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October 22, 2018
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Full Moon, July 2018 Smudge Spray. Full Moon Charged. Organic. Handcrafted. Protection. Clearing. Activation. Manifestation. Breakthroughs.


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Smudge Spray. Full Moon Charged. Organic. Handcrafted. Metaphysical. Smudge Spray. Protection. Clearing. Activation. Manifestation. Breakthroughs.

In July 2018 we had a Full Blood Moon, Full Lunar Eclipse . The Algonquin tribes named this Full Moon the Buck Moon because it is in July that the buck grows his antlers to their full size.

It is also known as a Blood Moon because a Blood Moon can only happen during a Full Lunar Eclipse. The moon takes on a slightly muted reddish color because the Earth’s shadow completely blocks the Moon.

The July 2018 Full Moon solution was divinated from Grandmother Moon and some of the most powerful healing spirits.

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This Full Moon solution is 100% handcrafted and organic and I only made a small quantity.

Full Moon Water
Creating Full Moon Water is an ancient ritual.

In addition to the powerful Full Moon attributes of this magical water, it has been infused with the highest quality essential oils, oils from natural plants, and the most powerful crystals relevant to this particular Aquarius Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse.

This is the perfect replacement for manifestation and for burning sage, incense or other smudging techniques. It is excellent for travel and your office environment.



July 2018’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is under the sign of Aquarius. With the Moon in Aquarius, we can join our fellow Aquarians and briefly enjoy clearer visions of our dreams and the motivation and clarity we need to achieve them. We also have the potential to connect to our inner humanitarian and capture our personal vision, inspiration and even gain clarity about what we can do to create a better world, positively influence our community or simply make the world better one person at a time.

The energy of this Full Moon makes this all possible. Her energies are captured in this Full Moon water. Welcome the teachings of Aquarius and that of the compassionate influence of the other planets in this phase.

If we set our intentions and connect at a deeper level to our consciousness to receive what is possible from this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, the potential and energy exists for us to:

• Reset our motions
• Learn patience
• Receive calm and trust
• Clear away emotional baggage
• Get lots of practical tasks completed
• Receive revelations for new ways of solving old problems
• Receive the energies to activate inspiration and
• Achieve major breakthroughs.

Energies from this Lunar Eclipse conjunct Mars inspires us to be strong, sexy and brave.


Specific healing energies from my spirit healers make this a perfect spray for removing energy that doesn’t serve your highest good. It can be used as a liquid smudge. You can spray it in a room, in your car, or on your body to remove energy that does not belong to you. If you have an area that is prone to stress, tension and this type of pain, spray this Full Moon spray on it.
Improve Inspiration & Vision
If you are feeling less than inspired or visionary, spray this water on your calves and ankles. As with anything, it is important to set your intention prior to using the Full Moon Water.

Additional metaphysical properties of this Aquarius Full Moon Water solution:

• Awaken Awareness
• Enhance Spiritual Awareness
• Grounding
• Clear & Balance Chakras
• Clear Negative, Stagnant, Depressed Or Funky Energy
• Protect
• Purify


Intention is everything. There are many beneficial metaphysical properties to this Full Moon water. When you spray it, state your purpose within your spirit or out loud. If you are invoking the energy release properties, state that intention.

“By spraying this on my shoulders, I am invoking the release of any energies here that do not belong to my body. It is done!”

As you set your intentions to manifest or release, ask yourself questions like these:

• What is it that brings me joy and a sense of “awe?”
• What project would I like to bring to completion?
• What vision or inspiration has been niggling in the recesses of my spirit that I need help manifesting?
• What do I wish to awaken to?

Once you’ve decided on your intention, state it clearly and spray the appropriate area or space.


Aquarius is the water bearer. Aquarius enhances psychic awareness and visionary breakthroughs. It is said that through the water, the light of consciousness flows.


Carry the Full Moon’s energies into the future. Use this Full Moon Water to continue manifesting desired outcomes and powerful breakthroughs.

