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October 22, 2018
Shaman Rattle Kit, Make Your Own, Shamanic Rattle, Elk, Medicine Rattle, Deer or Goat Rawhide Native American Inspired | Custom Shape
October 22, 2018
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Shaman Rattles Pair, Shamanic Native American Inspired, Master Healer Soul Retrieval Past Life Protection Love Sensuality Kundalini Ceremony


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These rattles will be made specifically for you and will be similar to the those in the image. ***

$295 – TWO Handcrafted, spirit-inspired shaman’s healing rattles, Reiki rattles and ceremony rattles

2 Full size, approximately 12-inch long shamanic, reiki or healer’s rattles.

These 2 rattles are created to balance and catalyze the healing energies of the other. They are sold as a pair.

** If you prefer to have only one of them, please message me and I will be happy to do that for you. **

Their energy is palpable and powerful. Their design was directed by my healer / soul retrieval spirit guide. These two rattles are what I refer to as “sibling” rattles. Their handles come from the same branch, their rattle heads from the same animal, and they are created to support and balance one another’s capabilities exponentially.

* Any staging crystals featured alongside the rattles, in the images, are not included.


The design and elements of these rattles were revealed by Spirit.

Every item was hand chosen, cleansed and blessed accordingly.

When your rattle is complete, using the sacred smoke of Sweetgrass, Sage and Cedar the rattle is cleansed again, and blessed by my helping spirits. In this ceremony, I request that Spirit empower this rattle to manifest the highest good.

From start to completion, your rattle is handcrafted in partnership with Spirit with the specific intention of aiding in sacred ceremonies to creating a powerful personal connection between you and your helping spirits to receive direct revelation, wisdom, insight, recall and healing energy for the highest good for you, the earth, and on behalf of those with whom you work.

This rattle is a shamanic tool. It facilitates vivid journeys, Dreamtime, meditations, and ceremonies to connect to the spirit world for divination, to facilitate healing, and for use in ceremonies.


Goat rawhide was used for the rattle heads for these 2 oval shaped rattleheads. If you prefer to special order a specific rawhide, message me and we’ll identify your specific needs together.

The color of the rattle heads is a beautiful rich medium coffee brown.

RATTLE #1 is stitched with tan cord and is adorned with:

– Blonde, golden and gray fur around the neck/throat and at the top of the rattlehead

RATTLE #2 is stitched with black cord and is adorned with:

– Black bear fur around the neck/throat and at the top of the rattlehead

The approximate size of the 2-sided, oval rattle heads are approximately 2.5 – 3 inches wide and 4 inches long.


The handles are a very important asset for your rattle. The spirit of the tree suggests how I am to shape and sculpt them.

The beautiful hardwood branch from which your rattle handles were made was naturally shed by an indigenous northern Indiana forest tree.

It is buffed to a silky smooth finish to reflect its natural beauty.

These handles are exceptionally lovely.

This Rattle Handle is approximately 6 to 6.5 inches long.

This handle is strong and fits perfectly in your hand. I have large hands and these two feel really nice, solid and very powerful.

CUSTOMIZE HANDLES: Add Rowan Tree Handles at point of purchase


Rattle #1, has the light colored fur and is a powerful master healer’s rattle.

It is the YIN or feminine rattle and is best used in the right hand.

The elements that make up the powerful voice that summons the rattle’s spirit, spirit allies and your compassionate helping spirits are:

– Black Tourmaline
– Amethyst
– Lodolite
– Rose Quartz
– Clear Quartz
– Sage
– Rice
– Corn

This rattle’s dominating metaphysical properties are:

Master Healer, Emotional & Past Life, Light, Protection, Universal Energy & Truth, Past-Life Recall, Love & Prosperity


Rattle #2, has the black bear fur and is powerful shamanic soul retrieval and past life healing rattle.

This is the YANG or male rattle and is recommended for use by the left hand.

The elements that make up the powerful voice that summons the rattle’s spirit, spirit allies and your compassionate helping spirits are:

– Black Obsidian
– Labadorite
– Citrine
– Garnet
– Hematite
– Tourmalinated Quartz
– Sage
– Rice
– Corn

This rattle’s dominating metaphysical properties are:

Shamanic Healer, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Healing
Spiritual Grounding, Energy Balancing & Integration
Transmutes Energy to Healing Light, Psychic Protection & Communication
Abundance & Manifestation, Stimulate & Enhance Memory
Inspires Love, Kundalini Energy & Sensuality

Detailed description of metaphysical properties of each element at the bottom of this listing.



If you prefer, I will custom-craft a rattle for you. You may choose the color of the rattle’s head and the elements that adorn it. You may also choose the color of the wood handle or have the handle wrapped in soft leather. You may also specify the elements of the rattles voice.

