What to Expect in a Shamanic Session

On behalf of small to mid-size businesses, Sheri masterfully weaves her shamanic practices with her award-winning expertise in online corporate strategy and management consulting to support her clients in catalyzing growth and healing for their companies.

Shamanic practices have been used for all of mankind to provide personal healing. Because humans are the heart of the company, shamanic work at the company level produces powerful results.

There are many ways a company can benefit from a business or company shaman.

Through direct revelation from the spirit of the company, gain clarity about corporate goals, growth, and strategy
Heal and restore the spirit of the company by empowering the company’s people in the healing process
Retrieve a power animal and restore the spiritual protection of the company
Re-establish a healthy internal environment
Heal the building and/or land upon which time company is located

Ready for Growth?

Is your company poised for growth… sort of stuttering along unable to pierce that resistant ceiling… or is it challenged by culture conflicts or plain old bad energy?

Sheri can help.

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Engagement and Fees

Business consulting, business or online strategy work and shamanic service engagements are designed holistically to fit the need of each client.

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Some Common Areas of Practice

Shamanic healing
Business shamanic services
Divination information and guidance
Power animal and spirit guide retrieval
Soul retrieval sessions
Spirit extraction
Preparation and spiritual guidance for
conscious death and dying

Releasing energetic or spiritual blockages
Spiritual light healing
Home, office, land cleansing and clearing
Ceremony development and delivery
Clearing past residue or energy
Energy healing
Spiritual protection
Spiritual guidance
Relationship healing
Business strategy and growth advising

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