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Services Offered

Compassionate Depossession
Curse Unraveling
Death & Dying, Preparation & Spiritual Guidance
Divination & Guidance
Energy Extraction
Energy Clearing
Energy Healing
Home, Land & Space Clearing
Karmic Resolution
Manifestation of Miracles
Medical Intuitive
Mediumship & Channeling
Past Life Healing
Pet & Animal Communication & Healing

Power Animal And Spirit Guide Retrieval
Psychopomp Services
Relationship Healing
Resolving Energetic or Spiritual Blockages
Resolve Spiritual Blocks Manifesting as
Physical or Emotional Symptoms
Resolve Chronic Bad Luck
Shamanic Business Consulting
Shamanic Healing Services
Shamanic Mentorship: Practitioners & Personal Life Practice
Soul Retrieval Sessions
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Light Healing
Spiritual Protection
Workshops, Mentoring & Training

Services performed in person or at a distance