any Aspect of Your Life, or when a Manifestation is provided, these “Intentions” are removed. 

When any healing, restoration, resolution, resuscitation, restitution, or manifestation is made on your behalf, it ALWAYS takes into account your True Self, its Divine Lifetime, its Natural Lifetime, its More than Natural Lifetime – these refer to the various kinds of Lifetimes you may have experienced throughout the existence of your True Self, which is your Etheric Blueprint.

Everything there is to know about you is in your Light.

We could write a book on this topic, and we feel it is important enough for you to understand because every kind of work, every kind of recommendation, and every form of healing, resolution, restoration, restitution, or manifestation that is designed for you is very much aligned with the Very Important Instructions contained in Your Lifetime Incarnate Plan.

Also, our work extends beyond your human body. It may involve your home, your land, your properties, your other economic conditions, that which you came to fulfill, and that which you came to avoid, that which you said, “I will never… “ to, could have been used to harm you.



This is a segment of our organization, a protected, confidential, and sacred private division in which many other people, estates, Trust Funds, and those whose legal and liabilities are extensive leverage our protective services.

If your estate is valued over $1,000,000.00, or if your assets are, you may need to be in touch with us.

Throughout the past 100 years, there have been many changes, many energetic affronts on those with assets in excess of $1,000,000.00. When a person exceeds a 7-digit value, there are other kinds of entities that begin to be aware of your wealth. These are domiciled in every community, every county, every State, every country, every continent.

If you have assets with excessive worth, particularly those exceeding $50M, please ask for our brochure on How to Maintain Your Security over Your Wealth, Assets, Estates, and Legacies. This packet is essential for those whose wealth is increasing, decreasing, or retiring.

Your private funds manager is a good contact for you to refer, if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Our Celebrity Profile is Private. It is not disclosed to anyone.

Please let us know if you are intending to become wealthy. 

We can support you in understanding what might be in your way, what might be blocking your asset growth, your capacitated investment portfolio, your other kinds of private capital investments. Your outreach is private and confidential. Each contact will be, as well.

About Sherí: I have served the global collective in creating sovereignty, where there was none, peace where there was chaos, cleared lands that were bloodshed, homes that were forever destined to be haunted, and supported others in maintaining, creating, and expanding their wealth, their business revenues, and the stability and growth of their commercial interests.

30 years. Professionally. Lifetime Personally. Healing. Clearing. Manifesting. Wealth. Health. Peace. Stability. Security. More.

What if… You Were Living Your Best Life…

What if… It Was Exactly As You Planned It Before You Were Born?

What if…  You Could Be Living That Best Life Right Now?

You Can…

Some of Our Services


Energy Healing Arts LLC and our Practitioners offer a full array of energetic healing services - in every genre of Life. Each of the four areas below indicates the categorical genre for the services and products we offer. It is impossible to outline every kind of condition we address in our Practice.

If you are experiencing conditions we have not clearly explained or listed, please reach out to Us Here.

Traditional Sessions

People • Places • Things • Anything
Resolution • Healing • Manifestations

People • Land • Home • Animals • Pets • Possessions • Lifetime Conditions • More of Our Areas of Focus Are Outlined Here

Learn More About Our Traditional Sessions

Celebrity & Wealth

Celebrity • High Wealth • Pro Sports • High Profile
Healing • Clearing • Strategic Protection • Long-term Plans

Home Family Properties Assets Estates Trusts Protected
End Energetic Conditions • Blocking Growth • Prevent Targeting Conflict
Domestic • International • Live, Breathe, Know, You Are Protected

Learn More About Our High Profile Packages

Healing Programs

Frequency • Intention-Based • Sovereignty Plans

People • Land • Home • Animals • Pets • Possessions • All Interests • Lifetime Conditions • Unlimited Areas of Focus • Long-term Conditions Resolved • Eliminates All Traditional Forms of In-Sovereignty

Learn More About Our Non-Client-Facing Healing Programs


Long-term Sovereignty • People • Places • Things • ALL

People • Land • Home • Animals • Pets • Possessions • All Interests • Lifetime Conditions • Unlimited Areas of Focus • Long-term Conditions Resolved • Eliminates All Traditional Forms of In-Sovereignty

