Receive your Summary, Defined, Understood, Messages from Your Source Incarnating Spirit

The SUMMARY of your Lifetime Incarnate Plan is a powerful, healing, and important report of your personal DIVINE: Purposes, Inspiration, Intentions, Promises, Protections, including your DIVINE NATURE.

This particular Lifetime is a Lifetime that is very different from all other lifetimes, according to Source, Whom I refer to as God.

According to God, this lifetime required many of us to be here, to listen, to learn, to observe, and for some, to experience very significant events. This is a Lifetime that for most Baby Boomers ushered in the most historical dramatic, significant, and powerful advances. For younger people, this is one of the most technological lifetimes and many brought with them their understanding of tech, communications, and a way of life we had not engaged in before. In addition, those who incarnated within the past 40ish years brought a new way of connecting, of establishing various kinds of connectivity… of a different way of perceiving life, including envisioning and manifesting reality and perspectives that were meant to change the course of history. It has… you have… thank you.

Some came to change prejudice. Some to usher in technology… to be… to see… to envision… to know… to hear… to drive a path forward that we could depend on as purposeful and visionary, as welcoming in the way of long-term investments, some are here to be in the way of knowing.

Why Knowing Who You Are – Matters – A Lot!

Having a clearer picture of who you are, why you matter, and how to better understand yourself will help you be more “in the know” about why you do certain things and why your life matters day in and day out. Your moment-to-moment thoughts, your drive, your way of approaching things will make more sense to you. You’ll realize you are very important to the greater collective, that you came into this lifetime with a very powerful intention, a very important inspiration, and a very meaningful purpose. You’ll understand what steps to take on the path to fulfilling your DIVINE PURPOSE.

Understanding these important facts about yourself, your life, and your lifetime will make your whole life more meaningful!

It may help the visionary or the world-renown vocalist understand how to be more herself.

It may help her know how to be less vulnerable in her career. These personal understandings of the facts support her entire family while she stands in front of millions and millions of people – whether on stage, television, or while performing live in concert. The energetic demands of any person are rarely understood; imagine being the CEO of a major conglomerate, the guru of a massive lineage of students, teachers, or student-teachers. Everyone suffers misunderstandings of their own personal incarnation.

Life’s unwelcome conditions can become challenging, discouraging, and oftentimes people disengage for a while. When you understand why these things could happen – in advance – you can better understand who you are to be during them and you can resolve them so they never manifest in an unwelcome way. For some, these are quieter stages for planning, for turning inward to re-learn oneself. For others, it may be a time of respite, or play, or personal learning.

Understanding how to protect your life, your health, your safety, and that of those you love, including your property, holdings, assets, and how you can protect your future holdings, wealth, health, and life… If you came to learn to be more vulnerable, having a keen understanding of this might help you be less frustrated, less hard to get to know, and more understanding of your vulnerabilities. There are many different things you will learn about yourself.

Knowing that your Guardian Angels, Guardian Archangels, God, The Holy Spirit, and Jesus are helping in the revealing, the hearing, and the writing of your personal information is endearing, palpably personal, and heart-warming. This is one of the most meaningful self-indulging and self-fulfilling investments you make.

Avoiding Causal Damages, Consequences, Harm, and Other Unwelcome Conditions

How you can avoid the kinds of “intentions” that can cause a lifetime of pain and suffering, perhaps surgical procedures, miscarriages, cataclysmic revolving conditions in a single lifetime, including financial failure, bankruptcy, resulting from one person’s intention to take end a life in order to protect themself from a perceived consequence resulting from a misdeed or misjudgment can have lineage, ancestral, and network effects in one’s lifetime. I have witnessed this in my lifetime.

I have observed these kinds of intentions that were made in people’s lifetimes. The kinds of intentions that other people will make when they perceive a particular condition, outcome, or long-lasting “thing” they wish to avoid can overshadow an infant throughout their long life, remove a person’s joy, happiness, and laughter. These things can be known in advance – before the consequential deluge… In most lifetimes we have not given the opportunity to know them in advance, nor how to remedy them in advance..

