Sheri Taber

Shamanic Practitioner. Teacher. Healer.
Her clients say, “…she has a special and sacred gift.”

Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice known to man. While it is not a “religion,” it is the ancestor of modern religions.

As a shamanic practitioner, I am enrolled for life in learning the ways of the Shaman. As a shamanic practitioner, I am an intermediary between the human and spirit worlds.

As a shamanic practitioner, I navigate between the visible (or “ordinary”) world and the invisible world of energy and all-knowing spirit allies to restore balance, personal power and health on behalf of the client. Direct revelation opens relationship to the worlds of hidden things.

Shamans believe everything is alive and has spirit. We believe all things are energy and energy connects all of life.

Shamanism called me. Early. I’ve spent a lifetime wrestling with what it looks like in my life to channel the compassion, love, and healing from Spirit.

With a heart of gratitude, I work with my compassionate spirit allies to receive direct revelation and to identify the root of the client’s problem or suffering. With the client’s permission, I work with my compassionate healing spirit helpers to affect the changes at the spirit level that manifest desired outcomes in the physical realm.

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A Trusted Shamanic Practitioner

Walking the path of the wounded healer,
Sherí Taber has devoted her life to
helping people and their businesses
achieve unprecedented growth
and spiritual healing.

Transformational Shamanic Healing.
Growth. Guidance.

Whether your need is for personal or spiritual healing, evolvement or empowerment, overcoming bad luck or self-limiting beliefs, resolving paranormal activity in your environment or personal self, or you wish to achieve an elusive goal or state of being, Sheri is a gifted healer with a passion for helping others heal and embrace their purpose.

Sessions may involve helping to restore power and focus on behalf of someone who has experienced trauma; resolving spiritual blockages that manifest as a physical or emotional illness; resolving puzzling and devastating bouts of bad luck, sickness, accidents; eliminate negative energies that plague your home or business; or divine wisdom to resolve challenges or plan of action for families or businesses, and so much more. Healing work can occur at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

In her office or virtual session, Sheri’s compassionate spirit allies provide direct insight to the source of the issue or obstacle and provide a clear and actionable solution. Sheri will guide, advise and facilitate the healing and growth process.

Sheri also weaves her expertise as an award-winning business strategist and shamanic practitioner to help companies receive direct revelation, as well as insight into growth and marketing strategies to achieve unprecedented growth and healing.

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Some Common Areas of Practice

Compassionate Depossession
Curse Unraveling
Death & Dying, Preparation & Spiritual Guidance
Divination & Guidance
Energy Extraction
Energy Clearing
Energy Healing
Home, Land & Space Clearing
Karmic Resolution
Medical Medium
Mediumship & Channeling
Past Life Healing
Pet & Animal Communication & Healing
Power Animal And Spirit Guide Retrieval

Psychopomp Services
Relationship Healing
Releasing Energetic or Spiritual Blockages
Resolve Spiritual Blocks Manifesting as Physical or Emotional Illness
Resolve Chronic Bad Luck
Shamanic Business Consulting
Shamanic Healing Services
Shamanic Mentorship: Practitioners & Personal Life Practice
Soul Retrieval Sessions
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Light Healing
Spiritual Protection
Workshops, Mentoring & Training

Services performed in person or at a distance

What is Shamanism