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How Hate Kills…

Please do not send me hate. Please do not sue me. Please do not over, nor become hate in my life. It has taken me my entire life to be free of the hate of others. Other’s hate can kill. It can rob you of years of your life. It did me. It did from my family. My children, theirs. No More.

If you send me hate, I will, I promise to remove you from every place and every property that is mine.

Don’t allow the hate that might be in your family, your intentions, your life, or your memories harm another.

Make the most strong-willed intention that you never ever send hate – hate of any or of any kind – to any or anyone. It can kill. That can happen very quickly, or slowly and painfully over a lifetime. That which was sent to me, it started at age 2. It took me 59 years to understand what had happened and where the pain, the lifetime of trauma, originated… how it came to be, why… The story is very sad… for me, for the one who did it… she was overcome, overshadowed, and influenced. I know this…

Therefore, I implore you to check, to be sure, to make certain that you cannot, that you have no capacity to send hate to me or those I consider “MINE.”

If you need support, I can and will help you. If you want a referral, I will be honored to share one that I am guided by Archangel Michael to share with you.

I wish for you the most beautiful, the most enduring, the most potent, the most protected, the most perfected, and the very most abundant Best Life, Health, and Life Safety.

With love, with heart, with God’s blessings,


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