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Energy Healing Arts LLC

Healing Clearing • Restoring • Resolving • Restituting & Manifesting Your Best Life

What if… you could enjoy your best life…

My goal is to support you in achieving your best, highest, most potentiated quality of life. Let me explain…

It might mean a session to resolve a condition. For you, it might mean… clearing what is needed to end a period in time… or a situation you had no idea has affected your life… it might be that there are conditions we can clear that shift your life so that you can begin to have what you have been dreaming of… There are things… some refer to them as intrusions, overshadowing, misinformation; some refer to them as information. It matters. Let’s resolve what is keeping you from your Best Life.

Not living your Best Life is not okay – don’t get accustomed to that.

Today, yesterday, any day… can result in offenses, lasting impressions, intrusion, marks in your life that need to be cleared. These may be things you have no idea about.

I’ll be sharing more about these things in my “Thoughts…” Blog.

What if… Your life, Your family’s lives, your home, your land, your spaces, your places, your possessions… What if… They could all be healed… Right this moment… Today… Nonetheless… No matter what… They can be… in this moment.

You Can Heal… Right Now…

You can heal yourself, your family, your house, your apartment, your condo, your home… All of your possessions…

You just did the first thing. Measure it. When did the changes begin? When did things begin to change?

Unless you said Cancel the Intention.

If you just read… if you just intended… change is coming… you’ll know it. Watch for it. Wait for it. Measure the time it takes.

Then write me. Tell me. Please. Just a brief story… a few words… your story… it matters. It matters more than you think.

What if… Your Best Life is Waiting for You

One part of my practice that I enjoy is helping my clients achieve and live their Best Life. Imagine. What if… What if… you were living your best life today… right now… What if… today is the first day… the next day… even better… moment by moment, day by day, week by week, year by year throughout your very rewarding life…

I refer to this as the process of achieving your Best Life.

Energy Healing provides a path to your best life.

For some, this may mean two or three sessions. For others, it might mean more. If you are interested in living your life as though there were never unwelcome energies with you, as if your life never incurred harm, trauma, or pain, you may be interested in the Best Life approach.

I know this path. I have traveled it for some time. For some, achieving your best life can happen quickly. For others, it may take a little while longer. I have been working with the Helping Spirits to achieve this for myself and for others for many years. Are you ready to live your Best Life?

To address the conditions of my clients, I make powerful intentions that support your intentions, goals, or needs. I communicate with the Helping Spirits and the Healing Allies and they help me understand what the best approach is for your intention, goal, or need. The Helping Spirits I work with are known by me and we have a trusting, communicative relationship. I only request the support of and I only work with the Helping Spirits and Healing Allies with whom I have developed a trusting relationship.

The Helping Spirits and Healing Allies with whom I work communicate clearly with me about what is needed on your behalf on the day of the session.

When the Helping Spirits observe that there are other opportunities to improve your life, they will typically share this with me during the session. When this occurs, I will share what I learn with you.

I have been formally trained by the leading experts in their fields in various modalities of Energy healing. The Helping Spirits have given me many years of additional training and a deeper understanding of what is possible. 

All energy healing work is conducted by my Helping Spirits to support your highest, best quality experience.


Restoring Your Perfect Balance

The Beginning Process of Achieving Your Best Life

If you have energy with you that does not belong with you, your energy body is out of balance. This can be relocated in a single session.

In some cases, there may be an illness or there may be symptoms of illness. Some people experience other challenges, relationship complications, emotional concerns, career frustrations. Often this is the result of having blocking energy, other kinds of energy, or conditions of an energetic nature that are able to be cleared. Clearing them creates a path toward your highest quality expression of your Best Life. 

If your home, space, or land contains energy that doesn’t support its highest potential, or if there is energy present that came in via another person or object, the same thing can occur. Other energetic conditions can be present when this occurs. Some include mold, air quality issues, entry of other energies that are resonant with those already present. These can cause sleep disturbances, illness, allergies, unwelcome events, conflict with loved ones, electrical and mechanical issues, other kinds of issues, deficiencies of the home in many forms, and more.

