Symptoms Ranking Template

Please download your copy of Energy Healing Arts LLC Symptoms Ranking Template.

The File is an Excel File.

Once you download it, you can easily upload it to G-DRIVE.

Download the Template at the bottom of this page.

Google’s Complimentary Cloud Software

G-DRIVE is GOOGLE’S complimentary software suite that is available for FREE to the public.

It is our opinion, that this software is easier to use than other competitors’ software.

It enables you to share your files easily, download them, and delete them quickly and easily.

Instructions To Set Up A New G-DRIVE ACCOUNT

How to Open A New G-DRIVE Account – This is for people who do not yet have a G-DRIVE account

How to Find G-DRIVE’s SHEETS (Their Excel Compatible Software)


  1. Go to your GDRIVE ACCOUNT
  2. Once in your GDRIVE ACCOUNT, click on the “+ NEW” Button in the upper left corner
  3. Choose GOOGLE SHEETS from the drop down list
  4. Open the MENU from within the spreadsheet and click “FILE > IMPORT”
  5. The IMPORT FILE window pops up – Click on the UPLOAD TAB – last tab on the right
  6. Click “BROWSE” or drag the new SYMPTOMS RANKING TEMPLATE FILE you saved on your computer
    1. If you click “BROWSE,” you’ll choose the SYMPTOMS RANKING TEMPLATE from your Document or File folder on your Computer
  7. Once it begins the upload process, the “Import File” window may popup – Click the appropriate prompt from the list of options
  8. Click IMPORT DATA if this prompt remains after STEP 7.

Using Your Symptoms Ranking Template

We use a subjective perspective framework to ranking symptoms.

Your personal opinion of the symptoms you are experiencing is vitally important to managing your full and forever resolution of the conditions that were present at the time you scheduled your SESSION(S) or PROGRAM(S) or ongoing care.

Please use a subjective scale of 0 – 10 to rank the severity of your symptoms.

If you feel that your personal symptom is at the worst possible severity level, you might rank that as a “10.”

Adding Your Personal Information to the Template

You’ll see that there is very comprehensive list of potential symptoms listed in the columns near the left side of the sheet.

As you scroll to the right of the sheet, you’ll also find that there are columns intended for a morning and a night-time ranking.

At the top of the SHEET, there are rows with prompts for you to enter the DATE AND TIME that you enter your symptoms ranking.

It is best if you will attempt to provide the rankings TWICE DAILY, and at the same time of day each day – UPON AWAKENING and AT BEDTIME.

If you encounter new symptoms, please add them in the SYMPTOMS COLUMN.

Your Practitioner will be happy to answer any questions you have about using this TEMPLATE.

Ranking Symptoms of Household Members

When you are the guardian of another adult or child who is included in this healing session(s), please “MAKE A COPY” of your ORIGINAL sheet.

You can MAKE A COPY by going to FILE > MAKE A COPY ⎯ then clear the columns that have your personal rankings in them.

When you MAKE A COPY it, it appears in your GDRIVE within the same folder the original is in, unless you desgniate it to be saved elsewhere.

Ranking Symptoms of Pets, Animals, or Farm Conditions

If your home, land, building, or Farm is experiencing unwell conditions, please let us know these are occurring by entering these conditions below your personal symptoms.

Please be sure to add a BOLD TITLE in the cell/row above the conditions or symptoms you list in the SYMPTOMS column.

Ranking Symptom Severity of Non-Personal Conditions

If you feel that it is barely noticable, you may decide to rank it at a “1.” If you feel it is more accurate to rank it in fractions, you might rank it at “.25.”

If you are ranking the “effect of a symptom in your space, place, automobile, office, or that which is affecting any form of inanimate condition such as your personal possessions, your home, land, bodies of water, the water, electrical, air quality, or other forms of measurable affect,” please use the same scale.

You will want to add these “inanimate” conditions below your personal rankings.

Sharing Your Template With Your Practitioner

STEP ONE – Set Up GOOGLE SHEETS’ “Sharing” Protocol

In the upper right corner of the SHEET, there is a “SHARE” button.

Please click on this and share it with your Practitioner.

The prompts permit you to enter their work email and send them the link.

STEP TWO – Sending Your Updates With Your Practitioner

Please use this BUTTON to SEND your rankings with your Practitioner EACH TIME YOU UPDATE YOUR RANKINGS.

STEP THREE – Provide A Brief Explanation of How You Are Feeling

When you “SHARE” your rankings updates, please add a dialogue to the area provided in the “SHARE” prompt.

The symptoms are important because they help us better understand how the symptoms are resolving.

They also help us see where a symptom may be “settling” into a more chronic state.

Your physical symptoms provide an inside look at the energy that is within your Energy Body, your Etheric Body, and your Causal Bodies, Fields, Spaces, and how it may be traveling to your Physical-  Mental-  Emotion-  Spirit-  Mind-Planes, Spaces, Fields, or Hidden Places, or other areas within your Wholeself.

This information is crucial in understanding how best to recommend your “At Home Personal Care.”

There may be times when you need another session to resolve that which has manifested, been contracted, or that which has made its way to you via other latent forms of information that came to your field throughout your Lifetime.

Our current environmental conditions are very congested.

Helping you be well is our intention.

Thank you for providing this information as it helps us best understand your current conditions as you are feeling, sensing, and experiencing them.

Provide A Brief Explanation of How You Are Feeling

When you “SHARE” your rankings updates, please use GOOGLE SHEETS SHARE FEATURE, which is located in the uppermost right corner of the page.

When you click “SHARE” please add a very brief personal message that gives context to your current rankings.

This may include how you feel you slept, how your day went, a mention of something bothersome, or of an ongoing energetic condition.

These messages create a contextual landscape for understanding how your symptoms are being influenced.

Your daily rankings help us see where a symptom may be “settling” into a more chronic state.

This information helps your Practitioner understand contextually what THE DIVINE may be DIVINELY RECOMMENDING for you as your PROGRAM(S), SESSIONS(S), and the follow-up care that may be part of your PROGRAM.

Our current environmental conditions are very congested.

Helping you be well is our highest intention.

Thank you for helping us help you resolve these conditions.