My Full Moon waters are blessed by Grandmother Moon’s most compassionate energies. It is created in sacred space and blessed by many powerful compassionate spirits, deities, Mother Earth, Fire, Air and Water. Archangels, healing angels, spirit healers and the energies of many of my gifted Power Animal healers also blessed the water.

Grandmother Moon channeled the compassionate energies of the other stars and planets at play during this Full Moon so that the water is blessed by their compassionate energies for the highest good.
Ingredients Of This Full Moon Water
Grandmother Moon has guided me on additional elements that should be placed within the water.

During the period the water was blessed by the Full Moon, the following crystals, oils and earth elements were within it.

• Distilled Water
• Essence of Orange
• Essence of Lemon
• Hawthorn
• Hibiscus
• Black Tourmaline
• Clear Quartz
• Red Jasper
• Lapis Lazuli
• Labradorite
• Rose quartz
• Amazonite
• Fire Agate
• White Howlite
• Black Obsidian
• Unakite Jasper
• Moonstone
• Amethyst
• Selenite
• Patchouli
• Frankincense
• Sandalwood
• Natural Emulsifier
• Sage
• Mantra

The following essential oils were also infused into the water:
• Patchouli
• Frankincense
• Sandalwood


Grandmother Moon has inspired the additional elements that have been infused in this water during the July 18th 2018 Full Lunar Eclipse. If you are interested in learning what the metaphysical properties are of the various ingredients and infused elements, simply Google the property name and add the word “metaphysical properties” to it.

This powerful water has many attributes to support the fulfillment of the Aquarian Full Moon possibilities.


For external use only. Do not ingest or swallow.

Generously spritz your room, car, your space or yourself while stating your intention. Visualize the manifestation of your intention and give thanks to Source for the blessing.

Spray smudge your new home, office or car to clear energies and manifest your intention or between clients to reset the energies.

For Manifestation, Activation, and Breakthroughs, roll on your ankles, feet, shins, base of your cranium, heart chakra and lightly on your 3rd eye chakra.

For protection from negative energies, roll over chakras and spirit gates.

To move energies that don’t belong with you, roll over the areas of your body where you feel the energy.

Pour a couple of ounces into bath water with your favorite salts and bubbles

Store in temperatures above 38 and below 76 degrees. The ingredients are all natural and can spoil in the heat.


My Journey to the Water to Learn it’s Highest Uses
Accompanied by my spirit teachers and healers, merged with the spirit light of my Power Animals, I journey into the non-ordinary realm to this Aquarian Full Moon blessed water to capture an overview of the highest metaphysical and healing properties and seek its recommendation for its various uses.

In spirit, I am immediately shown an aqua green color, as I am immersed within the water. I am told that this water is especially healing to the heart.

I ask how it is to be used for this purpose and in what ways it is used to heal the heart. I am shown that one only need apply a small amount at the breastbone, between the breasts over the heart chakra. Even though in the ordinary realm, I am not physically near the water, I can smell it.


Properties Summary: Relaxation, Serenity, Calm, Peaceful, Stress-Free

The water continues to share with me that it brings a sense of ease, relaxation and calm to the heart. As one breathes into the many scents within the oils, they will be taken in spirit or in their mind to a sacred and safe place. I am shown this happens quite quickly if you are sitting still, with the intention to “go with it.”

When you arrive in this peaceful, serene place of calm, ask for an object to appear. This object is yours. It is a gift from Water and Grandmother Moon. Whenever you need to revisit this peaceful, calm serene state of being, all you need to do is close your eyes and envision your gift. Hold it in your spirit hands or set yourself within its view and receive the healing, soothing, sacred serenity you received in the first meditation after applying the Full Moon Water to your Heart Chakra.

You may repeat the application of the blessed water on your heart chakra as many times as you wish, remembering that this serene state is available to you in real time if you carry the intention described here.