If you or another experienced a severe illness, this may also need to be addressed – either personally, or within the home, particularly in the room where the person’s health was improving. Illnesses, particularly some of the most recently identified illnesses, can bring with them entities, energetic conditions, other conditions, and effects that you will want to resolve. At the time of this update, things have been shifting in the recent weeks. These are permitting the potential for routine clearings. Until things are fully resolved, there may be a need to clear routinely. For some, this means weekly, for others it may be needed more frequently. I am also able to provide you with a written standard or a personalized clearing intention or prayer.

Many of my clients struggle with mystery illnesses and undiagnosable conditions with seemingly unresolvable symptoms. Others may have a diagnosis and are not responding to treatment and sometimes there is no diagnosis – only undiagnosable symptoms, confusion, and frustration.

The work of the Helping Spirits does not normally interfere with your medical treatment or your doctor’s recommendations. Their work is focused on the energy that needs to be moved, the information that needs to be cleared, or the frequencies that need to be resolved. All of the work is for the purposes of helping you experience your Best Life. 


Restoring Energetic Health

Next Steps Involved in Achieving your Best Life

The next steps of achieving your best life might include the kind of sessions that restore your vital life force, essences of your soul or your personal power. These are very important to your healing, your ongoing health, vibrancy, your sovereignty, and your capacities to resist other conditions. These might include teaching you how to support your sovereignty on a daily basis. They might include helping you know how to keep offending energies from your whole-self – which means, clearing your energy body, clearing your physical body, keeping them clear, and supporting the ongoing growth of your personal capacities to be sovereign.

If you came for energy healing related to health or to symptoms of a condition, the work might entail ongoing sessions that address the energetic influences that create dis-orders. In this area of support, we address the energies that are in the body’s field, the physical body, and or the person’s lineage, epigenetic conditions, or their connections that could be transferring information, energetic frequencies, or other energies that have had access.

We use the most perfected theory, modalities, and the most effective energy healing practices to achieve the outcomes that are needed and desired for your highest, most perfected best life. The outcomes may, and usually do, require more than one session. If you are interested, please inquire on the scheduling page.

Most often the work is complete at the end of the session. For more complex situations, the energetic work may time to fully resolve before resolution begins to manifest in the physical realm; it all depends on the conditions that are being addressed. When there are more than a few sessions needed to resolve your intention, the core condition, or to achieve the outcome you are desiring, we will give you an idea of the work, as we can see it in the first session, we’ll also give you a brief understanding what we believe is needed for the resolution.  

I chose this work because I have a passion for helping people enjoy their best life. I’ve spent nearly half my lifetime learning and fine-tuning the best possible processes so that it is performed impeccably. It is of the highest importance to me that the work feels perfectly beautiful throughout the process, that it is affordable to as many as possible, and so that the best results are achieved in the least amount of time for each client’s unique conditions.

I work very purposefully and passionately with the Helping Spirits and Healing Allies on behalf of every client. It is important that this work be held and fulfilled in the Light and presence of God’s Love, held by God’s Light, supported by the most positive, the most capacitated, effective energies needed for the client and their work. My relationship with the Helping Spirits and the Healing Allies supports the highest results possible on behalf of the client. They do the work with Love, and a very strong intention to provide safe and sovereign space. The intention requires that the work be fulfilled safely and that it is perfected. Furthermore, I hold the strongest intention that the work is done with Truth – God as Truth, in transparency so that we understand what was done, that there is no re-traumatization in any way, and that the summary of the work shared with me in a way that even the summary of the work is healing, that it is shared in context and with clarity so that the work is fully understood by the client.

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What if… You Were Living Your Best Life…

What if… the most pure Source Light, most abundant, /

potentiated energies were available to you…

Moment by moment… Day by day… Every week of the year…

What would your life look like?

What if

Learn How

Today could be the first best day of your life

What if…

What if… this could be true in this moment… What if…

What would it look like to be enjoying and living your best life?

