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December 29, 2017
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August 8, 2018

Prior to moving into my new home, I asked a trusted and very gifted shamanic colleague to perform a scan of my new home.

I learned years ago that having my home scanned and then cleared, if necessary, is a vitally important part of the decision-making process prior to getting settled into a new home.

I’ve encountered spirits my entire life. I’ve never been unnecessarily bothered by it, nor has my everyday life been overly affected. Mind you, as a teenager I experienced vacuum cleaners turning on by themselves, washing machines start on their own and overflow suds for no good reason. Mostly though, the low-level paranormal activity that has happened around me has been to simply let me know the ghost or spirit was there.

As I got older, visitations consisted of spirits who were simply passing through or in the case of loved ones, they came to bring a message on behalf of another.

This is not necessarily disturbing to me. However, a few years back we moved into a home in a neighborhood we were so very happy to be in. During my first looked at the home, as I climbed the stairs, I heard these words, very clearly, “You’ll never work in this house.”

In Florida (where I lived at the time), if you don’t have a separate air conditioning unit to cool the second floor, you will rarely get your home cool enough to be comfortable. I dismissed the message I heard as my own mind reminding me that I would be too uncomfortable to work in the room upstairs that would be my office.

The second time we looked at the home we were there to make a final decision. As I climbed the stairs to the second floor, I heard exactly the same message. Yep. I dismissed it. My office was totally shaded by a huge Oak tree.

In the not so distant future, this beautiful old Oak would become my friend and portal to the Upper World. Her name is Tia and I still visit her in the non-ordinary world today.

We ended up moving into this wonderful home. It sat right across the street from Old Tampa Bay, right off The Bayshore.

We should have known immediately there was more than meets the ordinary eye going on within this home. We had so many issues immediately out of the gate. I’ll summarize some of the most bothersome and expensive experiences we encountered…

Prior to moving in, we painted. The interior of the home was a dark gray and it needed to reflect the light that poured in through the beautiful glass wall overlooking the deck.

We purchased the recommended 10 gallons of Behr Premium paint; the one-coat-kind with the primer already in it. What should have taken about 8 gallons, max, took more than 24 gallons of paint. It was like the paint would simply disappear… literally… from the wall and even the actual cans. The walls took more than 6 coats of this paint and even then, in some places, you could see through the paint.

Our tools and supplies would disappear.

Once we finally got the place painted and cleaned, we moved in.

Starting immediately, the kitchen cabinet doors would open and close “by themselves.” This mostly occurred at night after we would go to bed. However, it would happen as early as 9pm while we were watching TV in the adjacent living room.

One didn’t have to be “clair-gifted” to hear this.

Frequently, we would see sparkles that shimmered about 3 feet off the ground around the garage door and in the master bedroom in front of the french doors leading to the deck.

There was a ghost dog… it seemed like a small white shih tzu or something similar. She used the doggy door.

The sofa would buzz loudly as though there was a cell phone set on LOUD vibrate. On more than one occasion we tore that sofa up looking for whatever was buzzing.


Upstairs was home to a spirit of a different kind, though. His presence was palpable. You could feel him. His presence was intimidating and scary. Guests who would not consider themselves necessarily spiritually sensitive were very aware of him.

The second-floor deck outside of my office needed to be replaced. This was to be a fast and easy project… in any other house. The contractors had many unexpected complications, including a continuous issue with having sufficient supplies to complete the project even though they had purchased and delivered them.

For the first few months, this spirit would mess with the wiring to my Internet and cable. He made it impossible for me to work in my office. I called the cable company out so many times that they began sending a team. They told me that I needed to stop switching the wiring. I would assure them I hadn’t touched it.

Finally, they put all the wiring behind the wall. That didn’t discourage the spirit who was intent on getting us to leave this home.

Finally, the cable company managed to get the cable wiring setup properly and the mysterious rewiring ceased. They also installed a very high-speed router that made all the difference in the world. They told me that there was no way this setup could fail me.