• Infusing your bath water with this Full Moon water is the perfect place to enjoy these powerful meditations guided by the energies of the blessed water.


In spirit, I am shown the beautiful red hues of the elements of the water. Grandmother Moon reminds me that this is a Blood Moon and the subtle reds that are within her blessed waters are intended. The water is magically infused with powerful protective and stimulating red crystals that connect you to your deepest desires and provide the energy to begin fulfilling them.

HIBISCUS and HAWHTORN also lend their powers to this water. These are essential elements of this water and bring to it deep grounding, connection, creativity, and activation.

Hawthorn, a powerful protective element wards of negative energies and energies that don’t serve your highest purpose. It works in sync with the confidence-inspiring crystal Lapis Lazuli; which stimulates clarity and encourages creativity and activation. Lapis also blesses this water with its robust metaphysical properties.

Owl is connected to Hawthorn. Owl was present in spirit during the making and blessing of this water. Hawthorne works to calm and soothe the heart. It works to clear negativity, stimulating love and forgiveness. It is guarded by the faery realm and is said to help your prayers reach heaven.

Hibiscus energizes and awakens the first and second chakras and your inner divine feminine energies. These properties release blockages in the lower back and spine, and work to heal and restore sexuality and passion. It can aid long-held scars of sexual trauma. The blessed water can assist in releasing pent up creative forces within the root chakra and literally set one free to dance again in life.

The elements of this water work to balance and engage all of your chakras.

My attention is being drawn to its citrus essences, the Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian and the other protective crystals and metaphysical properties within the water. This water carries powerful protection and energy release properties.

Infused with White Sage, and the essential oils Frankincense, Sandalwood and Patchouli, the blessed waters also provide increased clairvoyance, divination, good luck, courage, success, spiritual protection, clearing of negative energy, peace, abundance, joy, and love. It is said that the combination of Frankincense and Sandalwood on the Full Moon possesses high spiritual vibrations.

I am shown the user may enjoy increases in motivation and clear-sighted positivity about the future.

Lemon resonates with the energy of Grandmother Moon and the element of Water. Lemon is used to celebrate lunar deities and to attract love.

Among its many other properties, the plant essence of Orange and the orange crystals support energizing and inspirational energy and help generate happiness and joy, as well as attract abundance and good fortune.

The water provides soothing on a day that just doesn’t seem quite right. Improve your sense of balance, drive, love, calm and activation by applying to the ankles.

This is one powerful batch of Full Moon goodness. It is in very limited supply. When it is gone, it is truly gone.



Do not drink or spray into your mouth. Not recommended for use on open wounds.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Use caution when spraying clothing and fabric. Contains plant, flower and essential oils, which may stain or discolor. If skin irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Get your July 2018 Full Moon water before it is all gone!

Product Information: This product is handcrafted. I take pride in my carefully crafted products. I do not use synthetic or harmful ingredients and all products are eco-friendly. My waters are vegan using organic, handcrafted, nutrient rich and cold pressed oils. I know and trust the integrity of our essential oil suppliers that the oils are unadulterated and free of exposure to pesticides with superior handling at the source.

Etsy requires all sellers to note that no product sold via their web platform promises “phenomena or outcome attributed to a listing.” My products are made from traditional and natural ingredients long used for the metaphysical and spiritual purposes described, using age-old techniques from around the world, I can in no way guarantee specific outcomes. My products are intended for use as aids in spiritual work & though I stand behind my products, I do not guarantee specific outcomes. For entertainment purposes only. Curio. Never substitute for medical, psychiatric, or legal advice. Not for small children. Do not drink. Do not use in eyes.

Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease or substitute care by a medical practitioner. All recommendations are believed to be effective, but since actual use of this product is beyond our control and can vary from individual to individual, no guarantee as to the effects of their use can be given nor liability taken.

You should not use our products for treating a health problem or disease. Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem.


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