What if… today, if right now, your best life began to manifest? What if… the possibilities are endless…

What might that look like? Can you imagine it? Can you see it? What if… the possibilities are not out of reach…

Think about the possibilities. We are in a place and a time where there are optimum opportunities for healing, for learning, for exploring what might be possible. What if… What if you could…

What if… You could have a better life… What if… you re-envision your past… What if more beauty, more kindness, less trauma, no trauma than you experienced was possible…

What is a different life? What if… You could replace all the unfortunate entities, energies, obstructions, blocks, unwell effects, loss, pain, any…

Do you want a different life? What if… you could fully re-envisioin the past… What if… you could replace all the lower level energies with the highest, most loving, most protective energies… What if… Perhaps… Therefore… It is so… It is perfected… Today. This, I believe… So, it is. Therefore, I will begin my new, my most powerfully, most impeccable, most joy-filled life, my best life. Now.

This is good. This is powerful. This is life-changing. Today, we changed a life. Today, maybe yours… What if…

What if you were the one whose life changed today?

Everything would be different. Everything.

Today, I did this again. As I wrote it. More cleared. More may still be clearing. I am moved by the power of this work.

Are you ready to re-envision the past? What if…

What if you could?


What is “What if…”

The “What if” phrases are not questions. They are statements.

What if… Think about “What if” as an assertion of your intention for a better path. What if… (a statement)… What if.

What if… What if… more than a possibility… As a statement of intention, with the greatest degree of potentiation, “What it” applied to your life would look like this:

What if… “What if… I had my best life in this moment. Perhaps. Therefore, it is. Therefore, I am. Today. Happening. In this moment… What if…

You might be thinking, if this were possible, I would already understand the theory, I know I would have heard about it.  What if… I have already heard of this… What if… Perhaps… Therefore… it has immeasurable – to you – power. Therefore, perhaps. Perhaps, your life is about to change.


How Would I Know it Works?

What if… What if… it was only Incrementally… or what if… it was only Passively… What if… it worked most Powerfully? What if… it could be Measured? What if…

I don’t know. You may discover how in the very few moments you do it… you may see things manifest that you only wished would… you might perceive a miracle… you may simply sleep very well. I did. Better, better, and better until I was sleeping better than I had since childhood. What if… Perhaps… Therefore… I am. I can. I do. Therefore, it is.

When I first learned this process, I couldn’t believe it. I said to my Healing Ally, what is this? This feels right. Though, I would certainly have heard about this as a healing modality. I haven’t seen anyone who teaches it.

We used it one day and things changed quickly. We have used it many times. I likely will always use this theory. It worked. I believe it changed my life forever. I feel great emotion as I share this with you. The possibilities could change every moment of the rest of your life. Perhaps for some, it might save you. For others, it might be the very thing that catalyzes your most potentiated, powerfully successful life.

Perhaps for some of us, we may use this the rest of our life to stay clear. To be free of energy that compromises our Best Life.


Quantum Theory is the Foundation for this Practice

There are Quantum theories that involve the “What if…” possibilities as theory. I’ve watched this theory as it is applied. I’ve seen it in action. Additionally, there are theories that utilize the principles of “Perhaps…” and “Therefore…” These are very powerful when used in a healing session. They capacitate the healing in an endless continuum. They provide for the replacement of old energy, visiting or home-based energy, thought as intention, thought as collected form,  thought as mystical traditions, thought as an intention to harm or with the intention to bring unwelcome conditions.

I have watched these be cleared nearly instantaneously. For some, it could take more than one session to fully resolve. However, for others, what if…

I cannot make a promise about how many sessions may be necessary for your specific intentions, however…

What if you could be intending your own Best Life right now.


Intending Your Own Best Life. The Steps. You Can Too.

What if… Use it as a statement. Use your power of and for making a willful intention.

What if… as an intention and a provocative statement that expects an immediate outcome. This is not a question.

What if… you began living the best days of your life right now…

What if… whatever has been is no longer…

What if… challenges, pain, trauma, illness, no longer were…

What if… just these statements that you have read, intended, and willfully expected, begin to change your life.


In Theory. In Practice. For Your Life. There May Be More Needed.

It is important to understand that there are many other included processes that we leverage, use, and employ to help the process of intention become more, as effective as it can be to support your intention. Saying what you have read and repeating it daily for a week or more will help your life to become better than it may have been when you began.

