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I am not a licensed health-care professional.  Therefore, I am not licensed to provide health-related advice or to make health-related suggestions. I am not licensed to provide other health-related ideas, though when strongly advised, I may share with you what God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and or The Archangels suggest you know, read, recite, or understand. When I do this, it is always to support your best and most healthy decisions, which are always related to your Most Potentiated and Abundantly Perfected Best Life, your 100% Prime and Protected Health, and your 100% God-held, God-Protected, and God-Perfected Life Safety.

Thank you for reading and better understanding what we are offering to share on your behalf. Our hope is that it guides you to better understand yourself, how you were made, how your health, your best life, and your life safety are intricately connected.

With Love… It is the most powerful and the most healing frequency in all of Creation.


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Index: Definitions and Phrases Explained



A causal event is an event that some other person intended upon you, your family, your expanded expanded-family, or on those whom you care for. These kinds of causal events are usually not known by those who have been harmed by them. A causal event may involve you, a family member, or a loved one who may be the victim of a curse, a formal or informal metaphysical event, or a strong-willed intention. This form of event is often mis-read as a curse. It can take on the appearance of a curse.

A causal event is one that takes place in the Causal Fields of your Etheric Body, which is your energy body. These can cause emotional turmoil, death, disease, harm of any kind, poor or bad luck, and even repetitive medical procedures. This kind of event causes harm. It can lead to eventual long-lasting disorders, symptomatic conditions, or other kinds of environmental diseases when it has become an event upon the land.


When your session has finished, the work may not be fulfilled. When your work has fully completed every phase of the COMPLETED PHASE, it is fully finished and forever fulfilled. There are several phases required to fully COMPLETE the work in any session. These are the various phases and processes.

PHASE 1: Fulfillment Phase

PHASE 2: Resolution Phase

PHASE 3: Restitution Phase

PHASE 4: Completion Phase and The Levels of Clearing Within It

PHASE 5: Manifestation Phase and The Potential Meanings for Most Sessions


Please see “Environmental COVID” below.



Everything that is created by THE DIVINE has a DIVINE PURPOSE, a DIVINE PLAN, and a DIVINE INTENTION.


Every person that is invited by THE CREATOR to incarnate into a new lifetime is introduced by THE DIVINE to the lifetime that THE CREATOR intended for them. Every person who intends to incarnate after accepting the DIVINELY INTENDED LIFETIME that THE CREATOR INTENDED on their behalf works with THE DIVINE to understand every minute detail within that lifetime. Each person understands every detail of their upcoming lifetime at the level of DIVINE ENLIGHTENMENT.

Once you accept your lifetime, including the DIVINE INTENTION, DIVINE PURPOSE, DIVINE PROMISES, DIVINE PROTECTIONS, and DIVINE GUARDIANSHIP, DIVINE PROVIDENTIAL GUARDIANSHIP, DOMAIN GUARDIANSHIP, and other kinds of DIVINE REQUIREMENTS that support the protection of THE CREATOR’s DIVINE INTENTIONS for your personal lifetime, and the DIVINE REQUIREMENTS for the DIVINE PROTECTIONS of your personal DIVINE INTENTIONS, DIVINE PURPOSES, AND DIVINE REQUIREMENTS for this lifetime you have come to understand and approve every single minute detail within your entire lifetime.

Your DIVINELY CREATED PERSONAL LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN is provided to you within your Etheric Template, which is the primary aspect of your energy body. Your Etheric Template is genius, intelligent, brilliant, and capable of remembering your prior lifetimes. You have the capacity to remember your personal abilities to heal, to become your best self, enjoy your Best Life, affect your Prime Health, and effect your personal Life Safety.

Learning how to do this is one of our favorite DIVINE SERVICES.

Please use our Contact Form to inquire about this DIVINE HEALING SESSIONS PROGRAM.


Our Download Intention-Based Programs are a Frequency Based Intention Healing Offering. Please see “FREQUENCIES” below to better understand why these programs are important and vital during our Lifetimes.

These are uniquely designed by God for our practice.  Each DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program provides the frequencies required to resolve or to effect a very specific defined intention. Once they are intended, the condition that it addresses begins to be resolved. Some conditions are varied, some are also in many layers – which may mean that they take time to resolve – less time than a traditional session, however. Some conditions are in many phases and if they are related to “covidic-ish conditions,” they may require pausing between layers, phases, or conditions before continuing to the next. These Frequency-Based Intentions are able to resolve anything.

