Energy Healing Arts LLC


Welcome to Energy Healing Arts LLC.

We are a full-spectrum, global energy healing practice.

We have been providing Energy Healing Services to our clients for 30 years.

Our Founder, Sheri Taber, has been practicing intuitive medical healing, energy healing, and has been practicing in nearly every area of need since 1992.

Each of our Professional Practitioners work solely with The Divine Realm. In addition to their trainings, certifications, and practical experience, Energy Healting Arts LLC’s Practitioners have been trained in Energy Healing LLC’s proprietary practices, theory, and protocols. Each of our Professional Practitioners work with clients whose needs are within their fields of expertise.

Energy Healing Arts LLC offers Energy Healing Services, Sessions, Programs, Workshops, Downloadable Healing Frequencies, Vibrations, & Vibrational-Frequencies, Podcasts, Blog Posts about trending conditions, and many other Products that are specifically designed for very specific healing, restorations, resolutions, restitutions, and manifestations.

What We Do

Energy Healing Arts LLC works on behalf of people, pets and animals, personal possessions, estates, financial conditions, wealth-related conditions, inheritance intentions, settlements, and distribution resolutions. We address energetic conditions related to all personal, commercial, and public domain properties. This includes your residential lot, expanding to the greater environmental and community-wide and/or country-wide conditions that may be part of the source of the energetic condition.

These are rarely addressed in a holistic way that brings peace, love, beauty, and restoration to every “thing” involved.

We work with THE DIVINE REALM WHO ARE PURE SOURCE LIGHT and THEY can resolve, restore, heal, clear, restitute, and manifest anything as long as it is in accordance and alignment with your DIVINELY CREATED PERSONAL LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN.

Your Personal Plan (PLAN) outlines how your Lifetime will be, in this Lifetime.

THE DIVINE REALM works with every aspect of the present issues to forever resolve that which needs to be resolved. Once the Resolution and Restoration Phases of the work have been fully completed, the Restitution Phases begin to restore health, vitality, and peace, love, beauty, joy, and everyone and everything involved can be restored to its DIVINE INTENTION.

Our work has involved continental conditions, which often includes countrywide conditions, which will nearly always involve mass bodies of water – including shoreline, lakes, seas, oceans, gulfs, and rivers. Effects upon local and regional people, animals, farms, food production, nature, and quality of living become a must-resolve condition when one person’s land, home, or family are being affected by these ongoing conditions.

In areas of war, land trauma, mass human trauma, poverty, destruction, loss of life, or energetic conditions move in because of the resonance with the Primary Intention.

This Primary Intention may have occurred prior to an historical event, prior to the founding of a new country, prior to the understanding of one leader’s intention to bring commercial opportunities to a country so that they could build a self-stabilized economy.

How One Single Intention Can Cause Massive Energetic Conditions

A “single intention” is how “one or more conditions” are created.

That “single intention” attracts massive amounts of resonant energetic conditions, entities, intention-setting entities, and intention-fulfilling entities.

These entities can draw from any realm, any time, or any place within Creation. When this begins to occur, a mass affect begins to occur.

Over time, this mass affect begins to effect communities, countries, and global economies.

Our work is important to the sustainability of sovereignty.

Why Your Sovereignty Matters

Sovereignty of the Land is a global necessity. When your lot, your neighborhood, or your community is not sovereign, your life is significantly affected.

If Sovereignty does not exist on your lot, your land, your home, then you are not sovereign.

When your neighborhood suffers, your household suffers.

When your household suffers, they begin to fail to thrive.

When your household fails to thrive, your neighbors begin to fail to thrive.

This is the nature of our relationship to one another.

For you to be well, each who are in any way connected, disconnected, and each who are unwell in any way, must be healed.

Our Global World is connected, more so than at any other time in history.

Your Words Affect Sovereignty

Our communications travel in seconds.

If your narrative is not clear, if it feels hostile to one ⎯ other energetic conditions will rally to it. Energetic conditions like “Fields of Intention,” which may include “hate-oriented energetic conditions,” “Evil-oriented energetic conditions,” “Infection-intentions” may resonate to that one comment, “Disease-carrying intentions” may reframe it – with one, then more – for one purpose – to harm.

Our words matter. What is the “worst imaginable” translation of your post?

