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Expanded Expanded-Family Held By The Divine Today, Tomorrow, Forever

This is a personal intention I use for my own healing and for those whom I asking for healing. If you were a client, in addition to your personal intention for your session, I may also ask and intend that this very powerful intention is fulfilled on your behalf. Throughout my lifetime, particularly throughout the past few years, I have asked for the best way to intend, the most powerful way to intend someone’s fullest resolution, fullest most potentiated healing, most powerfully protected restoration, and for their perfected renewal forever, for eternity.

I was guided into this prayer and over time, I have modified it. Among many prayers, this one is my favorite… they all are. However, this is the one I pray most frequently.

I have protected these phrases and this particular “Powerful Intention for Healing” requesting for the fullest healing of a person, a pet, a thing, or a place.

Please do not copy and distribute this intention without the proper credit – provided at the bottom of this page.

I share it with you so you can support yourself between sessions, so that you may work on your own behalf to be sovereign, healed, restored, resolving your life of things that complicate or block you from your most protected, most perfected, abundantly potentiated, blessed and held-by God, Best Life and Health and Life Safety (TM)

Ready to live your most protected, most perfected, most ABUNDANTLY HELD-BY-GOD OR BY-THE-DIVINE – DIVINELY CREATED BEST LIFE, MOST PERFECTED AND GOD-HELD BEST HEALTH, MOST PROTECTED AND GOD-KEPT AND MOST POTENTIATED LIFE SAFETY, connect with me… I’d be honored to support you in your pursuit. You can message me about the best kind of session for your life today using the link below this paragraph…

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This Powerful Intention is primarily used so that I am – or the person for whom I am making this intention is – fully healed.

I have learned over time that for a person, animal, place, or a thing to be fully resolved of a condition, fully healed, permanently restored and restituted so that they can live their Best Life, others may also need to be healed, restored, and restituted.

This is my intention for everyone that may be connected, a who may be a “contact,” or who may be a near family member or of a family member whom they may never be aware. The path toward perfected health, and protected Life Safety may require others to be resolved of “something.”

When or if these are required, I do not ask what it is, I do not ask who may need the support, healing, resolution, or attention… I know that The Divine knows… that The Divine is healing what is needed, required, and restoring that which must be so that the one, or the thing, or the place whose clearing, healing, resolution, or sovereignty I am requesting is fully, forever, eternally healed, resolved of… and restored to their permanent sovereignty.

With this prayer, as it is perfected by The Divine, there will never be an imposition upon a person, never unknowingly being offended, or harmed, or without choice in how their life is affected, healed, or restituted…  this very powerful intention assures each who may need to be healed in any way are held in Love, held with the highest regard and in alignment with their personal choice, their personal Divine Purpose, and their human freedoms.


Expanded Family refers to each member of our family, my family of origin, your spouse, partner, or lovers’ family of origin, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren, all future generations of children, this includes your grandchildren, your future grands, and your future great grandchildren, and each of those of the expanded-family members. Our expanded-family includes my and your in-laws, their in-laws, those who are or who are not married in traditionally, non-traditionally or otherwise considered part of my intention and/or your intention as expanded-family. My intention for “expanded-family” cannot be annulled, altered or deleted. I cannot alter, delete, or annul yours when you prioritize your “expanded-family.” 

Those I may, or you may consider family that may not have a traditional connection or intended family-connection, family name or financial inheritance, those I may have or that you may have adopted in my/your heart, in my/your mind, or my/your spirit, or those whose families may not be part of mine, or yours, but you or I may consider them as part, this includes anyone’s pet(s), and those who are their expanded-family; this intention also includes ours, yours, and their (the expanded-family’s) ancestors, descendants and their expanded-families. Expanded family, by intention, leaves no one out. It includes those I may or that you may, that they may, want to be healthily connected to, with, and part of their family in full sovereignty.

