10 Ways to Ground Yourself

My Haunted Home
August 2, 2018

Grounding is a fundamental and necessary practice prior to meditation or shamanic journeying or spiritual healing work. There are many different ways to ground yourself.

Personally, as I stand so that my feet are in vertical alignment with my shoulders, I envision the trunk of my body as a large oak tree trunk. My legs are huge roots that go down into the core of the earth. I actually close my eyes and envision this. As my legs and roots make their way to the core of Mother Earth, I can see the pulsating, red energy from Mother Earth lighting up my legs and my core. My vibration begins to align with Mother Earth.

Once this is accomplished, I make myself comfortable in my chair or sofa. Then I feel my root chakra or pelvis anchor to the earth.

This is especially important for me because I live downtown in a cement city, in an upper floor residence. I also travel a lot by plane, which can rattle my grounding after a while if I am not being conscious.

There are many ways to ground. The process I’ve shared above is my favorite and is very effective for me.


Here are a few more grounding exercises that work for others.

Choose a method from the list and follow it for 3 – 5 minutes prior to beginning your meditation, journey, dreamwork or healing session.

  1. Focus on your pelvis, thighs, calves and feet. Envision your energetic connection with the earth even if you are not standing on the Earth.
  2. Close your eyes. Turn on all of your senses. Become aware of any pain or annoying sensations in your body. Breath inward, inhaling the pain or annoyance and blowing it out until it is gone. Then go through your 5 senses as you become completely aware of and in tune with your physical environment. Bring awareness to the back of your body.
  3. Anchor your root or pelvis to the ground.
  4. Focus on your breathing and exhalation throughout your session, especially as you return from your experience, journey or healing work.
  5. Notice the sensations of support beneath body–the ground, cushion, or chair. Remain aware of this throughout and especially at the end of your session.
  6. Envision until you see and palpably feel energy spirals moving down your spine into the core of the earth. Connect to the vibration of Mother Earth until after your session.
  7. Chant, om or sing from your belly, using deep, vibrating sounds. At the end of your session, repeat.

If you complete your journeywork, dreamwork, meditation or healing session and you feel a little “wonky” and unbalanced, repeat one of these grounding methods until you feel more grounded and balanced.

If you are experiencing a difficult time getting grounded, go outside and do one or more of the following recommendations:

  1. Stand beside a tree and place your hand on it and your bare feet touching the ground. Employ one of the other methods above while focusing on your breath – follow your breath to your core and then follow it back out again
  2. Lay down on the ground. Roll around, move your arms legs back and forth, like you are making a snow angel.
  3. Stay connected to the earth until you feel yourself becoming more grounded and balanced

Grounding well prior to your session and being mindful of grounding at the end will help you avoid the uneasy, off-balanced feeling of being ungrounded.

There are also crystals that aid in helping you be grounded. I have several different crystals beside me as I do my journeywork. Depending on the kind of work I am doing, I may place my grounding crystals in my lap, hold them in my hand, or place them under my leg.

I actually have a piece of tree branch on my altar. Beside me, I also have moqui balls, jaspers, garnet, black obsidian, tourmaline, smoky quartz, labradorite and hematite.

I hope this is helpful! If I can support you in any way, please reach out to me.