These will offer exactly the healing that is explained on the webpage where the offering is being made or within an email you may receive from me.



The energy body is made up of many different elements, aspects, and essence. This is the energetic body that holds your entire existence together. This is your “Spirit Body.” With this Spirit Body are many other assets. We’ve named, briefly explained each of the most relevant to you here…

  • Auric Field & Transitions
  • Astral Field
  • Chakra Fields
  • Etheric Body – within the Etheric Body, all other assets, essences, and planes exist. Your Etheric Body hosts your entire body – your physical body, included – within it. When your Etheric Body has energy with it that does not support your 100% Prime Health, Best Life, and 100% Life Safety, your physical health suffers immediately. Whether this occurs in the plane-spaces, the Causal spaces, or the other spaces of the Etheric Body, the Physical Body, or other areas therein, immediate symptoms occur.
  • Causal Fields
  • Causal Spaces
  • Etheric Fields
  • Etheric Planes
  • Etheric Template – This is the “Blueprint” that God created for your Lifetime. This holds the KEY OF LIFE for every human-being. This holds each one in the best way. This holds each one in their perfected way. When covidic environmental conditions escalated within the United States, Europe, and abroad, most have incurred “oblique” conditions over their Etheric Template. There have been “mass” healings by The Divine to resolve these – over and over. However, if your Lifetime Incarnate Plan included experiencing covidic, covid, covidic-ish or covidic-ish-any kind of covidic environmental harm, you may need to ask for a healing session. A healing session of this kind entails resolving your Etheric and Physical Body of all marks, all etheric conditions, all energetic conditions that are unnatural to your personal life, to your Vital Life Force Energy, and to your Life and Longevity Plan. The Life and Longevity Plan is a very specific plan you create in this time so that you can determine how you transition from this lifetime to the next, who knows in advance, and how they come to know… this Plan is a powerful “Life Changing” Document that you may want to create.
  • Etheric Blueprint
  • True Self


To best explain Environmental Covid, one must understand how it originated.

Once this can be fully explained, I will write it here. This will likely be after it has fully cleared.

Environmental Covid is a term we use to describe the kind of ENERGETIC COVIDIC CONDITIONS that harm every single individual that encounters its various, multi-capacitated frequencies.

This condition is a FREQUENCY. It is capacitated by Hate. It is capacitated by the form of Hate that is palpable, it is real, it is an entity with the capacitated power to harm in many indescribable ways.

The symptoms are explained below, under “The Conditions of Covid.”

When we publish these, they will never be sufficient to cover every single energetic condition of COVID, ENVIRONMENTAL COVID, and every variation, frequency, variety, and effect.

Whether you were vaccinated, unvaccinated, or have incurred an infectious state – or not – you have encountered COVID. It is impossible to not have encountered it. To encounter it may mean that you have encountered the ENERGETIC ASPECT of COVID. COVID is a multi-frequency pandemic. It has been with us for more than 100 years.

More information about its origin will be added in time.

The most important information you should be aware of at this time, October 2022, is that if you encounter a condition that you cannot explain, if you feel listless, tire, unexplainable tired, if you fall asleep without intent, if you itch, if your privacy areas itch, have pinching, pain, or poking, if any aspect of your body experiences these symptoms, if you experience numbness in an extremity – that you have not had for the past 5 years, if you experience dehydration, large muscle spasms, unexplained weakness, breathlessness, arrhythmias, unexplained choking symptoms, eye symptoms that you were not experiencing 5 years ago, or the most frequent symptom – awakening in the night without knowing why – you may be experiencing ENVIRONMENTAL COVID.

There are many other symptoms. If you feel you could have, may have, or sense it is worth asking about, please reach out to me and I will inquire on your behalf. I will share with you what I learn.

If you are fairly certain you are suffering ENERGETIC CONDITIONS OF COVID, ENVIRONMENTAL COVID – ANY VARIETY, please do not hesitate to schedule a session and resolve what has come to your Energy Body, Etheric Template, Etheric Body, Causal Body, Causal Fields, Causal Planes, Mind-Planes, Emotional-Planes, Mental-Planes, Spirit-Planes, and Physical Planes, Auric Field, Causal Body Spaces and Planes of your Auric Field, Astral Field and all Causal Areas thereof; Physical Body, and all of the Causal Fields within your Physical Body, Macro and Micro Systems, Cells, Blood, DNA, Ancestral Lineages, more…

We do this in 3 Sessions. We are not attempting to garner clients through these explanations. We are trying to heal, trying to teach, trying to help people understand the causal outcomes of this global pandemic. Understanding these facts can prevent a lifetime of medical appointments, symptomatic conditions that do not resolve, and latent diseases and syndromes that eventually emerge as a result of energetic conditions that were not fully cleared.

