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October 22, 2018
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October 22, 2018
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Add Crystals to Your Shaman Rattle | Shamanic Rattle | Ceremony Rattle | | Native American Inspired, Customize, Rawhide


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*********** FULFILLMENT DELAY – MAY 18TH – JUNE 11TH ***********

Rattles ordered between May 18th and June 11th will be created in the order they were received BEGINNING June 13th.

If you need your rattle before June 20th, please convo me so I can confirm that I am able to make that happen for you.

If receiving delivery of your rattle after JUNE 20th works for you, I would be honored to take your order and begin crafting it as quickly as possible beginning June 13th.

Thank you for trusting me with your sacred tools. It is my honor to provide you with a beautiful and powerful tool and heirloom.



If you prefer to add or customize the voice or any other aspect of your rattle, contact me and we’ll identify the crystals, fur or other elements you need or want.

I can provide specific crystals and power animal fur to enhance the sound and metaphysical powers of your rattle. Message me for kind and pricing.

You may want to look at our various rattles to get an idea of some of the crystals we use and their metaphysical properties. Alternatively, you can request that I perform a shamanic journey to learn from your spirit guides exactly what elements should be included in your rattle.

A single “Quantity” contains approximately .20 oz. These are crystal chips that equal about 1″ in diamater. It would fit in the center of the cup of the palm of your hand.

If you would like to add animal fur to your rattle please private message me and let me know how you will use it so I know how much to provide.

Visit this listing:


If you prefer, I will make you a custom rattle, fully cleansed and blessed by Spirit. I also have rattles that have already been crafted and inspired by Spirit – see the listing under “Shaman Rattles” in this shop.

Private message me with questions. It is my pleasure to provide you with the perfect rattle.



Please note that all shamanic practices, services, products, healing, any metaphysical definitions and folklore noted in my listings are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and do not imply a guarantee of effect.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition and BEFORE undertaking any alternative health program or alternative health or healing products or services.

Anyone who believes they are suffering from an illness or health concern should consult with their physician. Shamanic tools, services and information are a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should never replace the advice, recommendations, or prescriptions provided by a healthcare practitioner.

Neither Sheri Taber, her Etsy shop, nor The Shamanic Practitioner, LLC is responsible for any adverse effects resulting from your use or reliance on any information contained in our listings, services or products.

The purchaser releases the seller from any and all liability incurred in their use of this product or service.


NOTICE: In Accordance with Indian Arts and Crafts Act (Act), Public Law 101-644, the products in my store are created by me and are not produced by enrolled members of federally or officially State recognized Indian tribes.


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