Sherí Taber,
Shamanic Practitioner

I am an extremely passionate, tenacious and gifted healer, leader, teacher committed to living a fully on-purpose life. Prior to committing my fulltime efforts to my shamanic practice, I enjoyed more than 30 years leading my award-winning management and strategy consultancy firm.

Leveraging my deep intuitive gifts of “knowing” and working with my powerful spirit allies, I help my clients achieve outstanding results.

My clients are business owners, CEOs, executives, and everyday people.

I love the work I do and I am continually in awe of the results achieved by my clients.

Healer. Teacher. Leader.  

The path to my own healing and commitment to lead
a fully conscious and purpose-driven life,
led me to discover Shamanism.

The empowerment of a shamanic lifestyle accelerated my healing and quality of life.

It ultimately called me to share it with others.

I am honored to facilitate spiritual healing that leads to wholeness and conscious living. Which can lead to life-loving living, relationship healing, personal growth, empowerment, and evolvement.

My business clients enjoy unprecedented achievements and growth.

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Healer. Teacher. Leader.

The outcomes clients receive leaves me with my chin on the floor.

I live in awe and wonder every day in this work. Every minute of my work feels like Christmas morning.

This work is increasingly exciting and humbling. It is an honor to work with my clients and witness miracles, growth, and healing.

I’ve raised three beautiful kids and throughout my life, like you, I’ve experienced the highest highs and the lowest lows. I continue in my philosophy to embrace and evolve; giving no space or headroom for negativity to root.

I survived childhood abuses, domestic violence and divorce and then I experienced the miraculous healing of a condition that left me with 90 days to live.

The gift of life is a game changer.

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Global Healing.

One Person at a Time.

Personal Empowerment. Healing. Conscious Growth.

I am passionate about helping others discover and embrace the possibilities in their world, the wisdom, the healing, the possibilities for growth and happiness… and the ability to propagate good exists just beyond your fingertips.

It is my absolute pleasure and my purpose to heal, teach and awaken light, life, purpose, personal empowerment, conscious growth and love within everyone with an interest and passion for more.

I am happy to answer your questions and to work with you.

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My Purpose Work

The healing work I have the honor to perform as a shamanic practitioner is exactly what I came to do in this lifetime.

I am fully in the epicenter of my purpose work when I have the privilege of working with spiritual healers and leaders to help heal and equip them for their highest work.

My “purpose epicenter” and passion work includes working with women who long to fulfill their purpose. They know that until they can own and embrace their personal power they won’t experience the manifestation of their powerful purpose. They don’t want to waste their calling in this lifetime sitting on the sidelines.

I help them get clear on their purpose and help them get to the place where they are able to embrace their power for the highest good and fully live and execute that purpose so that the world may experience the healing and benefits of their gift.