Learn More About Our Non-Client-Facing Healing Programs

  • Client in Tokyo
    I am feeling better today (I slept through the night for the first time in - I can’t even remember the last time I slept through the night). I am grateful for everything you have done for me. I am much, much better, freer, saner, and happier now than I was before I started working with you. Sheri is the kindest person I’ve ever met. She has helped me where other healers could not, or would not. Chronic migraines are gone. My sense of self is restored. I never even imagined my life could be this joyful. Thank you, Sherí. Thank you so, so very much. So much love and gratitude.
    Client in Tokyo
  • HK
    Sheri’ has helped me through multiple complex issues. She not only has helped me, but my whole family. She has also been helping a family member who was given a grim cancer diagnosis of only months to live. Two years later he is doing much better! Sheri’ is my go to healer for everything in my life! I’m so grateful for her!
  • Q
    I have worked with Sheri through remote sessions which have been very transformative. I had been through a traumatic experience and Sheri was there to help me heal and unravel all the confusion and illusions. I have recovered from this experience and I am no longer defined by what happened. For that alone I’m forever grateful. Sheri is a compassionate, non-judgemental healer who knows her craft well. There is never any pressure to do more than what you want to do and you always have choice.
    Toronto, Canada
  • R.P.
    Sheri's strong connection with spirit, her innovative, outside-the-box approach, and her ability to detangle the complex situations that tend to arise in people's dealings with the spirit world make her a gifted healer. She has helped me break through obstacles and see my way forward and has brought me much healing.
  • Denise Paulette
    Sheri is a gifted, compassionate healer. Her connections with her helping spirits is so strong and deep. Her work on my behalf helped me heal from a burden I had carried my whole life. Her ability to work with her helping spirits to explore deeply in non-ordinary reality for lasting healing takes commitment and a life of service for the greater good. I truly appreciate and am grateful for her craft! Thank you Sheri!
    Denise Paulette
  •  V.M.
    I have been working with Sheri for the past year. Sheri is extremely knowledgeable about the various realms and her guidance and healing have been enormously useful to me. In addition to being very competent as a [practitioner - added for clarity] guide, Sheri is also very kind, compassionate and has great respect for the non-ordinary realms and helping spirits. Sheri has been my personal Shaman [...practitioner - added for clarity] as well as my mentor as I train in this ancient healing modality. Sheri also makes beautiful rattles that are personally designed for you and imbued with spirit designed especially to help you. I am deeply grateful to her for all her help and guidance.
    California, USA
  • Sarah M.
    My sessions with Sheri' have been cleansing and transformative! Pieces of me felt energetically stuck, chaotic and very unclear and she was able to lift it out and move it along. I could feel a great shift within my body energetically. I'm grateful for her healing abilities and her clear communication and commentary during the sessions so I knew what was I was feeling in the moment. Thank you!
    Sarah M.
  • Suzanne S.
    Working with Sheri for several years was life-changing for me. She held a beautiful and powerful container for me to succeed in my deepest soul work. Sheri is a masterful guide and guardian. She is a perfect mirror to reflect my power and magnificence back to me. I can now really behold my true spirit. This is a game-changer in my healing journey. Sheri assisted me in finding my way along a deeply healing journey. She has a vast array of expertise, tools, and skills. She shepherded me to find my sovereignty and stand firm in it. Her work empowered me to trust myself and my own potent medicine. She truly walked me home to myself. I am now a more whole and healed version of myself. This is the rendition of myself and my life that I had been yearning for. I have the deepest gratitude and highest regard for Sheri and her sacred work.
    Suzanne S.
    Nokesville, VA
  • RM
    For me, Sheri’s healing skills have ‘refreshed the parts that other healers cannot reach,’ to paraphrase an old beer advert! Right from the first session, Sheri was able to reach back and facilitate the healing of dysfunctions in my energy field right at their origin; I have been amazed and thrilled to watch lifelong negative patterns simply fall away. I can attest to the fact that these healings really have been permanent. Also, Sheri’s feedback has given me a big picture overview as to why certain things in my life have been the way they have, and what purpose these conditions have served. Not only that, but Sheri has such integrity that you know you are in safe and trustworthy hands.
    Manchester, UK
  • Paulette H.
    It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for Sheri Taber as I consider her a master level teacher, an honorable mentor, a lighted being on earth and a loving friend. We met several years ago at an advanced training on Shamanic Practice. Working side by side with her in ceremony was a truly gifting experience for me. Without question, what I learned and shared with Sheri over those years is immeasurable spiritual knowledge I will take with me forever. Going forward since, I have found Sheri to be a direct connector to Source. Her ability for channeling spirit is deeply profound and has been extremely helpful to me and to so many others. The clearing work I received personally, has been literally life-changing and lifesaving. I cannot say enough about Sheri's talent. Her authentic practice, her level of understanding of the information she receives and her genuineness for loving all beings, makes her a unique Practitioner worthy of praise. In my opinion, I see Sheri as a higher level being sent to earth in this life to do the work of the Angels and Masters. It is precisely the work we need to learn and live by and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience her gift. I am forever in her gratitude. Thank you, Sheri
    Paulette H.
  • K.S.
    Sessions with Sherí helped me to exit a New Age cult and to regain my soul. Through monthly sessions with her I now feel reconnected to my past and have reconnected with old friends and family members. My work life is better, and I no longer have food allergies. I am so grateful to her for helping me to reconnect to joy and meaning in life. This in spite of it being the year of coronavirus and a year with so many difficulties. I feel that she has put the foundation back under my feet and helped me to regain trust in life. I highly recommend sessions with Sherí
  • Jean S.
    Thank you, Sheri for your work today! I noticed a big, immediate shift in how I am feeling, for the better. I feel restored and renewed! Thank you again, I have a deep sense of trust for you and your work. With gratitude,
    Jean S.