When you become aware of the known or potential “unwelcome” conditions and possible events that could manifest in your lifetime, you can end them. There are many different solutions available to resolve some of the revelations, discoveries, and other kinds of misdeeds you knew you would face in this lifetime.

Lifetime Opportunities To Remodel a Beautiful Life, or End Your Repetitive Unwelcome Events, Your Potential Unwelcome Effects, Unnatural and Natural Non-Ordinary Realm Affects, Effects

You can resolve these and other conditions that were known by your Source Incarnating Spirit, Archangel(s), Angel(s), God, The Holy Spirit, or Jesus once you have been made aware of the possibilities of specific occurrences, unwelcome events, and other kinds of possibilities you may want to avoid.

In this lifetime, in this phase of our lifetimes, God, The Divine Realm, are offering this information to each one of us.

These and more are available in the COMPREHENSIVE SUMMARY REPORT – OPTION ONE.

You’ll learn these and other kinds of information within your Summary Lifetime Incarnate Plan. The Divine Realm’s Archangels and Angels, God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit will share with you through me exactly what you want to know, what you must know, and what you may need to know prior to BIG events in your lifetime.

These Summary Lifetime Incarnate Plan Reports do not offer a guarantee of full safety throughout your lifetime.

These are provided in the way God, The Archangels, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit offer them to me.

What You Need To Know

This Summary Lifetime Incarnate Plan offers you many different options.

Currently, there are 3 different options available to you.

The time these take to prepare is about 2 – 3 weeks. For those with more complex, more challenging, and more dense Incarnate Lifetime Plans, it may take as many as 5 or 6 weeks. I’ve seen plans that were about 30 pages, and others that were more than 50 pages. Those that are this comprehensive are the COMPREHENSIVE SUMMARY REPORT – OPTION ONE, below.

OPTION ONE is a powerful COMPREHENSIVE REPORT that contains a thorough Lifetime Report of your intimate needs, your beautiful make-up, your naturally intended DNA, how you chose to look, how you chose to be in this lifetime… who you are intimately attracted to, what gender you are most compatible with. These are the most powerful kinds of information that will guide your lifetime in a beautiful way.

You’ll find the descriptions for all THREE SUMMARY REPORTS below.

OPTION TWO is a more brief bulleted report.

OPTION THREE is an even more brief bulleted report.

Both TWO AND THREE will provide the very specific information you need in your life at this phase. OPTION ONE provides the very specific information you need to understand now, into the future, and it supports you in better understanding “How” you came into this lifetime, who you knew you would be, how you intended to fulfill that, and the kinds of resources you’ll have available to you. These will be mentioned in the DIVINE PROMISES section of your report.

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This beautiful report is provided in one of three formats.


OPTION ONE offers you a Full-length Report of everything you need to know at this time in your life… it offers some future information that is very important so that you can have advanced knowledge of upcoming opportunities, and unwelcome events, both causal and un-causal.

The average report is about 30 – 40 pages. If you have a very complicated, very complex, and very dense lifetime – and you probably already know this – yours may be about 50ish pages. The FEE I quote you is given to me by THE DIVINE, Who is God. I ask because this is the only way I can understand the complexities of preparing the Summary of your personal LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN.

This Comprehensive, Full-Length Report begins at $3,500.00.

The average report is about $3,800.00.

The average person’s report may take 2 – 3 weeks for me to fully begin. Sometimes there is a significant amount of healing in your lifetime, perhaps in past lifetimes, and often in many other kinds of ways that I cannot begin to list. When you reach out to me with an inquiry, I will learn what your Report will require; then I’ll share this with you via email.

There are some who – prior to incarnating into this lifetime – required that they come to understand their personal LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN. This program is for those who have required it of themselves. ”

It may be that before you are able to receive your Personal Summary of Your Lifetime Incarnate Plan, that you need THE LIFETIMES RESOLUTION SESSION.  When this is necessary, it is because there is no way to obtain the information from your Lifetime Incarnate Plan until you have been fully resolved of all PAST LIFE, ANCESTRAL, AND OTHER LIFETIME CONDITIONS that cause challenges, problems, and un-wellness in this lifetime.

