Clearing Your Space of Ghosts

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August 8, 2018

There are many people who find themselves in the company of ghosts or disincarnate beings that have died and have not crossed over. There are many reasons disincarnate beings are attracted to you and many more reasons why spirits don’t cross after they pass.

If you find that you are constantly in the company of the non-living or that you experience many intrusions or possessions, a crystal waiting room may help to resolve this for you.

What is a Crystal Waiting Room

The crystal waiting room is a designated waiting room where disincarnate beings can go to wait to be crossed. The crystal waiting room is most often a clear quartz crystal that has been programmed to perform as a waiting room for disincarnate beings that want help crossing into the light.

Oftentimes, these beings come to you because you represent an opportunity for them to be crossed over. Perhaps in a past lifetime you worked with disincarnate beings as a psychopomp – one who crosses over the dead. If you did, this is visibly indicated in your soul’s hologram or thumb print, so to speak, in the web of life.

A crystal waiting room is a wonderful asset to children who report seeing ghosts in their room or to anyone who is continually barraged by the spirits of the dead.

There could be many other reasons why the disincarnate visit you. There are also ghosts who do not want to be crossed. If you find that you continue to experience issues with them after you have programmed your crystal waiting room, you’ll want to work with an experienced shamanic practitioner to learn why this is happening and resolve it. There may be work that needs to be done on your behalf to close those doorways.

Crystal Waiting Room

What You’ll Need for Your Crystal Waiting Room

To begin, you’ll need a quartz crystal point. This does not have to be a beautifully, perfect quartz crystal that costs a lot of money. You can use a simple natural 1” to 2” rough quartz point. These clear quartz crystal points are perfect and they are under $5.00.

Setting Up Your Crystal Waiting Room

Once you have obtained your clear quartz crystal point, you’ll want to clear and cleanse. There are many resources online that teach you how to clear and cleanse your crystals.

I’ll provide a few methods here for your convenience.

You can place them under the light of the Full Moon and ask Grandmother Moon to cleanse it. You can bathe it in the smoke of white sage, wave it over the flame of a white candle and ask the flame to clear and cleanse it.

With clear quartz (but not all crystals), you can soak it in salt water overnight and that will clear and cleanse it. Clear Quartz is self clearing, but you want to clear and cleanse it once you purchase it. I personally use a clearing process for my clear quartz point waiting room each time I finish crossing the disincarnate beings over.

What You Need to Know First

If you are not a shamanic practitioner or psychopomp practitioner with experience in crossing over disincarnate beings, you can work with one to clear your crystal. You may also want to take “depossession or psychopomp” class to learn to do this yourself.

* This article is written to those who have psychopomp experience (aka crossing spirits into the light aka to the other side).*

This particular work involves beings who have a desire to go into the light, which is the only reason they will enter the waiting room. Your programming will be such that it is only open and accessible to beings desiring to easily cross over with the help of your psychopomp beings.

If I lost you at “with the help of your psychopomp beings,” this practice is not recommended for you or at least not recommended if you don’t have the help of a skilled psychopomp to clear the crystal on your behalf.

Working with Your Psychopomp Spirit Teacher

In this work, you will work very closely with your psychopomp spirit teacher.

Key psychopomp helping spirits include Archangel Michael, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jackal Headed god, Heimdall, Pachamama, Ravens, Vulchers, Eaters of the Dead, Anubis, Mouse Woman, Ganesha, Buddha, The Lords and Ladies of Transition, Freya, Jesus, The Valkyries, Banchess, Ra, Isis, Sekhmet. There are many more and there are many in every tradition.

My primary psychopomp teacher is a Native American Indian Chief and he partners with Archangel Michael and many other psychopomp helping spirits during a typical psychopomp ceremony.

If you haven’t met your psychopomp teacher, you can journey with your primary helping spirit to the Upper World to meet your psychopomp spirit teacher in human form.

IMPORTANT: I don’t recommend embarking on psychopomping without learning from a skilled and experienced psychopomp – human being – in the ordinary world. The intention of this article is to provide insight to skilled psychopomps and shamanic practitioners to help them in their lives, in their practice and to help their clients.

If you are just meeting your psychopomp teacher, work with them and your primary healing and teaching spirits to prepare yourself for setting up and clearing your crystal waiting room.

Meet the Gatekeepers of the Thresholds

With your primary psychopomp helping spirit, journey to meet the threshold beings of the Upper, Middle and Lower realms. Getting to know the gatekeepers of the three thresholds will help your work to be more fluid and safe.

These gatekeepers open the gates of the portals when you are ready to psychopomp the disincarnate beings from your crystal waiting room. When you are ready to clear your crystal waiting room, you’ll go into a journey state and your psychopomp teaching spirit will guide your throughout each part of the process.

Once you have met the threshold guardians, you are ready to have your crystal waiting room programmed.

Programming the Crystal Waiting Room

In a journey state, you will partner with your psychopomp teaching spirit and meet with the threshold guardians of the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds.

