Sherí is a gifted healer.
Her clients say, “…she has a special and sacred gift.”

Sherí is passionate about her work and is dedicated to supporting her client’s highest good. 

When asked what she loves most about this work, Sherí will tell you it is having the honor of walking the path, even if only for a moment, with others; being a vessel through which Spirit directs and works for their highest good, and being blessed with a front row seat to witness the transformative and life-changing outcomes that catalyze a life that becomes more in alignment with its spirit’s purpose.  

When you ask Sheri’ what her purpose work is, she will tell you it is working with women who long to discover and fulfill their purpose.

“My client knows that until she can own and embrace her personal power, she won’t experience the manifestation of her powerful purpose. She doesn’t want to waste her calling in this lifetime sitting on the sidelines.”

If this is you, I can help you discover your purpose and help you create a life where you are embracing your personal power for the highest good and fully living and executing that purpose so that the world may experience the healing and benefits of your gift… 

It is, after all, your reason for being here.

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A Trusted Shamanic Practitioner

Walking the path of the wounded healer,
Sherí Taber has devoted her life to
helping people and their businesses
achieve unprecedented growth
and spiritual healing.

Transformational Shamanic Healing.
Growth. Guidance.

Personal or spiritual healing, evolvement or empowerment, overcoming self-limiting beliefs or achieving an elusive goal or state of being, Sheri is a powerful healer with a passion for helping others heal and embrace their purpose.

In her office or virtual session, Sheri’s spirit allies provide direct insight to the source of the issue or obstacle and provide a clear and actionable solution. Sheri will guide, advise and facilitate the healing and growth process.

Sheri also weaves her expertise as an award-winning business strategist and shamanic practitioner to help companies achieve unprecedented growth and healing.

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Some Common Areas of Practice

Shamanic healing services
Business shamanic services
Divination information and guidance
Power animal and spirit guide retrieval
Soul retrieval sessions
Psychopomp services
Compassionate depossession
Spirit extraction
Preparation and spiritual guidance for conscious –
– death and dying support for entire family

Releasing energetic or spiritual blockages
Spiritual light healing
Home, office, land cleansing and clearing
Ceremony development and delivery
Clearing past residue or energy
Energy healing
Spiritual protection
Spiritual guidance
Relationship healing
Business strategy and growth advising

Services performed in person or at a distance

What is Shamanism