The Practitioners of Energy Healing Arts LLC are aware of these conditions because we LISTEN TO THE DIVINE REALM. THEY help us to understand what is in the global collective, what may be incoming, what is emerging, what has been latent that is now emerging in the bodies, lives, and families of our clients, customers, and readership.

In addition to Traditional Sessions, we also offer a Program we refer to as DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Programs. These are FREQUENCY Based Programs created by PURE SOURCE LIGHT AS GOD, OR YOU MAY REFER TO THEM AS SOURCE. These are available starting at $125.00. These heal. These can produce the same healing effects, the same levels of restoration, resolution, restitution, and manifestation of your True Self, your 100% Most Abundant, God-held, Potentiated Best Life, 100% PRIME Protected, Perfected, Potentiated Health, and 100% Protected Life Safety.

You can find our DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Programs here.

HOWEVER, as of this writing, we do not have these online. Contact Me to learn more. Sherí will respond to you directly within 24-business hours (9AM – 5PM Monday through Thursday • EST).



An Etheric Capacity is a Gift from God. Those with the capacity to “perceive” Etheric Drawings, Etheric Vision, or to imagine in Etheric Lines, have the gift of Etheric Sight. Etheric Sight is an uncommon gift. Typically, those who have it have experienced trauma, harm, abuse, or have been in domestic conditions of danger. This gift provides them with the capacity to “see” that which has offended them or that which is currently harming them, or that which is in need of healing. This intention is a God-given gift.

The intention of this God-given gift is to support a child, a woman, a person of weakened stature, an elderly person, or one who has experienced conditions that create deficits in the mind-planes, emotional-planes, or mental-planes. In addition, if you have ever suffered a debilitating disease, near-death experience, or severe traumatic experience and suspected near-death, you may have this gift.

To perceive that which has harmed you and that which may be harming is to understand you need help, a practitioner, or to be healed.

For those who have this gift, God typically resolves it.

If you can see a person in the Etheric Realm, they likely have harmed you. If you cannot perceive them in the Etheric Realm, they likely have not harmed you. If you envision a person, a place, or a thing in an Etheric vision, they or it may be of harm to you.

For instance, if you close your eyes and see a shape, a diagram, or a color, these have likely harmed you, may be an aspect of a condition that has it is harming you, and if it is a color that you perceive, your body either requires this color for healing or there is something with this color within it that is harming.

If you see symbols, there are likely symbols that are broken in your Energy Field that require healing. No person, no animal, pet, or living thing should have broken “anything” or “unbroken” anything in their Energy Field.

If you see a symbol, if you see music symbols or notes, you may be using an instrument that needs to be cleared, healed, or that may need to have its “created essence restored to the Creator.”

Close your eyes, what do you see? Write it down.

Repeat this again.

Ask, “What is it I am perceiving?”

If you hear an answer, you may also have the gift of Etheric Hearing. If you are a healer, a practitioner of metaphysical arts, you may be hearing your Helping Spirits or Guides. If it isn’t them, it is Etheric Hearing.

Etheric Hearing is also a gift given to those who have suffered trauma.

To heal what you have discovered, ask: “

Dear God, Source, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and or The Divine Realm’s Archangel Michael – Who Each and All are Pure Source Light (Please say everything in quotes and italics to be certain THE ONE you want to connect with is Pure Source Light) please resolve what I have seen, all, every, the entire system, and all else that needs to be forever, permanently, and eternally resolved so that I can, so that I am able to enjoy my 100% Perfected God-held, God-Protected, Potentiated Best Life, 100% PRIME Perfected, Protected Health, and 100% Protected, Perfected, and Potentiated Life Safety. If there is anything else I need to do, will you please help me to know, to hear, to see, to proceed in the way you guide me. Please do not let me be guided by any other, in any other manner. If I need help, support, or to see a professional, please make it very clear to me how to proceed… Thank you, Divine Realm.