I, obviously, have no idea who will read this, or who will intend these intentions; I also have no idea what conditions you may have with you.

I cannot promise that by reading this and by you making your strongest-willed intentions that your life will be suddenly new. I can, however, tell you that when we use these in our sessions, amazing changes occur. Your changes could occur in a single session. Yours may be like mine and require several, or perhaps more, or maybe less than some.

Each life is unique. Each person is individually, perfectly, and beautifully created. You are perfect.

Your perfection may have been objectified, you may have been wounded, you may have been the recipient of ill-willed thought, you may have received a dose of Covid, or another illness in your lifetime, perhaps the flu, or you may be one of the more fortunate and enjoyed more wellness than most over the past few years.

What most do not understand is that health, wellness, your Best Life, and your better life is supported by a clear, healthy, and sovereign physical body, energy body, a clear-of-entity and clear-of-energy home, or space, including your possessions, your properties, and your healthy connections. Our connections to people, to places, to things, to our family, were among the most powerful byways of Covid. More cases of Covid were passed through connections than through viral load. The Healing Allies keep telling me this. I have seen this in my practice, too.

Use these intentions, “What if…,” “Perhaps…,” and “Therefore…” to get started improving your life.

Whatever you have experienced or whatever you have been affected by, whatever is with your physical body or your energy body; whatever needs to be moved on… you have the enormous potential to be clear, to be healthy, to experience your Best Life. You can do this today, or tomorrow, or both.

If you are interested in pursuing this path, I welcome your inquiry for a session.

To Your Best Life!