What resonant vibration could be drawn to it?

This is what is being drawn into your home, your workplace, and spaces where you use your email, social media platforms, and other communications.

Your words matter. The resonance of your words and the contextual intention within which they are said, thought, shared, sent, or intended attract conditions of similar resonance.

One’s words may cause the subject of the conversation or the target of the intention to receive the resonant equivalence of the “Intention” in the form of entities, intrusions, possessing entities, obsessing entities, or other forms of malicious intention unless the conversation, intention, or thoughts were resonant with Love.

How Energy Resonates

These are the unfortunate manifestations of energetic conditions of resonance.

Resonance is that which is vibrationally similar to another vibration.

Energy is magnetized resonantly. Resonance draws its own resonance to it.

Sovereignty attracts more sovereignty.

If one is not sovereign, there are energetic conditions violating their life, their home, their household, and all that is connected to and with it.

This places your Life, your Health, and your Safety at risk.

This places your personal assets, your home, and your family at risk.

Our environment is incredibly energetically congested.

Your Sovereignty is important to everyone who is connected to you.

We are working to provide Blog Posts to help you understand the symptoms of insovereignty.

We hope to have these published in the very near future.

If you are in need of healing, please CHAT WITH US HERE.


We have provided an overview of the kinds of Services, Support, and Protective Conditions Energy Healing Arts LLC offers.

Please click on any of the "Summaries of Services" below to learn more about each area of service:

Traditional Family Conditions

  • Resolving Energetic Conditions
  • People
  • Pets
  • Non-Domestic Animals
  • Homes
  • Places, Properties, Possessions
  • Residential, Business, Commercial, Public, Private, Government, Structures
  • Farm, Land Masses Community, Cities, State Properties
  • Bodies of Water, Massive Bodies of Water
  • See Specific Tabs For More Information

Ancestral Conditions

  • All Persons and All Lifetimes
  • All Interests, Conditions, Curses, Metaphysical Intentions, Every Condition of Every Lifetime
      • Resolving All Conditions of Every Family Member in Each Lifetime
      • Resolving Every Land, Home, Possession, Estate, Will, Property, Wealth of Every Lifetime
      • Resolving Agreements, Disagreements, Unresolved Conditions
      • Restituting All Members of Every Family, Each Generation, Love Hate Separation Former Partners Spouses Adoptions Foster Conditions More
      • Resolving Diseases, Syndromes, Symptomatic Issues, Addictions, Criminal Conditions, Medical Conditions - Known and Unknown
      • Resolve Long-standing Disputes, Disagreements, Harm, and Generational Overshadowing, Possession, Illnesses, Syndromes, Disorders, Diseases, Autism, Spectrum Conditions, and Other Diagnoses of Familial Conditions
      • Healing and Transitioning of Those Who Have Not Fully Transitioned to Their Next Place
      • Resolving Conditions that Prevent Family Lines From Healing, Transitioning, and Healing Family Differences
  • Organizational Harm
    • Resolving, Restoring, Clearing, Healing Traumatic Experiences
    • Injury and Harm Resulting From Prejudicial and Pejorative Experiences
  • Generational healing
  • Abuse Recovery
  • Trauma recovery
  • Resolving Eating Disorders
  • Addictive conditions
  • Domestic Violence Condition
  • Religious Abuse
  • Pastoral abuse
  • Church-Based-Bias Against Specific Classes of People
    • Gender-Exclusivity
    • Gender-Bias Harm
    • Generational Conditions resulting from these various conditions and the consequential harm in the lives of family members;
    • Experiential Harm resulting from Gender-Bias Harm
    • Gender-Fluid and Gender-Identity Conditions
  • Divorce Recovery and Conscious Uncoupling
    • Healing and Protective Services
    • Medical Mistakes and Misdiagnoses
      • Resulting Conditions… and so much more

Celebrity • Highly Visible • Recognizable • Public Personas • High Wealth Status • Easy Target • Protective Services • 24/7 • Sovereignty of All Interests • Family • Wealth • Estates • Trusts • Your People • Public Venues • More...