Please contact me with the details you would like and we can work together to define the final vision and price for your sacred rattle.

Custom rattles can take 2 – 3 weeks to complete, depending on the design elements.




– GOAT Rawhide – See these elements below in the drop down FAQ list
– BEAR Fur


*** RATTLE #1 ***

Rattle #1 is a sacred master healer’s rattle for the shamanic or Reiki practitioner, Light Worker or healer.

Rattle #1 Description:

Master Healer, Emotional & Past Life, Light, Protection, Universal Energy & Truth, Past-Life Recall, Love & Prosperity

AMETHYST is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Etheric, Physical & Emotional Healing, Protective Light Shield, Accelerated Intuitive & Psychic Abilities

A remarkable stone of spirituality and contentment, known for its metaphysical abilities to still the mind and inspire an enhanced meditative state. Its inherent high frequency purifies the aura of any negative energy or attachments, and creates a protective shield of Light around the body, allowing one to remain clear and centered while opening to spiritual direction.

Amethyst stimulates the Third Eye, Crown and Etheric Chakras enhancing cognitive perception as well as accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic ability. It initiates wisdom and greater understanding, and is a stone of comfort for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

– – Promoting love of the divine
– – Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom
– – Opening multi-dimensional awareness, it enhances metaphysical abilities and is excellent for meditation and scrying
– – Guards against psychic attack, transmuting it into love
– – Harmonizing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies and linking them to the spiritual, it purifies the aura
– – Helpful in making the transition through death and supports coming to terms with loss
– – Has a sobering effect on overindulgence and overcomes addictions
– – Beneficial to the mind, calms or stimulates as appropriate, helping to feel more focused, assisting assimilation of new ideas and connecting cause with effect
– – Amethyst enhances memory and improves motivation

LODOLITE is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Master Healer, Emotional & Past Life, Protection

Shaman Quartz and Lodolite are clear Quartzes with inclusions that form valleys and mountains within the stone. Either stone takes you deep into yourself and assists you to communicate with higher beings and journey through the various worlds. Lodolite in particular helps you to explore past lives and is a powerful manifestation crystal.

– – A powerful stone for shamans
– – Gazing into it is said to bring about cosmic shifts
– – Harmonizes the higher vibrational energies of the aura, light body, or subtle body
– – Powerful journeying stone on all levels – cosmic, soul, personal
– – Shamans use it to induce visionary experiences and healing
– – Mystical
– – Healing
– – Protection negative energy

It Stimulates:

– – Spiritual energy and journeying
– – Psychic gifts, lucid dreaming
– – Transformation
– – New way of perceiving
– – Healing of diseases

An awesome companion stone for those who are studying shamanic way
– – Assists deep emotional healing related to past life attachment
– – Connects one to the vibrational energies of the animal realm
– – Stimulates spiritual growth in areas of perception
– – Assist one in seeing Auras
– – Helps maintain the connection between the physical and ethereal planes
– – Helps release fear
– – Aids one through all forms of transformation in ones life
– – Promotes an understanding of the impermanence of body consciousness
– – Brings energies to effect manifestation of one’s desires
– – Enhances communication with beings on the spiritual plane
– – Brings knowledge from past lives
– – Meditation with a dream crystal is said to bring transformation on many levels
– – Heightens one’s spiritual energies
– – Radiates loving energy and energy of gentle strength
– – Great assistant to help one with getting into the meditative state
– – Influences one to get in touch with their emotions
– – Helpful for enhancing one’s sensitivity to energy

ROSE QUARTZ is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
A Stone Of The Heart And Unconditional Love. Feminine Energy Of Compassion, Peace, Tenderness, Heart Healing, Nourishment And Comfort

Known as a master crystal and the love stone, it emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth and emotional healing.

– – Resonates with the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra, related to compassion
– – It epitomizes the vibration of love
– – Effective at healing personal relationships, sensuality and aids in forgiveness
– – Peaceful, calming energy balancing and soothing all chakras
– – Can assist with healing the heart by dissolving anger and resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy
– – Invites love into your life
– – Reminds you that you are worthy of love

BLACK TOURMALINE is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Protection, Psychic Shield, Transforms and transmutes negative energy

A powerful shamanic stone for grounding and protection against negative energy of all kinds.

– – Protection against negative energy
– – Devoted to grounding spiritual energies, bringing a clearer expression of Light into the world
– – Points out a cause or trouble, or offender, indicating a good direction in which to move
– – Positive force for good and strength
– – Positive attitude and mindset, removes feelings of unworthiness and anxieties
– – Release fear, stress, negativity, self-doubts, obsessive behavior
– – Powerful asset to your health as it removes and transmutes negative energy to positive
– – Cleanse the etheric body
– – Strengthens the immune system and relieves arthritic, spinal and muscular pain
– – Balancing the right/left hemispheres of the brain and bringing mental processes into alignment with the chakras and auric body

CLEAR QUARTZ is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Healing, Communication with Guides, Universal Energy & Truth, Past-Life Recall, Love & Prosperity

Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. It requires intent to be for the highest good. Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain.