This asserts that our entire family is our family. Each person is addressed by The Divine in accordance with their personal needs, their personal Best Life, their Personal Divine Protection, Their Personal Divine Purpose in this lifetime. I always intend that this is perfected, protected, and potentiated for each person who is receiving resolution, healing, and supported in Perfection by The Divine. 

Second, Intend this on Behalf of Your Expanded Expanded-Family

My intention for the “Expanded” addition to “expanded-family” is that it includes each family member who I deem a family member, as broadly as I intend to define it, for as many generations, as many family members of those who are married or enjoined into our family, this includes adopted, not formally adopted, those I have cared for, taken into my home, it includes those who have an impact on their well-being, their sovereignty, and their capacity to fulfill and perform that which is in perfected alignment with the same perfected intention I have set for each expanded expanded-family member as it fulfills their unique purpose-driven life, these are made by God for the highest, best, most potentiated and perfected and abundant Best Life, Health, and Life Safety for each unique individual. These are unique for each individual person and they are protected by God for each individual person. These are fulfilled and potentiated by God for each individual person. When my intention is perfected by God, or those who are intended uon by my intention has intended a personal intention that is in alignment with their purpose-driven Best Life, God will fulfill the potentiated intention that is perfect, in His perfected way. Each intention and every intention is held by God, forever. This protects it, keeps it from being maligned by any… and holds you in this way without undesirable or unwelcome consequences.

These are intended to be beautiful, to hold each person, not to bound, bind, or to hold someone in a way they prefer to not be held.

If one is personally responsible, not overshadowed by an influencing energetic condition, entity, or other that we might refer to as either, it is sound and advisable for them to ask God, to intend, and to expect to be held so beautifully and perfectly as to be able to receive their personal, their Divine Purpose-related, their personal Divine Intention, their personal petitions, their personal protections, their personal potentiations in the way that is perfected for them personally. These are my intentions. These are the perfected intentions of this intention or prayer.

This intention is made for the explicit purpose of protecting each person in my family. This is necessary for each of us to fulfill our own purpose and for each of us to abundantly live our Best Life.

Freedom, Choice, Sovereignty

For you, for me, for others to be free, to have choice, to be in the way in which we originally incarnated into this lifetime, we must be protected, we must be continuously, without interruption – sovereign. This is the intention of my prayerful intention, which God perfects – not me. I do not have the power, the insight, nor the foresight to begin to have any idea what is in the best interest of each or any human-being. This is between you and God… please use these intentions for yourself. Please share credit as you share them.

Energetic covidic symptomatic conditions, and other energetic disease states, other kinds of conditions, and other kinds of entities and entity-conditions can be challenging to overcome. These can cause many symptomatic conditions, they travel through our ancestral lines, our family, our friends, and our connections. Covidic Intentions are harsh. They may have influenced your life, your health, your intentions for a different way of living, a different way of connecting with people, or a different way of kindnesses – either received or felt or conveyed by you to others.

Covidic intentions are with many people. This is the energetic conditions that are part of the congestive environmental conditions. This prayer is created to help resolve these… to help your entire family become whole, healthy, sovereign, and back to their normal lives. If you would like to book a session related to aligning your life to your Divine Purpose, which would include, learning about your Divine Purpose, your Divine Intention, your Divine Inspiration for incarnating into this lifetime, please use the “Remote Session, and indicate via email or the Contact Form that is associated with that session, that you are requesting a Divine Lifetime Understanding Session.”

I trust this Powerful Prayer and Intention supports you in your pursuit of your Best Life,.

May you, as well… Be Well. Be Blessed. Enjoy Life. Enjoy your Best, Most Potentiated, Most Perfected, Most Protected, Most Abundant and Abundantly Held Best Life, Best Health, Best Life Safety (TM).

With genuine blessings for your God-perfected, most potentized LOVE…

Sherí Taber,
Energy Practitioner, Wellness Consultant, Teacher, Healer, Mentor, Advocate.

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