  • Celebrity Conditions
    • Not Limited to the Following:
    • Public Conditions of Potential Harm
    • Publicity Management for Integrity, Growth Intentions, Life Safety, Family Safety
    • Lifetime Protective Services
    • Wealth Protection
    • Health Protection
    • Life Protective Conditions
    • Contractual Services:
      • Intuitive, Guided, Channeling Services Directly From God, Source, Source Light, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and or The Archangels of The Divine Realm
      • Management of Any All Every Kind of Contractual Scope Creep
      • Restitution in any Case or Condition of Harmful, Illegal, or Punitive, Pejorative, Prejudicial Conditions
      • Resolution of Health Conditions, Life Safety Effects, Past Present Future
      • Manifestation of:
        • Health
        • Life
        • Wealth
        • Family Intentions
        • Love
        • Beauty
        • Balance
        • Peace
        • Presence of God in Business
        • Life
        • Family
        • Resolutions, Restorations, Restitutions, or Manifestations Related to Past Present Future:
          • Contractual Conditions
          • Ex-status Relationships
          • Ex-status Contractual Conditions
          • Former Harm or Unwelcome Challenges, Threats, or Perceptions Thereof
      • Hate Resolution
      • Hate Protective Services
      • Hate & Targeting Prevention Services

Land Mass • Farm • Acreage • Affected by War Tragedy Prejudice Slavery Loss of Life

  • Also See "Bodies of Water”
  • Curses, Spells, Hexes, Marks Upon the Land, Injury to the Ancestors of the Land, more…
  • War Torn Land Healing
  • Mass Casualties
  • Ancestral Lineages Connected to Lands Affected by Harmful Conditions
  • Ley Lines, Black Water Conditions, Vortices, Other Phenomenon Both Natural and Unnatural
  • Cursed by Greed, Hate, Poverty, Prejudicial Conditions, Pejorative Effects
  • Resolution of Those Connected to Harmful Land Conditions
  • Restoration of Land, Structures, Other Conditions to Their Originally Established Intentions
  • Resolution of Old Contracts, Agreements, Mis-aligned Intentions, Crime, Poverty
  • Incorrect Spirit-level Recording of Lots, Plots, Masses of Property Farm Land
  • Restitution of Land Capacities to Their Original Intentions
  • Manifestation of God’s Intentions to Land
  • Manifestation of Nature
  • Manifestation of Proper Water Conditions
  • Potable Water Restored - when this is God’s Intention
  • Restructuring of Revitalization Projects
  • Regentrification Support - via Understanding The “Ideal” Methods And Intentions For Successful Projects
  • Restoration of Beauty, Majesty, Love, and God’s Intentions to Large Land Masses
  • Resolving Old Intentions Upon Any Condition
  • Nearly Any Kind of Restitution, Resolution, Manifestation in Accordance with Laws, God’s Intentions, and Domain Requirements

COVID • Covidic Conditions • Healing • People Places Pets More


COVID is an Entity, Int-ity, Infectious Disease, Disorder, Symptomatic, Episodic, and Death-inducing Condition. 

It uses systems, networks, and energetic “FREQUENCIES” that can induce people to perform certain behaviors, and entertain certain ideas and thoughts they may have never considered. This may include even performing certain acts that they may not have considered performing prior to Covidic-influence. These statements may be challenging to understand. Unfortunately, these describe what most have considered only to be a viral or bacterial disease.

Our Clients, Customers, and people we know have encountered these behaviors, symptoms, and communications - and we see them in our practice regularly.

If you are sensing that you have encountered “ENERGETIC COVIDIC CONDITIONS” please do not wait to be cleared, to be resolved of all of the energetic conditions that arrive when the Entities, Int-ities, and energetic conditions of COVID come to your Body’s Fields. 

If you believe you have had infectious viral or bacterial COVID, even a "slight" encounter with someone who has had COVID, please see a Practitioner who works with PURE SOURCE LIGHT AS GOD, SOURCE, JESUS, THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE ARCHANGELS OR ANGELS OF THE DIVINE REALM so that you can be healed.

If you believe you encountered viral, bacterial, infectious, especially Long-term COVID; if you have encountered someone who has, if you have become infected, felt like you have had the flu, you may have encountered ENVIRONMENTAL COVIDIC-ISH CONDITIONS. 

If you have, you must be cleared. The conditions they bring, leave behind, and the INTENTIONS that come with these conditions can become violently harmful in the very near, not-so-near, and not-so-distant future. 