– – Even the smallest stone is imbued with the properties of a master healer teacher
– – Aid in connection with Spirit and soul star chakra
– – Protect Aura
– – Reach higher spiritual realms easily, expansion of consciousness
– – Healing
– – Communication with guides, past-life recall
– – Amplifying the energies of other stones or to enhance groups of stones
– – Can be programmed with intention
– – Resonates at the level of an individual’s needs
– – Amplifies whatever energy or intent is programmed into it, continues to broadcast that energy throughout the world and into the etheric realms
– – Believed to accelerate fulfillment of one’s prayers, intensify healing or spiritual growth,
– – Holds a pattern of energy long enough and strongly enough for the manifestation of a goal to occur

Clear Quartz honors
Gaia, the Greek Earth Mother Goddess. Born directly out of Chaos, the primal emptiness, she was the first (or one of the first) beings to appear during the process of creation, and is honored as being the Earth itself.
Kundalini, the Hindu Life Force Goddess; Latona, the Roman Goddess of Light
Gendenwitha, the Morning Star Goddess of the Iroquois

BONE is said to possess these metaphysical properties:

Bone embodies the primordial powers of life and death, and by extension of the principle ‘as above, so below’, it represents the cosmic forces of creation and destruction.

– – Provides strength in any creative, spiritual, or healing undertaking
– – Supports coming to terms with mortality
– – Helps recover from the death of a loved one
– – Clarity around the cycle of life, death, and reincarnation


These elements are an offering of love, honor, and appreciation for the work, support, and protection provided by all my spirit helpers and God.

RICE is an important traditional food source for many Native American tribes. Many Native American cultures of this region consider wild rice a sacred gift from the Creator, the culture hero, or a special rice spirit, and there are many Native rituals and ceremonies associated with the wild rice harvest.

CORN played an important mythological role in many tribes as well– in some cultures, Corn was a respected deity, while in others, corn was a special gift to the people from the Creator or culture hero. In addition to its importance as a food source, corn also played a ceremonial role in many tribes, with sacred corn pollen or cornmeal being used as ritual adornment and spiritual offerings.

SAGE is one of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by many tribes as an incense and purifying herb. Sweetgrass symbolizes protection and healing in many Native cultures and is considered to drive out evil influences and ward off bad luck. Sage is burned as a spiritual cleanser before many traditional ceremonies and is also one of the herbs frequently included in medicine bundles and amulets.

*** RATTLE #2 ***

Rattle #2 is a sacred healer’s rattle for the shamanic or Reiki practitioner, Light Worker or healer.

Rattle #2 Description:

Shamanic Healer, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Healing, Spiritual Grounding, Energy Balancing & Integration, Transmutes Energy to Healing Light
Psychic Protection & Communication, Abundance & Manifestation
Stimulate & Enhance Memory, Inspires Love, Kundalini Energy & Sensuality

TOURMALINATED QUARTZ is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Spiritual Grounding, Transmutes Energy to Healing Light, Psychic Protection

Tourmalated Quartz is clear or milky Quartz with black Tourmaline needles. It embodies the energy of both stones. The clear quartz is an amplifier while the black tourmaline is a cleansing, strong spiritual grounding influence.

They encourage a large amount of light to encircle your body, and this will heal you on many levels. Just like Black Tourmaline, Tourmalinated quartz stones have a strong spiritual grounding energy as well as being potent psychic protection stones.
– – Encourages large amounts of light to encircle your body, providing healing on many levels
– – Potent psychic protection
– – Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
– – Aids astral travel
– – Assists with clear thinking and emotional clarity during journeys, dreamtime and meditation
– – Encourages release of distractive thoughts
– – Protects from unhealthy energies
– – Clears negative energy patterns and auric field
– – Healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level
– – Creates a strong resonance within the 3rd eye chakra, crown chakra, the soul chakra and within the higher transpersonal chakras, helping these chakras to emanate white light
– – Amplifies positive energy and supports increased harmony
– – Amplifies the energy of the other stones with it

BLACK OBSIDIAN is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Past Life Healing, Spirit Communication, Protection

A teacher stone, the most powerful of the Obsidians and does not cater to the ego. It exposes the dark areas of the subconscious to force one to face one’s true self. It assists in examining unresolved issues and harmful attitudes that inhibit personal and spiritual growth.

