Sheri Taber

Energy Healer. Teacher. Mentor.
Her clients say, “…she has a special and sacred gift.”

Sheri was born with a gift to hear, see, and communicate with Spirit. Among many things, Spirit shows her what is needed to help one recover or resolve what is blocking their fullest expression of life or a desired state of being. Sheri then witnesses the work of Spirit and shares it with the client.

Formally trained in various modalities of Spirit healing in the non-ordinary realms by the leading experts in their fields, Sheri’s work spans the spectrum of Spirit-led: traditional shamanic work, energy imbalance resolution, past life resolution, ancestral healing, soul and power essence retrieval and restoration, including transformational work in the quantum field; to name just a few of the vast services she provides.

All work is conducted by Spirit for the highest and best good of the client.

See the partial list of energy work Sheri facilitates at the bottom of this page.

Everything Has a Perfect Balance

If you have energy with you that does not belong with you, your energy body is out of balance. In such a case, you may experience illness, various kinds of challenges, relationship complications, emotional concerns, career frustrations, and so many other obstacles may exist blocking the highest quality and expression of your life. There are no limitations to the kinds of impediments that one may encounter when energy imbalances exist.

If your home, space, or land has energy that doesn’t belong with it, the same thing can occur. People have struggled with constant illness, allergy symptoms, accidents, pain, family struggles, land, air quality, electrical, or water issues, home deficiencies, and so much more.

Many of my clients struggle with mystery illnesses and undiagnosable conditions with seemingly unresolvable symptoms. Others may have a diagnosis and are not responding to treatment and sometimes there is no diagnosis – only undiagnosable symptoms, confusion, and frustration.

Spirit’s work does not interfere with your medical treatment or your doctor’s recommendations. Spirit’s work is fully focused on the energy that doesn’t belong with you or isn’t supporting your highest good.

Restoring Energetic Balance

On behalf of my client, and as a witness to the work of the all-knowing, enlightened, and compassionate spirit allies I observe the restoration of balance, personal power, and spirit-level work.

The compassionate spirit allies identify existing energy imbalances or energetic conditions that are at the root of the problem, or that catalyze the suffering. A very important aspect in energetic healing is the witnessing of the work of Spirit. Witnessing what happens in the spirit realm, during the work, is critically important to all of the energies involved in the healing. As such, I witness Spirit perform the needed work at the spirit level. Lastly, I share the summary of the work and any aftercare recommendations with the client.

Most often the work is complete at the end of the session. For more complex situations, the energetic work may take a few days to fully resolve before resolution begins to manifest in the physical realm. In some cases, there are layers of healing that require multiple sessions.

Spirit called me to this work. Early. I’ve spent a lifetime learning and wrestling with how to best channel the compassion, love, and healing from Spirit to those who need it. I have found the channel here. Practicing. Teaching. Mentoring.

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A Trusted Practitioner

This is the work that called me into this lifetime.
Compassion, tenacity and Spirit’s inspired vision
for what “wholeness” or resolution looks like on
behalf of each client, keeps me in awe and in
pursuit of what is in the client’s highest good.

Transformational Resolutions.
Growth. Guidance.

Whether your need is for personal or spiritual healing, evolvement or empowerment, overcoming bad luck or self-limiting beliefs, resolving paranormal activity in your environment or your personal experiences of it, or you wish to achieve an elusive goal or state of being, Sheri is a gifted intuitive, energetic healer, and shamanic healer with a passion for helping others heal and embrace their fullest life.

Sessions may involve helping to restore you to your divine blueprint, retrieve soul essences and power, resolve energy that doesn’t belong; resolving spiritual blockages that manifest in various ways; resolving puzzling and devastating bouts of bad luck, not feeling up to par, energetically addressing mysterious or challenging conditions, recurring accidents; eliminate negative energies that plague your home or business; or receive divine wisdom to resolve challenges or plan of action for families or businesses, and much more. Energy-healing work can occur and manifest in the energy and physical body.

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Some Common Areas of Practice

Compassionate Depossession
Curse Unraveling
Death & Dying, Preparation & Spiritual Guidance
Divination & Guidance
Energy Extraction
Energy Clearing
Energy Healing
Home, Land & Space Clearing
Karmic Resolution
Medical Medium
Mediumship & Channeling
Past Life Healing
Pet & Animal Communication & Healing
Power Animal And Spirit Guide Retrieval

Psychopomp Services
Relationship Healing
Releasing Energetic or Spiritual Blockages
Resolve Spiritual Blocks Manifesting as
Physical or Emotional Symptoms
Resolve Chronic Bad Luck
Shamanic Business Consulting
Shamanic Healing Services
Shamanic Mentorship: Practitioners & Personal Life Practice
Soul Retrieval Sessions
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Light Healing
Spiritual Protection
Workshops, Mentoring & Training

Services performed in person or at a distance

What is Shamanism