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October 22, 2018
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Meet Spirit of Your Rattle or Drum, Learn of spirit(s) and elements that empower your sacred tool, Shamanic Session, Psychic,


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Choose from two options:

1. In a live video session, I’ll guide you on a journey to meet the spirit of your rattle, drum or sacred tool
2. I will journey on your behalf to learn who the spirit of your rattle, drum or sacred tool is

Option 1 and 2 both include learning:

1. The spirit of your sacred tool
2. About any other spirit(s), power animals or elements that empower your sacred tool
3. Specific information about your sacred tool, such as, how best to use it for the highest good, travel or not to travel with it, specific blessings and powers that accompany your rattle

OPTION ONE – 30 – 45 Minute Guided Journey: $100

– This session requires that you and I join in a video session that may last from 30-min to 45-min. I will guide you in a shamanic journey where you will meet the spirit of your sacred tool.

1) We’ll begin with the intention of meeting the spirit of your sacred tool
2) You’ll enter a shamanic state of consciousness and travel into non-ordinary reality to meet the spirit of your tool
3) I’ll guide you with the questions for spirit



** If you have never entered a shamanic state and performed a shamanic journey, we’ll need to add 30 minutes to this session so that I can teach you how to journey **

** Add 30 Minutes to Learn to Journey: Add $50 **

You’ll learn how to enter a shamanic state of consciousness, open your perception of the spirit world, and travel in non-ordinary reality to meet the spirit of your sacred tool.


– I perform this session for you and will send you details of the information I learn via Etsy email / convo system within 48 hours of me completing the journey on your behalf.

– I will conduct this session for you within 2 – 3 business days, unless I have a longer wait list. If I cannot complete this for you within 2 – 3 days, I will let you know. Often, I am able to complete this for you within 48 business hours.


1. To perform your session (OPTION ONE OR OPTION TWO), I’ll need the following information as soon as you complete the purchase:

a. Your legal name
b. Your address or the crossroads nearest you, City and State
c. Your email address

2. If you choose OPTION ONE, you’ll need to schedule our online video session via a link I’ll send you via Etsy email/convo system. You’ll need to schedule your session to take place within 2 weeks of purchasing this service. All session availabilities are in US Eastern Time Zone.


I consider the services I perform with you or on your behalf to be sacred, therefore, I do everything in my power to help you have a sacred experience.

The details below are necessary to eliminate confusion and assumptions. Unfortunately, these details are necessary to convey the expectations and remove any confusion about the process.

I am honored to work with you or to provide services on your behalf. Thank you for choosing to work with me.

1. PRE-SESSION INFORMATION REQUIRED. Upon purchasing this listing, please send me the 3 items of information I need via the Etsy email / convo (Your legal name, Address or cross roads nearest you, City & State, Your email address)

2. SCHEDULING YOUR SESSION. I will send you a link to my calendar so that you can schedule your session ASAP.

Your session must be scheduled and your information received within * 3 days * of your purchase, otherwise, your session will be considered complete. No refunds will be issued.

3. RECORDING YOUR SESSION. If you purchased OPTION 1 and would like your session recorded, within 2 business days after our session you will receive a link to the recording. You will need to download the recording within 5 days of our session.

4. RECORDINGS DELETED. All sessions are deleted 10 days after they take place.

5. * * RECEIVING DETAILS OF JOURNEY – OPTION 2. If you chose OPTION 2 and do not receive an Etsy email with the details of your shamanic journey within 5 business days of your purchase, be sure to let me know so that I may resend it. All information related to your journey is deleted 10 days after the session is completed. I will not be able to recall your journey and once your information is deleted, your session is considered completed.

6. REFUNDS . There are NO REFUNDS. If you are having difficulty scheduling, please reach out to me for support.

7. OPTION 1 – RESCHEDULING SESSIONS. If you must reschedule your scheduled session, I require 48-hour notice via Etsy’s email / convo system. When a reschedule is requested at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment, I will work with you to reschedule a new appointment. Only ONE RESCHEDULE permitted. If you reschedule and then cannot make that appointment, your service is considered fulfilled and complete.

8. OPTION 1 – NO SHOWS. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, the session and service is considered fulfilled and completed and cannot be rescheduled. There is no NO SHOW forgiveness. There is no refund.


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual practice, with the first shamans being documented more than 40,000 years ago.

The practice of shamanism provides direct access, connection and revelation to the information you need or want.

Shamanic journeying is the practice of accessing an altered state of consciousness to connect with the spiritual dimension.

Shamanism is not a religion. It requires no dogma and it does not require dependence upon another to connect to your spirit guides and power animals. It requires no one else to intervene on your behalf to discover truth, wisdom and advice from your spirit allies.

Shamanic practitioners enter an altered state of consciousness so that they can connect with spirit.

Shamanic practitioners perceive the the spiritual dimension as a sort of “timeless,” non-ordinary reality. There are three divisions within non-ordinary reality: The Lower World, The Middle World and the Upper World.


Shamans believe everything has a spirit and carries with it power and wisdom. Power animals are essential to protecting our life and health.

Shamans believe that everyone has power animals. A Power Animal is an animal spirit that provides support, protection, and guidance similar to that of a guardian angel. They volunteer to be with you at the time of birth.

It is possible to “lose” your power animal. Evidence you may have “lost” your power animal can show up as consistent bad luck in your life, a string of accidents, poor health, dis-ease, sadness, depression and more.

The absence of a power animal leaves a person vulnerable.

In situations where a person has lost their Power Animal, a Power Animal Retrieval can be done. When performing a Power Animal retrieval, I journey on behalf of the client to retrieve a Power Animal who volunteers to accompany and support you.

A person can have multiple Power Animals. Each power animal provides different types of support, protection and gifts. The spirit also lends you the wisdom of its kind. Hawk spirit will give you Hawk wisdom, and lend you some of the attributes of Hawk.


In traditional shamanic cultures, our spirit teachers might have been gods and goddesses, religious figures, ancestors, ascended masters, angelic forces, mythological figures.

There are such a wealth of teachers who may come through to show to you a being that has deep wisdom to share with you. It could be a deceased loved one who has been deceased for a very long period of time and has evolved and now can come back and support you in your own process.

It may be an angel or god or goddess.

There is no “right” or “best” form of teacher. Your spirit teacher will be the teacher who is able to help you most effectively.


The information your spirit allies provide is always fascinating and incredibly insightful, powerful, and relevant.

**** THANK YOU ****

It is my honor and pleasure to provide this service on your behalf. This is sacred work and I treat it as such. Your highest good is my intention and providing you with information and services that help you improve your life is an honor.

Feel free to private message me if you have any questions.

Be sure to read the digital download…. I look forward to working with ou.




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Anyone who believes they are suffering from an illness or health concern should consult with their physician. Shamanic tools, services and information are a holistic complementary healthcare practice and should never replace the advice, recommendations, or prescriptions provided by a healthcare practitioner.

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