– – Past life healing
– – Third eye chakra resonation – aid the receiving of answers to questions
– – Prophesy
– – Purpose with specificity
– – Release past problems, emotions
– – Spiritual and aura cleanser
– – Inherent frequency of protection, removes auric energetic attachments, hooks and cords
– – Eliminates negative energies within self and environment
– – Past life, ancestral and family line healing

LABRADORITE is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Healer, Psychic, Connection with Spirit, Soul Work

This is a stone of magic, awakening your mystical, magical and psychic powers. It cannot be used for ill will and it has the power to bring amazing changes in your life. It’s energy is immediately visible to its user.

– – Significantly enhances mental and intuitive abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathy, prophecy and coincidence
– – Control, and assists in communication with higher guides and spirits in accessing Akashic records, psychic readings and past-life recall.
– – Encourages contact with the Divine mind
– – Supports connection with your spirit guides
– – Ease in moving between the worlds, and permits a safe and grounded return to the present.
– – Helps develop hand sensitivity enhancing the power of touch to heal
– – Holds a broad level of protection from negativity
– – Offers the gift of serendipity and synchronicity
– – Protects, clears negative energy, and seals your aura from energy leaks
– – Grounds spiritual energy
– – Strengthens self-trust
– – Relieves stress, anxiety
– – Reveals truth behind illusions

CITRINE is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Abundance & Manifestation, Protective, Positive, Transmutes Negative Energy, Light

– – Natural Citrine is a premier stone of success, manifestation, imagination, and personal will.
– – Stimulates chakras, clears the mind, stimulates the soul to action
– – Supports transformation of dreams and wishes into tangible form
– – Protective – transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy
– – Helps establish and maintain wealth
– – Fortifying stone for healers and artists
– – Feel more empowered, confident and self-assured
– – Increases energy, improves menopausal symptoms, hormone imbalances
– – Alleviates fatigue, release anger, negative feelings, support in overcoming depression
– – Raises self esteem, opens and energies personal power and creativity
– – A powerful purifier of one’s will

GARNET is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Primordial Fire, Inspires Love, Kundalini Energy & Sensuality

Known for its utilization of creative energy, it grounds spirit forces within the body and helps in the ability to work lovingly on the physical plane. It is a sensual stone. It represents primordial fire, the creation of the world out of chaos, purification and love. It is a stone of strong, intense feelings.

– – Cleanses and reenergizes the chakras
– – Revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion as appropriate
– – Inspires love and devotion, balancing the sex drive and alleviating emotional disharmony
– – Stimulates the kundalini energy and aids sexual potency
– – Stimulates Base and Crown chakras providing free flow of movement via the spinal column and the inner pathway of light, distributing the appropriate amount of energy to each portion of the body
– – Used to enhance truth, faith and constancy, and to dispel melancholy
– – Acts with speed to expand one’s awareness due to the flash of lightening contained within, and enhances one’s internal fire to bring creative powers to implementation
– – Credited with aiding widows in finding a new husband. After long-term mourning, helps regain the spirit, calms sadness, emotional pain
– – Alleviates great despair to and reignites sensuality
– – A powerful energizing and regenerative stone, stimulating metabolism
– – Thought to have medicinal abilities to reduce body toxins
– – Treats spinal and cellular disorders, purifies the blood, heart and lungs, and regenerates DNA. It assists assimilation of minerals and vitamins, including iodine, calcium, magnesium, and Vitamins A, D, and E
– – Said to alleviate acne, low libido
– – Reported to relieve rheumatic and arthritic pain and some psychological illnesses
– – Thought to heal emotional problems. Placed under a pillow, is reputed to alleviate bad dreams
– – Medicine men used it to cure mental depression
– – Fortifies, activates, and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope into those situations
– – Crisis is turned into challenge
– – Can act as a strong help to balance the energy system, stimulate desires and uplift your attitude
– – A balancer stone, Garnet can prevent fears of insecurity and even money losses
– – Lucky stones: lucky for love, success, and for goals

Use Garnet to increase your positivity and popularity, thus enhancing your personal self-esteem. As an energy stone, it can encourage success in business and business relationships. It is a wonderful executive gem, especially for women

HEMATITE is said to possess these metaphysical properties:
Grounding, Balancing & Energy Integration, Clears Stress & Anxiety, Protective, Stimulate & Enhance Memory

The energy of Hematite Crystals will help to balance your aura and align your chakras, as it brings together the energy of the mind, body and spirit.

– – Excellent vibration aids spiritual grounding and balancing
– – Supports peace and harmony, protects and seals auric field
– – Powerful female stones heightens confidence and self-esteem
– – Stimulate mind for higher learning
– – Embodies yin and yang energies, creating foundation for good health
– – Aids in overcoming addictions




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