Intentions & Prayers For Clearing and Resolution

Prayer of Intention

This is a Clearing for You and Yours and Those May Be in Any Way Connected and Require Clearing, Resolution, and Healing So That You or Yours May Be

Intend that this is renewing moment by moment… every moment of your life.

The Intention or Prayer

“Resolve all that may, would, has ever, could be or is with my incarnate whole self so that I am forever fully sovereign, in the way that God or Pure Source Light has intended for the perfection of me and my expanded expanded-family

I intend that I and my expanded expanded-family, our connections, our contacts, and those who must be healed, restored, renewed, or feel this Love are and that each are fully…  That God, Who is Source as Source Light, the Archangels of God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus – These are known as The Divine –  fulfill, perfect, protect, hold, and potentiate these intentions every moment of every second of every minute of every day of every week of every year for every year for the rest of our very blessed, very abundant, very potentiated, very purpose-driven abundant Best Life, Health, and Life Safety, and that The Divine forever supports these intentions for each of my expanded expanded-family, for each individual in a personal way.

My intention includes all… every… area of my life… the restoration, return, and direct access to everything, anything I desire to achieve, my choice, equality, equity, my pursuit of my intentions, my fulfillment of my Divine Purpose… all be and are forever protected, perfected, potentiated by The Divine… 

if you have an area of your life that isn’t being returned, seems to be conflicting or conflicted, seems to include challenges, pain, discomfort of any… health-related, medical-connected, relationship-oriented or any… this intention covers me, all of my expanded expanded-family, all my and our connections, all my and our contacts, all… in the way that is necessary and needed to fully and forever resolve, restore, heal, renew, and return that which is ours… and that for each all is perfected, and now protected, and always potentiated and aligned with each persons’ Highest, Most Empowered, Most Potentiated, Most Perfected, Most Protected most abundant Best Life, Health, and Life Safety.”

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Sherí Taber