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  • Client in Tokyo
    I am feeling better today (I slept through the night for the first time in - I can’t even remember the last time I slept through the night). I am grateful for everything you have done for me. I am much, much better, freer, saner, and happier now than I was before I started working with you. Sheri is the kindest person I’ve ever met. She has helped me where other healers could not, or would not. Chronic migraines are gone. My sense of self is restored. I never even imagined my life could be this joyful. Thank you, Sherí. Thank you so, so very much. So much love and gratitude.
    Client in Tokyo
  • HK
    Sheri’ has helped me through multiple complex issues. She not only has helped me, but my whole family. She has also been helping a family member who was given a grim cancer diagnosis of only months to live. Two years later he is doing much better! Sheri’ is my go to healer for everything in my life! I’m so grateful for her!
  • Q
    I have worked with Sheri through remote sessions which have been very transformative. I had been through a traumatic experience and Sheri was there to help me heal and unravel all the confusion and illusions. I have recovered from this experience and I am no longer defined by what happened. For that alone I’m forever grateful. Sheri is a compassionate, non-judgemental healer who knows her craft well. There is never any pressure to do more than what you want to do and you always have choice.
    Toronto, Canada
  • R.P.
    Sheri's strong connection with spirit, her innovative, outside-the-box approach, and her ability to detangle the complex situations that tend to arise in people's dealings with the spirit world make her a gifted healer. She has helped me break through obstacles and see my way forward and has brought me much healing.
  • Denise Paulette
    Sheri is a gifted, compassionate healer. Her connections with her helping spirits is so strong and deep. Her work on my behalf helped me heal from a burden I had carried my whole life. Her ability to work with her helping spirits to explore deeply in non-ordinary reality for lasting healing takes commitment and a life of service for the greater good. I truly appreciate and am grateful for her craft! Thank you Sheri!
    Denise Paulette
  •  V.M.
    I have been working with Sheri for the past year. Sheri is extremely knowledgeable about the various realms and her guidance and healing have been enormously useful to me. In addition to being very competent as a [practitioner - added for clarity] guide, Sheri is also very kind, compassionate and has great respect for the non-ordinary realms and helping spirits. Sheri has been my personal Shaman [...practitioner - added for clarity] as well as my mentor as I train in this ancient healing modality. Sheri also makes beautiful rattles that are personally designed for you and imbued with spirit designed especially to help you. I am deeply grateful to her for all her help and guidance.
    California, USA
  • Sarah M.
    My sessions with Sheri' have been cleansing and transformative! Pieces of me felt energetically stuck, chaotic and very unclear and she was able to lift it out and move it along. I could feel a great shift within my body energetically. I'm grateful for her healing abilities and her clear communication and commentary during the sessions so I knew what was I was feeling in the moment. Thank you!
    Sarah M.
  • Suzanne S.
    Working with Sheri for several years was life-changing for me. She held a beautiful and powerful container for me to succeed in my deepest soul work. Sheri is a masterful guide and guardian. She is a perfect mirror to reflect my power and magnificence back to me. I can now really behold my true spirit. This is a game-changer in my healing journey. Sheri assisted me in finding my way along a deeply healing journey. She has a vast array of expertise, tools, and skills. She shepherded me to find my sovereignty and stand firm in it. Her work empowered me to trust myself and my own potent medicine. She truly walked me home to myself. I am now a more whole and healed version of myself. This is the rendition of myself and my life that I had been yearning for. I have the deepest gratitude and highest regard for Sheri and her sacred work.
    Suzanne S.
    Nokesville, VA
  • RM
    For me, Sheri’s healing skills have ‘refreshed the parts that other healers cannot reach,’ to paraphrase an old beer advert! Right from the first session, Sheri was able to reach back and facilitate the healing of dysfunctions in my energy field right at their origin; I have been amazed and thrilled to watch lifelong negative patterns simply fall away. I can attest to the fact that these healings really have been permanent. Also, Sheri’s feedback has given me a big picture overview as to why certain things in my life have been the way they have, and what purpose these conditions have served. Not only that, but Sheri has such integrity that you know you are in safe and trustworthy hands.
    Manchester, UK
  • Paulette H.
    It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial for Sheri Taber as I consider her a master level teacher, an honorable mentor, a lighted being on earth and a loving friend. We met several years ago at an advanced training on Shamanic Practice. Working side by side with her in ceremony was a truly gifting experience for me. Without question, what I learned and shared with Sheri over those years is immeasurable spiritual knowledge I will take with me forever. Going forward since, I have found Sheri to be a direct connector to Source. Her ability for channeling spirit is deeply profound and has been extremely helpful to me and to so many others. The clearing work I received personally, has been literally life-changing and lifesaving. I cannot say enough about Sheri's talent. Her authentic practice, her level of understanding of the information she receives and her genuineness for loving all beings, makes her a unique Practitioner worthy of praise. In my opinion, I see Sheri as a higher level being sent to earth in this life to do the work of the Angels and Masters. It is precisely the work we need to learn and live by and feel blessed to have had the opportunity to experience her gift. I am forever in her gratitude. Thank you, Sheri
    Paulette H.
  • K.S.
    Sessions with Sherí helped me to exit a New Age cult and to regain my soul. Through monthly sessions with her I now feel reconnected to my past and have reconnected with old friends and family members. My work life is better, and I no longer have food allergies. I am so grateful to her for helping me to reconnect to joy and meaning in life. This in spite of it being the year of coronavirus and a year with so many difficulties. I feel that she has put the foundation back under my feet and helped me to regain trust in life. I highly recommend sessions with Sherí
  • Jean S.
    Thank you, Sheri for your work today! I noticed a big, immediate shift in how I am feeling, for the better. I feel restored and renewed! Thank you again, I have a deep sense of trust for you and your work. With gratitude,
    Jean S.

Services Offered

Energy Healing Arts LLC and our Practitioners offer a full array of energetic healing services. Each Folder below contains the kinds of related services we offer. There is no way to list every kind of condition that we are able to resolve. If your condition or need is not listed here, please Contact Us Here