Several days later, I’m working at my desk. I hear heavy footsteps come up to my doorway and stop. The router went dead. I could see its lights go out. I looked up and the hair on my entire body was standing straight out. Then the footsteps moved toward me. I could hear the chain on his side rattling with each step.

I had never experienced anything like this before.

Suddenly, he circled me with such force and girth that I could feel the wind his energy created. Then he stopped and stood within inches of me.

This was total intimidation.

The voice of this spirit is who I heard as I walked up the stairs prior to moving in.

Time to Call the Shaman

I immediately scheduled an appointment with a friend who is an MD, shamanic practitioner and skilled psychopomp.

I learned this spirit had been involved in a motorcycle accident one street over – ten years prior. He had been in this home since his death and shared he had no intention of leaving. Thankfully, she was able to successfully cross this very resistant spirit over.

No more cable problems. No more Internet issues. No more disappearing items. No more vibrating couch. No more slamming bedroom doors.

As it turns out, the kitchen cabinet paranormal activity was the activity of a young mother who had been killed along with her two daughters in a car accident on the same road as the motorcycle guy. She didn’t know she was dead. She was caught in a loop, looking for her husband.

The shimmering lights about 3 feet from the ground were her children.

The shamanic practitioner shared with me that the home had been struck by lightning during construction and it sat on a vortex that also exposed it to continual spiritual activity. She said this home would be a revolving door to spirits. She said most will simply pass through.

She was absolutely correct. We had a smorgasbord of spirit guests. We also learned many months later that our next door neighbor owned an antique shop, which only added to the feeling we were running a ghost AirBnB.

I also developed afib and PVCs within a few months of living in this home. Earthbound spirits’ energy is different than that of the living. I personally feel the energy that was present in this home affected the electrical energy of my heart.

Had we scanned this home prior to moving in, or had I paid attention to my own intuition, we would have had some options. We also could have resolved the bigger issues and worked with professionals at the beginning to minimize the paranormal activity.

This was a good lesson in paying attention. It was also the impetus and final nudging to me saying “yes” to becoming a shamanic practitioner.

A Home Inspection Of Different Kind

Now you can completely understand why scanning your prospective land and house is important – before saying yes to buying or renting it. If you are already in a home and suspect there is energy there that doesn’t serve your highest good, it might be time to call a shaman to perform some clearing for you.

The home inspection we had performed on the home we recently moved into (prior to signing on the dotted line) was fascinating and what we learned was totally unexpected.

A shamanic friend and colleague performed the scan from a distance or virtually. Everything is rather virtual when you work in the non-ordinary realm. I often ask a trusted colleague to help me with personal shamanic needs. It is easy to miss something or to lack objectivity when you are the client.

As she shared her findings, I found myself completely in awe and honor of what we learned.

The first thing she did was scan all of the digital photos I provided prior to the scan.

Then she pulled up the address using Google Earth.

She immediately received a psychic download that revealed that the scan was going to be predominantly about the land on which the home sits.

Taking notes of some of the identifying features that surround the property, she began her journey with the intention of scanning the external area and then the internal area for any energies that are not for the best and highest good of me and my family members and to learn anything that was important to learn about this home and land.

Healing the Land

As she entered her journey state, she was again brought to an understanding that this scan was to be about the land.

As she was scanning the photographs, one of them stood out specifically. The lighting was different than it was in any of the others. She could see a veil. She asked her spirit guide about the quality of the light she saw in the image.

She shared that the light was actually a middle-world helping spirit that is with me.

This middle-world spirit shares that she is a light being that is with me all the time in the middle-world. She had gone ahead of me to inspect and prepare this property for us.

With a giggle, she shared that this spirit said, “Girl, I’ve already gone ahead of her… I’ve already done this. I’m already here. We can do this together, but I am already here.”