These are referred to as “Latent Information” or Latent Conditions. 

This refers to the way they emerge, activate, and begin disease states long before they are diagnosable. Please, we will help you become clear. If you cannot afford a session, we have alternative Programs - These Programs are even more powerful than a traditional session - They are “Intention-Based-Frequency” Programs - Created by God - that will fully clear you. T

These God-Created, God-Fulfilled, Fully God-Delivered Programs will provide immunities to covidic intentions, covidic information, and covidic conditions for LIFE.

Alternatively, You Can Ask God, At this Moment To Heal You. THEY May Be Able To Do This Without A Professional Energy Healer.


  • Effecting With Perfection The Resolution Restoration Restitution Healing Manifestation of Best Life Best Health & Best Life Safety 
  • So That You Are Able To THRIVE - Quickly
  • So That You Remain Well And Free of COVID and All Variations Thereof
  • So That You Remain Perfectly Healthy and Free of COVID
  • So You May Pursue Your Incarnate Purposes, Intentions, Ideals, Loves, and Receive Your Divine Protections, Promises, Life Style, Beauty, Wealth, and All of God’s Intentions For You and Your Family…More…
  • So That Each Person Who Must Be Healed, Cleared, and Resolved of Conditions Of Any Kind that Affect You Are Perfectly Cleared, Resolved, So That They Are Restored Perfectly, So That Each Enjoys Their Perfected Lifetime - The Best Lifetime Yet - These Are The Promises of God For Each Incarnate In This Lifetime

Areas of the Body Most Affected Within Any Living Being:

  • Your Entire Energy Body
  • Your Entire Etheric Body
  • Your Entire Causal Body - Including All Causal Fields & Planes Within Your Energy Body & The Interior of Your Physical Body, and Within Your:
    • Mind-Planes, Fields, & Spaces
    • Mental-Planes, Fields, & Spaces
    • Emotional-Planes, Fields, & Spaces
    • Spirit-Planes, Fields, & Spaces
    • Physical-Planes, Fields, & Spaces
    • Auric-Fields, & Spaces
    • Astral-Field
      • Connecting Capacities
      • Intention Capacities
      • God-Created Miracle of Life Spaces Unknown to Humans That Enable Your Whole Self to Function
      • Astral Connections to Pure Source Light, The Divine Realm God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Archangels, and Angels Who Are All Pure Source Light
    • Within Your Energy Body
    • Within Your Energy Fields
    • Within the Interior of Your Physical Body
  • Within the Interior of Your Physical Body
  • Intestinal Healing
  • Gallbladder Resolutions
  • Liver
  • Spleen
  • Stomach
  • Heart and Cardiological
  • Mind
  • Emotion
  • Nearly Every Area of the Physical Body

Areas of Your Personal Property, Places, Possessions & Interests That Are Most Affected

  • Causal Planes of Any Living Home, Established Space, Place, Land, Personal Belonging,
  • Causal Planes of Any Living Plant, Thing - including Mold, Mildew, Black Mold, Water, Energetic Conditions

People • Pets • Animals:

Heal And Fully, Forever Resolve ALL Energetic Conditions Throughout Any Place Within The Whole Self

  • Human Body
  • Energy Field
  • Energy Body
  • Etheric Field
  • Auric Fields
  • Astral Field
  • Causal Fields 
  • Causal Planes 
  • Causal Intention Spaces 
  • Causal Mind-Planes 
  • Causal Mental-Planes 
  • Causal Emotional-Planes 
  • Causal Spirit-Planes 
  • Causal Physical-Planes
  • Causal Etheric Spaces
  • Chakras - Major, Minor, Systems, Collective Conditions within them:
    • Restoring All Chakra Systems
    • Resolving All Conditions Within Them
    • Resolving All Other Energy Body Conditions
  • Fully Resolving ALL Energetic Conditions Throughout Any Place Within The Whole Self
  • Energetic Hate Energetic Horrific Experiences Throughout Your Body Clearing of Everything That Has Been With You in This Lifetime & ALL OTHERS (This is required to clear COVID and covidic intentions and covidic conditions with you forever - resulting in COVID and Covidic Immunity)