Energy Clearing - People, Animals, Places, Structures, Land, Things, More


  • Scanning Your Energy Body, Physical Body, or Home - Clear All Conditions
  • Resolve Entire Energy & Physical Body & Etheric Template & Auric, Astral Fields, Chakras, Organ Fields, More
  • Ancestral Lineage and Descendant Protection, Healing, Clearing
  • Ancestral Conditions That Result From Harm of Multi-Lingual, Multi-Logistical, Multi-Level, Multi-Reunion, Multi-National Conditions
  • Resolve All Forms of Energetic Conditions • Resolve Fields, Field Entities, Field Intentions • Field Conditions
  • Resolve All Intentions • Old Thought Which Has Collected Within Spaces in Your Place, Space, or Life
  • Thought Form Resolution • End Thoughts That Harm, Thoughts That Block Your Intentions
  • Home: Clear Each Member, Pets, Animals, Old Energetic Conditions
  • Home: Clear What Causes Mold, Deterioration, Vortex Conditions, Ley Line Conditions, Old Land Conditions
  • Resolve Your Residential Energetic Conditions - Daily: Corners, Under the Home - even if you have a cement foundation; Grounding Daily, End Targeting of People's Intentions, Spirit-level or Etheric-Level Intentions, Environmental Conditions, Neighborhood Conditions, Neighbors' Intake of Medical Cannabis, Legal or Illegal Marijuana or Cannabis, Drugs, or known or unknown Loitering, Scanning Homes, or Drive-by Intentions That Can End


  • Unnatural Conditions
  • Lost Holdings
  • Property Losses
  • Divorce Conditions of Loss
  • Domestic Violence
  • Hate, Harm, Non-Violent Isolationism, Non-Violent Threats, Non-Violent Grooming, Non-Violent Intentions of Harm - Known or Not Known; Violence of Partner, Spouse, Child, or Parent, Abuse of Any Kind, Separation Work to Clear Harmful Energetic Conditions - Before and After Proceedings - Recent or Decades Old, For Your Children, Your Parents, or Yourself


  • Religious Conditions of Harm
  • Excommunications of Family From Religious Establishments
  • Religious Abuse
  • Old Religious Harm
  • Clear Your Life of Harm
  • Clear Entire Family System of Wounds Resulting From Religious Harm


  • Pet & Animals: Communication, Healing, & Wellness Sessions for Pet Children, Domestic and Non-Domestic Animals


  • Curse • Spell • Other Metaphysical Conditions Resolution
  • Intrusion, Overcasting, Overshadowing, Resolving Possessions of Anything
  • Scanning Your Energy Body, Physical Body, or Home - Clear All Conditions
  • Miracles • Manifestation Sessions • Restitutions • Health, Wealth, Lifetime Conditions, Restore What Has Been Lost, Taken, or Unretrievable
  • Resolve Overshadowings of One's Physical and Energy Body - these are the most frequently targeted areas:
    • Heart, Soul
    • Spirit, Lungs
    • Reproductive System
    • Renal System
    • Intestinal System
  • These Conditions Are Typically Caused by "Overshadowing Entities." These and Others Can Cause Serious Conditions - Including Disease, Depression, and Failure to Thrive of Any and All Members of a Family - These Conditions Are Very Serious, Coming in Second to the List Above:
    • Maternal or Paternal Instincts
    • Maternal or Paternal Kindnesses
    • Maternal or Paternal Intention to Deny Support
    • Maternal or Paternal Intention to Block Capacity and Ability to Thrive of Any Member of the Family


  • Energetic Support to Help Maintain Balance, Kindness, Love, and Support with the Marriage Intentions
  • Conscious Un-Partnering or Divorce Support - Protect Yourself From Energetic Targeting When You Are Ending - ANYTHING


  • Support for Those Experiencing End of Life Transition - resolve old wounds, curses and conditions that could follow one into the next Lifetime


  • Past Life Healing; Past Life Resolutions;
  • Past Life Conditions Cleared
  • Past Life Unresolved Curses, Spells, Intentions - Yours or Someone Else's Upon You
  • Miracles • Manifestation Sessions • Restitutions • Health, Wealth, Lifetime Conditions, Restore What Has Been Lost, Taken, or Unretrievable