Expanded Family refers to each member of our family, my family of origin, your spouse, partner, or lovers’ family of origin, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren, all future generations of children, this includes your grandchildren, your future grands, and your future great grandchildren, and each of those of the expanded-family members. Our expanded-family includes my and your in-laws, their in-laws, those who are or who are not married in traditionally, non-traditionally or otherwise considered part of my intention and/or your intention as expanded-family. My intention for “expanded-family” cannot be annulled, altered or deleted. I cannot alter, delete, or annul yours when you prioritize your “expanded-family.” 

Those I may, or you may consider family that may not have a traditional connection or intended family-connection, family name or financial inheritance, those I may have or that you may have adopted in my/your heart, in my/your mind, or my/your spirit, or those whose families may not be part of mine, or yours, but you or I may consider them as part, this includes anyone’s pet(s), and those who are their expanded-family; this intention also includes ours, yours, and their (the expanded-family’s) ancestors, descendants and their expanded-families. Expanded family, by intention, leaves no one out. It includes those I may or that you may, that they may, want to be healthily connected to, with, and part of their family in full sovereignty.

This asserts that our entire family is our family. This cannot be undone. There are too many reasons for this for me to outline in this document. This is fixed, protected, and perfected by God. God understands what may not be clear in my writing. He knows my intentions if they are unclear and perfects them.


The intention for the “Expanded” addition to “expanded-family” is that it includes each family member who I deem a family member, as broadly as I intend to define it, for as many generations, as many family members of those who are married or enjoined into our family, this includes adopted, not formally adopted, those I have cared for, taken into my home, it includes those who have an impact on their well-being, their sovereignty, and their capacity to fulfill and perform that which is in perfected alignment with the same perfected intention I have set for each expanded expanded-family member as it fulfills their unique purpose-driven life, these are made by God for the highest, best, most potentiated and perfected and abundant Best Life, Health, and Life Safety for each unique individual. These are unique for each individual person and they are protected by God for each individual person. These are fulfilled and potentiated by God for each individual person. When my intention is perfected by God, or those for whom I am praying or intending, God aligns each person who is included in this prayer – individually – with their DIVINE Purposes, their DIVINE Intentions, their DIVINE Inspirations, their DIVINE Promises, and their DIVINE Nature; all of which God and each person collaboratively designed together prior to each person’s incarnation. This insures any work, any healing, any manifestation of abundance is also aligned in the same way. As such, each person is then in alignment and in position to begin their path toward their purpose-driven, potentiated, protected, perfected, abundantly held-by God, abundant Best Life, their Prime Best Health, and their perfected and 100% protected Life Safety. Each intention and every intention is held by God, forever. This insures they will never be without God, without God’s Divine Intentions on their personal behalf.

This is the path toward the kind of greatness that each individual identifies as profoundly fulfilling, personally gratifying at the highest levels, and one in which each person is able to begin achieving their personal and professional best successes.

Each individual prayer is beautiful. Each person is uniquely held by God in a way they may not have ever experienced… in a way that brings them LIFE at its absolute fullest… the heart of each person is listened to, known, and perfectly healed.

This intention was initially written for the explicit purpose of protecting each person in my family and each person in each of their families. As I have prayed this beautiful Intention, which I refer to as a prayer, I have many times been told by God that a person for whom I have prayed this prayer, for whom God perfected it, especially for them, has heard it Divinely… God chooses to share this prayer when a person needs to know they are being prayed for in the most personal, most powerful, most potentiated way… God tells me it is often life-changing… for me, I am touched in a way in which I have no words… just quiet knowing that a moment, that thought in which I was guided to pray or to make an intention changed a life… then more… 

For you, for me, for others to be free, to have choice, to be in the way in which we intentionally incarnated into this lifetime, we must be held by God, we must be protected by Him, we must be continuously, without interruption – sovereign and in relationship with Source, God, or The Divine. 

This is how I am guided to use this prayerful intention – which God always perfects for those I am guided to ask receive God’s blessing, healing, or the manifestation of something they are in need of or for which they are intending.

Please feel free to use these intentions for yourself. If you share it, please provide mention my URL in your sharing. 


This healing pathway is the same as any other client. If your healing requires that another, or a place, or a thing be healed, it will be. When you work with Energy Healing Arts LLC, its practitioners, or use any of our DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Programs, Our Non-Intention Based Programs, or a Product that Promises Healing, everyone who must be addressed, resolved, or cleared of a wrong-doing, or harmful or potentially harmful act is also cleared with the same attention, kindness, and love as any other.