My friend’s helping spirit informed her that there was no significant energies that needed to be cleared or that were of concern. Her helping spirit emphasized again that the most important aspect about this residence is the land.

My light spirit, my shaman friend and her helping spirit scanned the entire interior of the home and learned there were absolutely no energies within the home to be concerned about.

With this, my friend inquired about the land itself. She was then told that I was lead to this particular property because the land needs to be healed. There was a lot of blood spilled on this land, as is the case with all the other land that originally belonged to the North American indigenous ancestors.

Next, she was shown a red deer. Then she heard Red Deer. Then the name “Red Deer,” once more.

When she asked for more information, she was shown a ceremony and work that I am to perform on behalf of the land and its ancestors.

A Healing Ceremony for the Ancestors

My friend was told that I am to dig a small hole in the land. The hole should be deeper than the seed grass and as deep as is reasonable to get to the rich earth. I am to take a bit of this earth and place it on an altar. I am to honor it as representing the ancestors that were there before any of us were there. I am to recognize that blood was spilt.

I am to place corn kernels in the soil as a blessing with an acknowledgement of the blood that was spilt. This is not to be covered up again with the soil I retrieved until the ancestors have acknowledged that the soil has been blessed appropriately.

I am also to journey to learn more specific details about what is required of the ancestors.

She was also shown that there is a body of water on the land. This is quite interesting to me because I did not know about this body of water. After living here a few weeks, we learned that there is, in fact, a body of water behind the woods that sit on this land. More fascinating, the owner of one of the homes that sits on the other side of this body of water came by last week with a question about the trees around the water.

This body of water also wants recognition, a thank you and a blessing. The shaman was shown that I am to place a Rose Quartz crystal in a sacred way within the water. I am to offer the lake a blessing and a thank you in the process. I am to acknowledge those who came before me.

In honoring and blessing the land and the water, I am fulfilling my sacred purpose for being here. My shamanic friend was shown that this is the entire purpose and intention for me being called here.

I am told to “walk with an intention and in a sacred way on this property.” I am to acknowledge the ancestors and perform ceremony.

With this part of the scan completed, my lightworker escorted the shamanic practitioner back into the home. She took her downstairs to a particular area of the home. The spirits of the indigenous ancestors were present. My friend suspects that as a result of working with the ancestors in the journey, they revealed themselves within the home. She believes they are in this area of the home because this area is closest to the Earth.

The ancestors were very benevolent and they wanted acknowledgment. It seemed to be a symbolic representation of the ancestors that live here. The shaman, her spirit helper and my lightworker sprite thanked them and acknowledged them. They were not interested in being psychopomped or going anywhere else. This land is their home.

They agreed to vacate the interior of the premises, and they will continue to be around in the landscape. I am told that these are the spirits of the land and it is important to acknowledge them. They asked that I set up a small altar to honor them in this particular room.


My Spiritually Sparkly Clean Home

My shamanic friend shared that this home is sparkly and full of light.

My light-being sprite says she is going to be with the home and that all is well.

When my friend asked for an image or something that would help me to know when my sprite, light-being helper was around, she was told that she would show herself as a butterfly to me.

There are white butterflies all over on this property, as well as an occasional Monarch.

Just prior to the ending of this journey, my friend, her helping spirit and my light-being helper took another flight around the home. She could see sparkles all over, filling the home. The sparkles are very much like the refraction of light on a lake.

The shamanic practitioner shares she had a visceral experience within her body as she was being shown that I have been called here as an agent to support the healing of this land. She says that the healing will ripple out and meet and join all the other efforts that are being performed to heal the land.

What an honor and what a task.

I can’t imagine what would have been had I not had this home and land scanned prior to moving here.

Have energy that needs clearing in your home, office or land? Need your home or land scanned or cleared? Feel free to reach out to me. We’ll schedule a complimentary call so that I can learn about your situation. If I can help you, we’ll schedule a session to perform the work.