Celebrity Status, Wealth Conditions, & Public Personas

  • Celebrity Status, Public Persona, High Profile - ALL Interests Protected, Cleared, and Maintained Daily
  • Celebrity: Growth of Your Status Requires Ongoing Clearing of Energetic Conditions that are Naturally Attracted to Wealth, Wealth Conditions, People Who Want Your - Attention, Money, Love, Kindness, more... Requires Routine Maintenance to Prevent Future Energetic Unwelcome Conditions
  • Celebrity: Growth Capacities in All Areas, Growth-Plans, Strategic Capital Assets Protected, Perfected, Potentiated by THE DIVINE REALM GOD, ARCHANGELS, JESUS, THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE HOLY TRINITY
  • Celebrity: Jealousy - can end a career; harm a person's integrity; end life... Abandonment of Friends - begins a new path to isolatory intentions, which can sideline a career
  • Celebrity: No Blocking of Growth Protections; Career Expansion; Growth without Hate; Growth without Harm, Resolve Lies, Old Lies, New Lies - which can result in ongoing possessions, intrusions, and spirit-level harm...
  • Celebrity: Resolve and Prevent ALL Jealousy - which can end a career, beget gossip that kills slowly, which can beget sabotage by others, closing doors, ending long-standing relationships; resolves old conditions, old issues, known or not known
  • Celebrity: Wrongful and Hate-level Targeting
  • Celebrity: Growth Expansion in Gifted Areas, Love, Family, Friends, Maintaining Established or New Boundaries for Safety,
  • Celebrity: Learn More About Your Personal Intentions for this Lifetime - including your Pre-Incarnate Intentions for Love, and Wealth; God's DIVINE Intentions for your 100% Perfected, Protected, and Potentiated Best Life, 100% Prime Health, and 100% Life Safety
  • Celebrity: High Wealth - Estates, Growth Plans, Energetic Protection From Targeting
  • Celebrity: Resolve ALL Public Conditions of Harm; Resolve All Conditions or Others Upon Your Business, Life, Family
  • Celebrity: Resolve ALL Threatening Conditions, Resolve Conditions Remaining From Past Offenses Upon You
  • Celebrity: Resolve Harm, Hate, Threats, Intentions, Causal Conditions Upon Your Body, Energy Body, More...
  • Celebrity: Resolve Pain, Challenges, Others' Intentions Upon You...
  • Celebrity: Remove All Old Intentions Upon Your Career
  • Celebrity: Receive a COMPLIMENTARY Assessment of Old, New, Current, Potential Threats, Harm, Hate, Harmful Intentions Upon You, Your Children, Your Family, Ancestral, Descendant, and your Expanded-Family
  • Sudden Wealth Status: The Sudden Onset of Wealth or The Desire For Sudden Wealth: This Condition of Status Must Always Be PRE-RESOLVED; PRE-MAINTAINED, IF IT HAS NOT, PLEASE SCHEDULE A SESSION TO LEARN MORE
  • Wealth Status: Protect, Clear Energetic Conditions From Your Homestead, Other Estates, International Real Estate, International or Domestic Properties, Wealth, Status, or Personas
  • Public Persona, High Profile, Longing to be High Profile, High Wealth, New Wealth, Old Wealth, Trust Fund Conditions - Cleared

Wealth Estates, Domestic, International, Large Farm, Large Family Owned Land, Estate, Trust, Private or Public, Acerage of War-Harmed Land... more...

Continuous Maintenance that Supports Real-time Resolution, Maintenance, and Sovereignty, Health, Life, Capacity to Thrive of Every Aspect and Essence of:

  • Large Holdings
  • Family Trusts
  • Estates and Old Family Wealth
  • Large Real Estate Transactions, Multiple Real Estate Properties, Large Domestic Estates, Large Internationally Held Estates
  • Overly Large Internationally Owned Estate Conditions
  • Large International Banking - Holdings, Trusts, Estates, Power Issues, Receivership, Transfers After Death
  • Old or Ancestral Lineage Businesses
  • Family Farms
  • Holdings and any other related land, buildings, family-owned, inherited, multi-family - siblings - lineages of family occupancy
  • Farm Holdings
  • Large Farm Animals
  • Clear, Resolve, Restitute, Maintain:
    • Equipment
    • Multiple Buildings
    • Resolve Ongoing Repairs
    • Issues with Rot
    • Termites
    • Deterioration
  • Country Acerage with Multi-Family Conditions in a Single Holding
    • Old Money
    • Old Connections To A Territory
    • War-Harmed Lands
    • Death of Military Grounds Cleared

Commercial Buildings, Public Holdings, Land, Land Masses, Communities, Country Boundry Lines, Shore Lines, Places of Mass Casualties, Large Bodies of Water, Ravines, More

Large to very small, lots, plots, unresolved disputes, energetic confluences, unrest due to historical, known, or unknown loss of life, building, land, public facility, golf courses, large commercial buildings, challenged land holdings, land near or adjacent to government-owned establishments, burial properties, commercial buildings, businesses, trauma sites, and more...