This is also something you would personally have required as part of your PERSONAL LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN. This is a healing you knew you would need prior to coming to this lifetime.

If this is something God shares with me in response to your inquiry, I will share it.

This particular SESSION is currently about $500.00. It is a TWO-DAY BACK-TO-BACK SESSION. It requires no personal access, no phone or video conversations. It is held in the format of my REMOTE SESSION, using the same per session FEE.

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This Report is styled in a concise and easy-to-read bulleted Summary and sent to you as an Email Report. This bulleted format is a less formal version than OPTION ONE. It includes everything your Source Incarnating Spirit (or the various aspects of THE DIVINE REALM Archangel(s), Angels, aspects/essences of God, The Holy Spirit, or Jesus) intended you receive in this lifetime.

This Report is thorough, personal, and while not styled in a professional PDF Form it is beautifully written. This is written in the same way as the COMPREHENSIVE SUMMARY REPORT, above. This is personal. It is in the voice of your Source Incarnating Spirit (or the various aspects of THE DIVINE REALM Archangel(s), Angels, aspects/essences of God, The Holy Spirit, or Jesus).

This Email Summary Report begins at $1,500.00

The average report is about $2,000 – $2,500; some are as high as $3,500.00 depending on the complexity of this and past lifetimes.

The average person’s report may take 2 – 3 weeks for me to fully begin. As with the First Option, a significant amount of healing may be required.

When you reach out to me using the blue link below, and I will learn what your Report will require; then I’ll share this with you via email.

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This Summary of Your Incarnate Lifetime Plan contains everything your Source Incarnating Spirit (or the various aspects of THE DIVINE REALM Archangel(s), Angels, aspects/essences of God, The Holy Spirit, or Jesus) wants you to know at this time in your life. This Report is prepared in the same way as the COMPREHENSIVE OPTION ONE, though it is much more brief, it is not styled as a Report, and it is as thorough as Your Source Incarnating Spirit (or the various aspects of THE DIVINE REALM Archangel(s), Angels, aspects/essences of God, The Holy Spirit, or Jesus) wants it to be for you at the time you order it.

This Brief Email Summary Report begins at $1,000.00

The average report is about $1,500 – $1,800; some are as high as $2,500.00 depending on the complexity of this and past lifetimes.

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Final Thoughts…

If you are feeling or sensing that it is important for you to understand more about why you are here, why you incarnated into this Lifetime

Please Contact Me.

Each person’s report is styled differently and personally. Each report is prepared in a very sacred, confidential, and uniquely personally empowered manner. When I listen, learn, hear, and understand in the best way possible the information contained in or with your personal Lifetime Incarnate Plan, you’ll feel it as you read it. It is very moving, very deeply palpable.

When you choose Option One – The Comprehensive Summary Report, it will include the most information available at the time I perform the listening, writing, and understanding you’ll receive personal information, personalized memos, messages, and thoughts from those Who support your life, your success, and that which you decided prior to incarnation was important for this lifetime.

If you choose Option Two – The Email Summary Report, you’ll receive detailed bullet points via email. You’ll receive the information that your personal Source Incarnating Spirit (or the various aspects of THE DIVINE REALM Archangel(s), Angels, aspects/essences of God, The Holy Spirit, or Jesus) says is the most important for you right now.

And, if you choose Option Three – The Most Concise Presentation of Your Personal Summary Report, you’ll receive exactly what is needed for you to understand this Phase of your Lifetime and to understand more about your personal DIVINE PURPOSES, DIVINE INSPIRATIONS, DIVINE INTENTIONS, AND YOUR DIVINE NATURE.

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May you Be Well and Enjoy your Best, Most Potentiated, Most Perfected, Most Protected, Most Abundant and Abundantly Held Best Life, Best Health, and Best Life Safety.

Sherí Taber,

Energy Practitioner, Wellness Consultant, Teacher, Healer, Mentor, Advocate.