Expanded Expanded-Family Definition

To Heal One – Many Must Be Healed

This Expanded Expanded-Family intention is provided to support each client, customer, reader, and practitioner in understanding that to provide the “forever and eternal” healing each person requires so that they can live their Best Life, and experience their Prime Health, and enjoy 100% Life Safety, all must be healed.

Who Are “All?”

  • Your Expanded Expanded-Family includes:
  • Your Family of Origin, and
    • Each of Their Expanded Expanded-Family members, and their’s, and theirs’
  • Your CENTRIC-Family, which refers to your created family – the family you personally created and those you chose to be your family in this lifetime, and
    • Each of their Expanded Expanded-Family Members, all of their Expanded Expanded-Family Members, and each of theirs’
  • Each of the above Expanded Expanded Family Members’ Ancestral Lineages, for this Lifetime and every Lifetime
  • Expanded Expanded-Family includes everything that was connected directly or indirectly, or that was affected, effected, or that had the energetic vibration of an Expanded Expanded-Family Member affiliated, associated, or connected in any way with or to it. This includes water lines, lakes, seas, oceans, land, plots, lots, air, buildings, homes, cars, or other inanimate or animate.

These Expanded Expanded-Family intentions are expanded expansively, exponentially, throughout all of Time, in every way Time has been known or not known, as THE DIVINE knows is necessary to fulfill your healing, your family’s healing and each of their family’s healing.

To be fully healed, one’s ORIGIN, CENTRIC, & CHOSEN FAMILIES, and each persons’ ANCESTRAL LINEAGES, and in some cases, some or all may require Past Life Healing of their Expanded Expanded-Family to be fully healed.

In some cases, the client, their ORIGIN, CENTRIC, & CHOSEN FAMILIES, and in some cases each person’s Expanded Expanded-Familys – expansively and broadly – must receive many levels of healing so that the one who is requesting the healing is healed.

This is a common requirement of healing.

We speak about Expanded Expanded-Family in nearly every writing. We offer this explanation and definition so that you may have a deeper understanding of the importance of intending that your entire Expanded Expanded-Family is healed in the ways that they intended to be healed prior to their incarnation into this Lifetime.

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Our Sessions, Products, Offerings

THE DIVINE has been guiding our practice for 30 years.

Our outcomes, our procedures of practice, and our protocol include this intention:

Energy Healing LLC and Energy Healing Arts LLC’s and our Professional Practitioners hold the intention that every Client and every Customer’s Session, Healing, Clearing, Restoring, Resolving, Restituting, Manifesting, or Sovereignty Product, including every Offering, or request for Divine Information, or any other form of information we may offer, or distribute, or make available ⎯ includes our proprietary, protective, and Divinely Held Intention that all ⎯ any ⎯ every ⎯ that ⎯ which ⎯ does ⎯ or who ⎯ require healing so that one is healed forever and eternally ⎯ is healed in the very personal way in which THE DIVINE and they agreed to prior to their incarnation into this Lifetime..

Who We Work With

We only work with PURE SOURCE LIGHT WHO ARE:
– Pure Source Light
– Source
– Source Light
– The Creator
– The Many Names of God
– God
– The Divine
– Jesus
– The Many Names of Jesus
– The Holy Spirit
– The Holy Trinity
– The Divine Realm

The Archangels of The Divine Realm ⎯ Who Are:

– Archangel Michael
– Archangel Ariel
– Archangel Azrael
– Archangel Raziel
– Archangel Raphael
– Archangel Gabriel
– Archangel Uriel
– Archangel Sandolphon
– Archangel Metatron


Each of THESE are involved in restoring your entire Expanded Expanded-Family.

Once this is fulfilled, your life will look, feel, and be different – forever, eternally.

Our Professional Practitioners understand that your work must be fulfilled in this way.

Our Professional Practitioners understand that for you to be fully healed, others will need to be healed.

To heal one – entire lineages of ancestors may require healing; when this occurs each lineage is fully resolved, fully healed, fully restored, fully cleared, fully restituted, and fully manifested of that which is Promised by THE DIVINE in each one’s DIVINELY CREATED Lifetime Incarnate Plan in the ways THE DIVINE know is required.

In many cases, your entire lineages, each line that leads to you in this LIFETIME and each line that leads to you in every LIFETIME may require healing.

When this is the case, it is typically the case for every one of your family members.

When this occurs, it is typically because a condition, curse, or intention has overshadowed your family lineage(s).

When this occurs, we attend to each, in the way GOD requires so that your entire LIFETIME may be healed.

When this is required, it could be completed in a few weeks.

For some, it could take months.

Each person is different.

Each person’s LIFETIME is different.

When a person’s LIFETIME requires many and varied healings, it may be because their DIVINELY CREATED Divine Personal Lifetime Incarnate Plan required it.

When this occurs, it is supported by THE DIVINE.

THE DIVINE supports each person in the fulfillment of their DIVINELY CREATED Personal Intentions.

Each person’s DIVINE Personal Intentions are written in their DIVINELY CREATED Personal Lifetime Incarnate Plan (PLAN).

Energy Healing LLC and Energy Healing Arts LLC requires that every one of our Professional Practitioners understand these Principles.

These are the Principles upon which our Practice has been built.

Your Lifetime, Your Perfected Lifetime, and Your Best Life, matter.

It mattered enough for you to leave the heavenly realm to incarnate. It mattered enough for you to know you would endure things you would not remember intending so that the word would become a better place.

Why did you incarnate?

You can learn today.

You can fulfill your DIVINE Purpose to understand your Primary Incarnate Purpose.

You can fulfill your DIVINE Purpose by understanding your DIVINE Personal Lifetime Incarnate Plan.

You may have some ideas about why you incarnated, and you may need to further understand your own DIVINE Purpose for incarnating.

There are very important reasons you incarnated.

Please ask THE DIVINE if you were supposed to come to a clear and cognizant awareness and comprehension of your DIVINELY CREATED Purpose, Divine Plan, Divine Intention, Divine Inspirations, Divine Protections, Divine Principles, Divine Promises, and more.

If you cannot hear THE DIVINE, please email me, personally.

I will personally ask THE DIVINE to clear you so that you can hear THEM clearly.

No Fee.

Being able to hear THEM will change your life. For the Better.

This is our Practice Protocol. Our Founder’s Personal Practice Principles were developed prior to her understanding they were her own personal requirements for her work in this Lifetime. She has been aligning her work to these for many decades.

To heal one, one must heal many. For a child to have a chance, his parents must be whole, must be present, and must be knowing of their child’s Divine Personal Lifetime Purpose, Intentions, Plans, Inspirations, Promises, Protections, their hopes, dreams, and desires for incarnating into this Lifetime.

* * Copyright. Sherí Taber, Energy Healing Arts LLC. 2022 * * *