Thought Forms, Intentions That Kill, Other Thought-Based Harm

  • Resolve All Forms of Energetic Conditions • Resolve Fields, Field Entities, Field Intentions • Field Conditions
  • Resolve All Intentions, Thought Forms
  • End Thoughts That Harm, Thoughts That Block Your Intentions
  • End Thoughts That Harm, Thoughts That Block Your Intentions

Energy & Physical Body Clearing - Miracles Program

Our Practitioners Will Work With God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Holy Trinity, & The Archangels of THE DIVINE REALM - WHO ARE AND WHICH IS PURE SOURCE LIGHT - on behalf of every client who partakes in this program which is aimed to permanently resolve a serious, life-threatening condition. This program is focused upon those who believe they have experienced any of the following conditions:

  • Lifelong Medical Conditions In One to Three Sessions - In Most Cases
  • Sudden Onset of Disease States - These are approached by THE DIVINE REALM in the most delicate, most perfected methods. These are "MEDICAL MIRACLE" Healings
  • Long-term and often Lifetime Disorders, Conditions, Syndromes, Spectrum Conditions are treatable, sometimes permanently with the aid of God. When this is possible, we'll support your work in very guided, very facilitated ways by working directly with God.

When WE agree to accept a client with a condition that fits this "category," WE use very stringent, very strict, and very protected guidelines. There are many HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENTS, DISCLAIMERS, AND DISCLOSURES required to become a client under this very perfected, very protected, very miraculous program.

  • Energy Healing Arts LLC cannot make any claims, guarantees, nor promises of resolve, of healing, nor of restitution of health. We offer this program because Energy Healing works.

There may be times when a condition exists that we have no idea about, or a condition within your Personal Lifetime Incarnate Plan that we are not aware of, or other kinds of "Intentions" that may come to you while you are being supported by our Practitioners, or that could come to you once you are released; because there is no way to guarantee absolute health, sovereignty, nor the outcome of any treatment, please be aware THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT GUARANTEE HEALTH, HEALING, PERMANENCE OF HEALING, PERIODS OF HEALING. NOR LONGER HEALTH THAN YOU EXPECTED PRIOR TO APPLYING TO BE A PART OF THIS PROGRAM.

  • WE offer this program because God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Holy Trinity, The Archangels of God - WHO are ALL of THE DIVINE REALM, WHO Are ALL PURE SOURCE LIGHT - have urged us to offer this program. Only THEY can provide this kind of medical miracle. THEREFORE, THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO PROMISES, NO GUARANTEES, NO HINTS AT THOUGHTS OR NON-THOUGHTS THAT YOUR HEALTH MAY IMPROVE, MAY BECOME LESS STRESSFUL, OR THAT THERE IS EVEN A POSSIBILITY OF IMPROVEMENT.

COVID, ALL COVID-ic-ish Energetic Healing

  • Intuitive Medical Medium & Energetic Conditions Healer - Specializing in Resolving Covidic Intentions, Covidic Pain, Conditions Known & Not Yet Known
  • Residual Long-Covid-ic Conditions, Symptoms, Hate, Harm - which are symptomatic conditions post viral, bacterial, organ-related conditions - some are latent, some are manifesting with symptoms that are non-conforming to known conditions
  • Resolving Bodily Pain, Chronic Conditions, Phantom Conditions, Phantom Pain, Phantom Disorders
  • Covid leaves energetic conditions behind, whether in your Energy Body, Energy Field, or your Physical Body; these can emerge conditionally, suddenly, triggered by the intentions of others
  • Miracles • Manifestation Sessions • Health, Wealth, Lifetime Conditions, Restore What Has Been Lost, Taken, or Unretrievable