You’ll ask them to program and imprint the crystal to receive disincarnate beings who are ready to cross into the light. They will empower it with the light of that world to help the beings wait and rest within the crystal until the time in which they will be crossed.

Do this for all three worlds.

Don’t forget to share your gratitude.

Your crystal waiting room is ready to be employed.

If you work with other than human spirit beings, you’ll need to ask your psychopomp teaching spirit to take you to the portals where the particular type of beings you work with will cross over into the Light. You will meet the threshold guardians of those realms and ask them to program and imprint your crystal waiting room accordingly.


Prior to beginning, you’ll want to connect with your true authentic self. There are a number of ways to do this. If you need support with this, please feel free to contact me. I can help you learn to connect with your true, authentic self.

Prior to beginning, also be certain to work with your helping spirit guides and your psychopomp spirit teacher to learn what type of spirit protection is required for you. If you know your body protectors, be certain to merge with their light.

If you need support with your spiritual hygiene protocol, aka protection, I am happy to work with you to determine what your needs are.

Crossing Over the Beings

Depending on your circumstances, you will want to choose a regular frequency with which you’ll hold ceremony to cross those waiting in your crystal into the Light.

Step One
Go into journey and invite your psychopomp spirit teacher to be with you and guide you in this process.

Step Two
I invite Archangel Archefax, a huge dove-gray colored Angel of Light to come in and fill the room with Light. I also ask that he create an impermeable shuttle from the crystal to the Upper Portal (and each successive portal as I’m ready). This shuttle contains all the energy so that it doesn’t disperse in any way into my environment.

Step Three
I also ask on behalf of myself and those beings waiting to be crossed that all of the psychopomp beings, angels of light and compassionate healing spirits come to support this work so that it is beautiful, easy and peaceful for those crossing over and for me and my environment.

Step Four
I ask my psychopomp being if it is time to open the ONE WAY Upper World portal. With his nod, I announce to the beings with the waiting room, that cross into the Upper World portal, that it is opening and the time is now to cross.

Step Five
I ask all of the helping, healing and compassionate spirits of each being to come to support their crossing. Before closing the portal, I always do a last call.

Step Six
Prior to finishing, I ask the threshold beings and all of the compassionate psychopomp spirits, angels, and healers that are present to cocoon in Light and love any disincarnate beings that belong in the Upper world that are with me in any way. I ask that they be helped through the threshold into the Light.

Step Seven
I work with my psychopomp teaching spirit to know when the Upper World section of the crystal waiting room is empty. I also await his nod that all of the Upper World spirits have crossed completely.

Step Eight
When the waiting room is empty, I ask Archangel Archefax to draw himself up in a sort of “shrink wrap effect” and move all energy of the beings through the portal so that they have all their power and essence.

Step Nine
I ask the threshold guardians to close the portal.

Step Ten
Next, I ask them to program the crystal waiting room for disincarnate beings that need to cross into the Upper World. I ask them to program and imprint it with the light of the Upper World.

Repeat for the Middle and Lower Worlds
Then I repeat these steps for the Middle and Lower World disincarnate spirits.

Closing the Ceremony
When I have finished crossing the disincarnate beings into all the realms for which the crystal was programmed, I confirm with my psychopomp teaching spirit that the crystal is clear. With a clear waiting room, I am now finished with the crossing work.

I give thanks to the threshold guardians and all of the helping spirits.

Cleaning Up and After Care

Cleaning Up and After Care

With the psychopomp work completed and the crystal reprogrammed, you now want to work with your psychopomp spirit teacher and your healing spirits to ask what is needed for your after care.


  • Do you have any energy that needs to be cleared from you or your space?
  • Ask Archangel Michael or Source to pour white healing and protective light into your crown and flush your system until it is fully clear. Being sure that white light fills your body anywhere energy or possessing spirits have been.
  • Ask Archangel Raphael to use his Emerald Green Light to heal, seal, and soothe your grid and aura and seal any tears or thin areas of your aura so that you have no energy leaks.
  • Ask your spirit guides for insight for any additional aftercare.


I recommend a fully submersive salt bath any time you do psychopomp work.

Hanging Out Your “What I Don’t Do” Shingle

It is important that you know you can put a shingle in the spirit world over your energy body that makes it clear what you will and won’t do.

For instance, currently mine looks something like this:

  • If you want to cross, go into the crystal waiting room.
  • I do not tolerate ANY paranormal activity
  • I do not tolerate disincarnate activity around me
  • Do not disrupt my day to day life or that of my family
  • I am willing to help cross over disincarnate human, star, water, nature / elemental beings who want to go into the light without DRAMA and paranormal activity – but you must go into the crystal waiting room and wait to be crossed

Need a Professional to Provide Psychopomp Services?

If you know you need a crystal waiting room, but want an experienced shamanic practitioner or psychopomp professional to do the clearing for you, I can help you regardless of where you are located.

I can help you and teach you how to do it yourself, or we can schedule routine crystal waiting room clearings which can be done remotely.

Call me (507-400-8292) or schedule a free 30 minute session.

I hope this was helpful!