Traditional Session

Includes Energy, Etheric, & Physical Body Healing

Our exclusive session protocol offers the most effective clearing you can receive in a single session.

We work only with The Holy Spirit, Jesus, God, and The Archangels of The Divine Realm – All of WHOM are Pure Source Light.

Our Primary Intention is to fulfill your Intention for your session.

In addition, THOSE with WHOM I work, identify what is needed to support your most potentiated, perfected, and protected Best Life, and to resolve anything that is blocking your 100% Prime Health and Best Life Safety. These are considerations WE identify for every client. WE may not always be able to resolve each of them in a single session, however, WE will identify what is needed to set you on your best path toward your most fulfilled Lifetime.

In addition to your Primary Intention for this session, THE DIVINE REALM WHO perform your work also offer a complete clearing of your entire:

  • Energy Body
  • Etheric Template
  • All Causal Fields
  • Astral Field
  • All Auric Fields
  • Every Auric & Astral Transitions
  • All Chakras
  • All Chakra systems throughout your Energy & Physical Body
  • Your “Plane” Fields & Spaces

THOSE of THE DIVINE REALM WHO are working on your behalf will also address:

Your Primary Intention

As long as it represents a  single contiguous system or a system that is able to be fully resolved in a single session. This means that your session could, may not, but could involve multiple significant systems, lifetimes, ancestral conditions, covidic conditions, or other kinds of complex conditions that relate to your Personal Lifetime Incarnate Plan.

OUR Intention to Full Clear Your Entire Physical Body, Energetic Body, and Your Etheric Body

OUR intention, as shared here, will resolve everything possible that exists with your Whole-Life. When WE examine your Whole-Life, WE also identify what may be blocking you from experiencing your Best Life, 100% Prime Health, and 100% Life Safety. It is OUR Intention to resolve as much as WE can so that you can have the Best Lifetime EVER!

That is a promise.

Limitations That May Exist in Fulfilling Your Session in a Single Day

When a session is very full, has many conditions, many energetic entities or int-ities, covidic-ish conditions, or other kinds of longer-term conditions that would result in a lengthier path to full resolution, WE do our best to inform you in our Session Summary, or verbally, if your session is in person, by phone, or via video.

What To Expect In Your Session

OUR Intention is also to support you in receiving the best and most progressive, peaceful, and loving healing session – every time. When your session begins, it may be earlier than you expected, later, or it may last much longer than you anticipated.

When the formal “ordinary world” aspect of your Session is over, your Practitioner will fully disengage. When they disengage, your actually healing, resolution, restoration, restitution, clearing, or manifestation phases may not yet be fulfilled.

THOSE WHO are performing your healing session or manifestation session may be with you for a very long time as they fulfill all that was addressed in a single session.

There are several phases of a Session. These include:

The first Three Phases resolve quite quickly. This may actually happen prior to your session.

Review Phase WE identify what is in need of being resolved.

Identification Phase WE identify what is needed to fulfill your personal Intention for the Session, as well as what else can be addressed to support your path toward your Best Life, 100% Prime Health, and 100% Lifetime Safety.

Healing Phase – The Healing Phase begins once the Review and Identification Phases are fulfilled and fully complete.

Fulfillment Phases:

Each of the following phases are part of resolving every Intention – yours and OURS. Each must be fully fulfilled so that your healing or resolution(s) is resolved for eternity. Each of the following phases may take a different period of time to fully resolve. They may either be resolved in the order in which they are listed, or there may be a need to use a sequencing effect to permanently and eternally resolve the conditions that are being addressed.

These may be fully resolved in a few moments or they may require days or weeks. The comprehensive nature of your conditions determine the length of time it takes to fully resolve each condition related to the Intentions that were addressed in your session.

  • Intention Resolution Phase
  • Intention Restoration Phase
  • Intention Restitution Phase
  • Intention Healing Phase
  • Intention Fulfillment Phase
  • Intention Completion Phase

Our Session Summary

When it is not possible to fully clear you in the ways we describe here, in a single session, THE DIVINE will share with you – through your Practitioner –  in clear detail that which may be creating an obstacle to your fullest sovereignty. If you do have obstacles to your fullest sovereignty, you are also experiencing obstacles to fully pursuing your Divine Purpose, Divine Intentions, Divine Inspirations, Divine Protections, and Divine Lifetime as you intended prior to incarnating into this Lifetime.

REMOTE SESSIONS: When your Practitioner completes their role in your REMOTE SESSION (which is our most popular session type), your Session Summary may also contain information about – what is or was or what may still be – blocking or hindering your path toward your Best Life, 100% Prime Health, 100% Life Safety.

IN OUR OFFICES • PHONE • VIDEO SESSIONS: Throughout your session, your Practitioner will listen to THOSE WHO are fulfilling your session to let you know what is occurring. Most sessions last about 45 minutes.

PHYSICAL HEALING IN PERSON: When your session includes a physically “in person” session, your Practitioner will evaluate your condition. When they have completed this evaluation, they will leave the room. They will return to their “Practice Office” where they fulfill your session with THOSE with WHOM they are working on your behalf. If there are some physical procedures to procure, either the Practitioner or their Staff will return to tell you this.

In most cases, a Physical Healing Session is only scheduled when there is a need to be “seen, observed, and physically scanned.” These sessions are typically about 90 minutes.

Most sessions will not require an “In Person – Physical Healing Session.”

Are you prepared to live your Best Life?

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May you Be Well and Enjoy your Best, Most Potentiated, Most Perfected, Most Protected, Most Abundant and Abundantly Held Best Life, Best Health, and Best Life Safety.


Sherí Taber,

Energy Practitioner • Personal Pathways Consultant & Practitioner For:  Your Best Life, Best Health, 100% Life Safety; and…
Business Consultant • Mentor • Profit Fixer, Purpose Pathway Mentor, Multi-Discipline Teacher, Energy • Conditions • Pain • Symptoms Healer