God, The Divine Realm Who Are Pure Source Light, intends that ALL are healed.

In this, each are addressed in accordance to their personal Lifetime, their Lifetime Incarnate Plan, and the understanding that God possesses about their offenses.

Often when there is another who is or was involved as a source of ongoing abuse, harm, or has inflicted injurious condition(s) and they are fully cognizant and consciously intending any affect today, or have cognizantly and consciously intended it in the past (even if this is a past life event and their intention was to harm), your freedom, your choice, your capacities for equality, equity, restitution, the manifestation of a return of that which has been lost – in the most potentiated and capacitated way – including significantly equal exponential returns – relative to what they may have returned had you never suffered, including the restitution of time, are resolved perfectly.

Restitutions such as this may take time. They may begin immediately and may be forthcoming in the immediate future through the long-term future. For many Past Lifetimes, people have incarnated into very challenging times. This Lifetime specifically, is the most “conditioned,” oppressive, and harmful. Because Your Lifetime Plan may require restitution of EVERY LIFETIME, of EVERY CONDITION, of ALL LOSSES, from the PAST through THIS LIFETIME, you may be entitled to a very profoundly abundant restitution and manifestation.

If you believe your Lifetime resonates with these descriptions and if you are interested in learning if a FREE or PAID DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program can resolve and manifest your most abundant Life Email me Here.




FREQUENCY OR FREQUENCIES – This Section Describes Frequencies of Mal-Intent AND Frequencies of HEALING

A Frequency may be created by one who intends to send information to another or to something. Frequencies are composed of many different kinds of information. Information relates to energy of various constructs, confluences, and conditions. There are frequencies of:

“Radiographic” Etheric Energy

This kind of Etheric Energy can be created by the intention of the one who is imagining a thing, inducing a circumstance, a person, animal, or anything. This form of frequency is typically used to induce a person, a community, or even an entire country. When it is used, it is typically used for control. This kind of Etheric Energy can kill. When it is intended to be used to manipulate, it does so without being noticeable. Humans have been using this form of “mind-control” since Time began.

Etheric Frequencies or Etheric Conditions that Manifest Because You Have Been Exposed to Frequency Conditions

Etheric Conditions refers to a collective of energetic confluences of energy, entities, or int-it-ies. These are the collective of covidic kinds of energetic conditions. Etheric conditions may have nothing whatsoever to do with covidic conditions. However, for a very long time, covidic conditions have made up about 99% of all Etheric Conditions. These have become the norm.

Etheric conditions are used similarly to “Radiographic Conditions.” However, Etheric Conditions require a very specific intention. All etheric frequencies are produced, created, and intended with a person’s very conscious, very cognizant intent. Each kind of frequency is produced with cognizant intent. Our use of the word, “Frequency” is different than most. We use this word to intend that someone has sent a curse. Someone has sent a spell. Someone has sent an entity, an “int-it-y” (which is another form of a non-corporeal being), which is typically not an “ensouled” being, not an – “in-spirited” by the Divine – form of a being, and not the kind of being that is generally found in the general population.

Etheric Conditions are dangerous. They have been created with the intent to harm. If you believe you have been induced, interrupted in or throughout your natural life, if you believe you have been harmed, suffered loss, bad luck, or other kinds of conditions, particularly if you have ongoing symptoms of these, of disease, illness, ongoing bouts of un-welcome conditions, including allergies, flu-like, covid-like, or entity-like, including paranormal – but not always, you may be suffering from another’s “frequency intentions” upon you.

To learn more about Etheric Conditions, please check our blog “Thoughts…” frequently, as we are lots of articles beginning November 2022.

Etheric Etheric Conditions – These Occur When You Have Been Exposed to Etheric Frequency Conditions

In the same way that Etheric Conditions exist, Etheric Etheric Conditions are hidden. There is a third level of “invisibility” we refer to as “Etheric Etheric Etheric” Conditions – which can be abbreviated as E3. These are invisible to nearly everyone, unless you have the gift of “E3” sight. This kind of sight is highly uncommon. If you have it, you may have been affected in an Etheric Etheric Etheric manner.