Healing of Family Systems • Homes • Properties • Possessions • ALL

Full Resolution of ALL COVID, Covidic, and Covidic-ish Energetic and Infectious Conditions 

  • Family Systems
  • Family Households
  • Farm Animals
  • Buildings, Barns, Crawl Spaces, Abandon Buildings, Cellars, Historic Buildings
  • Possessions, Personal Property
  • Community Conditions, Neighborhood Conditions
  • Ancestral Conditions Related to Covidic Curses

Protective Services on Behalf of:

  • Celebrity Personas
  • High Risk Personas
  • High Wealth Personas
  • Competitive Personas
  • Contentious Personas
  • Highly Hated Personas
  • High Profile Personas
  • Targeted - People, Ideals, Conjecture, Contentious Positions, Oppositional Challenging Conditions
  • Government Officials
  • Doctors, Attorneys, Risk Management, Asset Services
  • Connections with Perceptions of Dislike, Distaste,
  • International, Domestic, Local Travel
  • Wealth Protective Agencies
  • Financial Planners, Financial Overseers
  • Estate Wealth Management Services, People, and Agencies
  • High Wealth Estates
  • Trusts
  • Land
  • Buildings
  • Multi-Billion Dollar Establishments

Waterways • Shoreline Sea Shore Boundary Waters Nature Restoration

  • Also See “Home • Land • Land Masses • City • Country • Farm • War Lands • Continental Conditions
  • Healing of Unwell Conditions Associated With All Forms of Water
  • Restoration of Harm
  • Resolution of Land, Sea, Shorelines, all Waterway Access Points
  • Restitution of City Limits
  • Restitution of County Line Intentions
  • Restitution of Old Handshake Intentions Upon Which Years of Development Have Ensued
  • Restitution of Harmful Water, Waterways,
  • Reestablishment of God’s Intentions for Nature, Natural Growth, and Protective Boundaries
  • Natural Disasters, Unnatural Disasters, Loss of Life, Loss of Hope of People, Shoreline Land Animals, Waterway Life - Because of Waterway, Oceanic, Sea-life, or Traffic Requirements
  • Nearly Any Kind of Restitution, Resolution, Manifestation in Accordance with Laws, God’s Intentions, and Domain Requirements

Water Associated with Land Use

  • Water -
    • Wells
    • Aquafers
    • Systems
    • Streams
    • Source Thereof
    • Reservoirs
    • Plumbing or Sewer Within • Upon • Under • Above - Land
    • Contamination Thereof
    • Unsafe Water Conditions • Non-potable (non-drinkable, usable, consumable) • Rain Contaminates
    • Laws Reinforced
    • Waterflow, Water Barriers, Water Enforcement, Water Conditions, Water Sufficiency, Water Availabilities
    • Safe Drinking Water for Neighborhoods
    • Consumption Sickness of Unwell Water
    • Healing Unwell Water Reserves
      • Stations Holding Tanks
      • Reservoirs
      • Public Access
      • City-Owned Utility
      • Companies Reservoir
      • Loss of Proficient Dam Conditions
      • Protected Sanctuaries
      • Protected Species Establishments

Water Associated with Public Health

  • Commercially Owned or Operated Establishments
  • Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
  • Wellness Centers
  • Senior Facilities
  • All Facilities
  • Venues
  • Event Venues
  • Public Access
  • Government Owned or Operated
  • Restaurants
    • Liquor
    • Food Establishments
    • Private Public Building "Class ALL"
    • Facilities - Commercially Owned and Operated for Tenant or Self Use
    • Public or Private Event Establishments
    • Mountainous Remote or Off the Grid
      • Hospitality Events Services
      • Restaurants
      • Event Establishments
      • Hotels
      • Private or Public Gathering Places
  • Lobbying Governments for Clean & Potable (drinkable, consumable, safe) Water Conditions
  • Food Service Establishments
  • Wherever Clean Water Is Required for Life Safety

Natural or UnNatural Conditions Leading to Unwell Conditions

  • Home or Living Facilities
    • Plumbing
    • Copper Lines or Plumbing
    • Metal Plumbing
    • Black Water Conditions
    • Black Mold Conditions
    • Encroachment of Other Unwell Water Sources
    • Breathing Conditions Resulting From Water Conditions
    • Water Contamination -
      • Corrosion of Pipes, Walls, Floors, Vanities, Other...
      • Discoloration
      • Smell
      • Thick or Slimy Conditions
      • Seeping
      • Leaking
      • Dripping
  • Land Conditions Relating to Water Contamination
  • Healing Water
  • Restoration of
  • Water
  • Potable Water Conditions

Practice Process, Protocols, & Principles

There is a Theory of Energy Body and Physical Body Healing.


Energy Healing Arts LLC fully aligns every practice, product, principle, and process to THE DIVINE THEORY OF HEALING.


“For ‘one’ to be well, all who are and all that are energetically, physically, or spiritually connected to that “one,” must be well. For all to be well, all that connect to each of these must be well.

For one to be well, some may require DIVINE PROTECTIONS, while others may need to be DIVINELY HELD throughout their healing. When the one that requires longer-term healing so that our client may be eternally resolved of “a thing,” each are DIVINELY HELD throughout their healing and are held in a sovereign state. When more than one are needing to be healed so that our client may be healed, an entire ancestral lineage or many may be DIVINELY HEALED, HELD, AND FOREVER INHERIT ETERNAL SOVEREIGNTY.

This is the kind of healing that is required for a single person to be fully, forever, and eternally healed.

When a family lineage, or lineages convey hate, greed, or “endings” to another, those lineages may be healed, held, and in turn forever sovereign. When any are profoundly overshadowed, intruded, or intended upon by any, THE DIVINE will resolve it instantly. When this occurs over and over, that which intended the recurring episodic assault upon lineages of peoples, upon one, or upon a CREATION-long event, the entities, conditions, or energetic conveyances are resolved eternally.

Those who are being harmed, held insovereignly by any, will be DIVINELY HEALED miraculously so that they can pursue their DIVINE INTENTIONS, PURPOSE, INSPIRATIONS, and BEST LIFE, PRIME HEALTH, and LIFE SAFETY.

These outcomes were delayed throughout the most recent energetic pandemic.

Energy Healing Arts LLC is hopeful these delays are resolved so that each may pursue their Best Life, Prime Health, and Life Safety.


Our newest programs were developed to support those whose energetic conditions require a longer-term series of PROGRAMS to eternally manifest their sovereignty.

Should you learn that you are in need of several sessions we are prepared to support you with sessions that yield immediate relief of ongoing conditions at prices that the masses can afford.

Our Corporate Vision requires that we identify the shortest method to sovereignty, the least expensive process to Prime Health, and the most educated pathway toward one’s Best Life.

We will continue to update our Principles, Protocols, and Processes.

Blessings of Sovereignty,

Energy Healing Arts LLC

  • Client in Tokyo
    I am feeling better today (I slept through the night for the first time in - I can’t even remember the last time I slept through the night). I am grateful for everything you have done for me. I am much, much better, freer, saner, and happier now than I was before I started working with you. Sheri is the kindest person I’ve ever met. She has helped me where other healers could not, or would not. Chronic migraines are gone. My sense of self is restored. I never even imagined my life could be this joyful. Thank you, Sherí. Thank you so, so very much. So much love and gratitude.
    Client in Tokyo
  • HK
    Sheri’ has helped me through multiple complex issues. She not only has helped me, but my whole family. She has also been helping a family member who was given a grim cancer diagnosis of only months to live. Two years later he is doing much better! Sheri’ is my go to healer for everything in my life! I’m so grateful for her!
  • Q
    I have worked with Sheri through remote sessions which have been very transformative. I had been through a traumatic experience and Sheri was there to help me heal and unravel all the confusion and illusions. I have recovered from this experience and I am no longer defined by what happened. For that alone I’m forever grateful. Sheri is a compassionate, non-judgemental healer who knows her craft well. There is never any pressure to do more than what you want to do and you always have choice.
    Toronto, Canada
  • R.P.
    Sheri's strong connection with spirit, her innovative, outside-the-box approach, and her ability to detangle the complex situations that tend to arise in people's dealings with the spirit world make her a gifted healer. She has helped me break through obstacles and see my way forward and has brought me much healing.
  • Denise Paulette
    Sheri is a gifted, compassionate healer. Her connections with her helping spirits is so strong and deep. Her work on my behalf helped me heal from a burden I had carried my whole life. Her ability to work with her helping spirits to explore deeply in non-ordinary reality for lasting healing takes commitment and a life of service for the greater good. I truly appreciate and am grateful for her craft! Thank you Sheri!
    Denise Paulette
  •  V.M.
    I have been working with Sheri for the past year. Sheri is extremely knowledgeable about the various realms and her guidance and healing have been enormously useful to me. In addition to being very competent as a [practitioner - added for clarity] guide, Sheri is also very kind, compassionate and has great respect for the non-ordinary realms and helping spirits. Sheri has been my personal Shaman [...practitioner - added for clarity] as well as my mentor as I train in this ancient healing modality. Sheri also makes beautiful rattles that are personally designed for you and imbued with spirit designed especially to help you. I am deeply grateful to her for all her help and guidance.
    California, USA
  • Sarah M.
    My sessions with Sheri' have been cleansing and transformative! Pieces of me felt energetically stuck, chaotic and very unclear and she was able to lift it out and move it along. I could feel a great shift within my body energetically. I'm grateful for her healing abilities and her clear communication and commentary during the sessions so I knew what was I was feeling in the moment. Thank you!
    Sarah M.
  • Suzanne S.
    Working with Sheri for several years was life-changing for me. She held a beautiful and powerful container for me to succeed in my deepest soul work. Sheri is a masterful guide and guardian. She is a perfect mirror to reflect my power and magnificence back to me. I can now really behold my true spirit. This is a game-changer in my healing journey. Sheri assisted me in finding my way along a deeply healing journey. She has a vast array of expertise, tools, and skills. She shepherded me to find my sovereignty and stand firm in it. Her work empowered me to trust myself and my own potent medicine. She truly walked me home to myself. I am now a more whole and healed version of myself. This is the rendition of myself and my life that I had been yearning for. I have the deepest gratitude and highest regard for Sheri and her sacred work.
    Suzanne S.
    Nokesville, VA
  • RM
    For me, Sheri’s healing skills have ‘refreshed the parts that other healers cannot reach,’ to paraphrase an old beer advert! Right from the first session, Sheri was able to reach back and facilitate the healing of dysfunctions in my energy field right at their origin; I have been amazed and thrilled to watch lifelong negative patterns simply fall away. I can attest to the fact that these healings really have been permanent. Also, Sheri’s feedback has given me a big picture overview as to why certain things in my life have been the way they have, and what purpose these conditions have served. Not only that, but Sheri has such integrity that you know you are in safe and trustworthy hands.
    Manchester, UK
  • Paulette H.
    It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for Sheri Taber as I consider her a master level teacher, an honorable mentor, a lighted being on earth and a loving friend. We met several years ago at an advanced training on Shamanic Practice. Working side by side with her in ceremony was a truly gifting experience for me. Without question, what I learned and shared with Sheri over those years is immeasurable spiritual knowledge I will take with me forever. Going forward since, I have found Sheri to be a direct connector to Source. Her ability for channeling spirit is deeply profound and has been extremely helpful to me and to so many others. The clearing work I received personally, has been literally life-changing and lifesaving. I cannot say enough about Sheri's talent. Her authentic practice, her level of understanding of the information she receives and her genuineness for loving all beings, makes her a unique Practitioner worthy of praise. In my opinion, I see Sheri as a higher level being sent to earth in this life to do the work of the Angels and Masters. It is precisely the work we need to learn and live by and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience her gift. I am forever in her gratitude. Thank you, Sheri
    Paulette H.
  • K.S.
    Sessions with Sherí helped me to exit a New Age cult and to regain my soul. Through monthly sessions with her I now feel reconnected to my past and have reconnected with old friends and family members. My work life is better, and I no longer have food allergies. I am so grateful to her for helping me to reconnect to joy and meaning in life. This in spite of it being the year of coronavirus and a year with so many difficulties. I feel that she has put the foundation back under my feet and helped me to regain trust in life. I highly recommend sessions with Sherí
  • Jean S.
    Thank you, Sheri for your work today! I noticed a big, immediate shift in how I am feeling, for the better. I feel restored and renewed! Thank you again, I have a deep sense of trust for you and your work. With gratitude,
    Jean S.