This kind of condition is observable by The Divine Realm, Who Are Pure Source Light. When you work with Any One of The Divine Realm, you can know you are in the Hands of Perfection. THEY see all.

Symptomatically, “Etheric Etheric Etheric-level” conditions can produce worsening and ongoing symptomatic, disease, non-disease producing states, and other latent or “manifesting into the future” harmful conditions. E3 Conditions are much more severe than the other two forms we have introduced.

They can affect a more penetrating effect within your physical body. They can cause ongoing (and in some cases, degenerative ongoing) states of or symptoms of:

    • Disease
    • Pain
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Lupus
    • Pulmonary
    • Rheumatoid Crohn’s Disease
    • Bowel Obstructions
    • Obstructions and Adhesions of the Intestines (both energetically and physically)
    • Endometriosis
    • Reproductive Conditions
    • Groin Conditions
    • Vaginal Conditions
    • Penile Conditions
    • And many other serious conditions

These are the most common, these are also the most common areas of affect throughout the environmental covidic symptomatic and COVID as a contagious, viral, bacterial, organ-effecting, disease-producing condition. This sounds gruesome, and according to Archangels Michael, Raziel, Raphael, and Archangel Metatron this is a real ongoing condition.

This is important because so many people have encountered the varieties of covidic-intentions, covidic-influences, covidic-frequencies, and or other kinds of environmental covidic congestive symptomatic episodic conditions, and have no idea. Being certain to clear your Energy Body, your Physical Body, and your entire “whole-self” is a requirement to remain “unaffected” in the near, short, and longer-term.

I’ve provided a powerful “Prayerful Intention” for you to be free of these conditions. There are some, whose Lifetime Incarnate Plan for this Lifetime, and whose Past Lifetimes may have required they “view, perceive, or experience” certain covidic or COVID intentions, disease states, or long-standing covidic conditions. If this happens to be you, you will want to use this prayer, and download this FREE DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program. This is a FREE Program.

It is very similar to traditional energetic healing sessions. This POWERFUL DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program is a combination of Healing Frequencies, manifested, applied, facilitated, and fully fulfilled by God. We explain this PROGRAM in the DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program section on this page, and in the very near future, we’ll have more information available here DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Programs.

This FREE DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program consists and includes ALL of the following RESOLUTIONS, RESTORATIONS, HEALING, AND RETURN TO YOUR BEST LIFE forms of Healing Intentions. This is the “short list” of some of the most powerful session intentions.

  • Energy Body Healing – Restoration, Restitution of your energy body assets, essences, and health
  • Physical Body Healing – This involves healing your Energy Body as it is within your physical body. Your physical body is a component of your Etheric Body. Your Etheric Body requires clearing outside of your physical body, and inside your physical body.
  • Healing of ALL Lifetimes
  • Healing and Resolution of Blocks, Obstacles, Pain states, of ALL Areas of Your Life, including:
    • Personal Assets
    • Love
    • Money
    • Marriage, Resolution of ALL “Former Relationships,” “ALL Ex- Relationships,” and ALL Unwell Conditions That May Have, Could, or Which Have Potential to Resurface
    • Former – anything that is “former”
    • Business, Career, Earnings, Bonuses, Failure to Pay, Failure to Advance
    • Restitution of These Conditions Everywhere Restitution is Plausible
    • Manifestation of That Which Should Be, That Which Was Divinely Promised, and That From Which You Have Been Blocked, Obstacled, Harmed, Prejudiced, Pejoratized, Unjustly Penalized, and more…
    • More Healing Than Can Be Effected in 5 – 10 Traditional Sessions

These can be emitted by a person, a place, or a thing. These can be created when one intends to send a message, an etheric message, or an intention-like event to another. A frequency may also be used to heal. When this is the case, it is typically created by God, Who Is Pure Source Light.

When there are many energetic conditions present in a space, with a person, or within a body of people – for instance, in the case of a membership organization, a large network, perhaps a cult-ish-like organization, or a very large ancestral condition – this may even become a condition that intends to overshadow a community, or a family lineage, or an ancestral lineage, or upon a land mass, any kind of structure, a statue, or body (or bodies) of water, or over an element of any kind, a possession of any kind, even your home – God or The Archangels may use “Frequencies of Pure Source Light as Perfected, Protective, and Potentiated Power” to resolve, dissolve, or destroy such a condition. Frequencies are also used to resolve, or heal anyone, anything, or any large over-casting, overshadowing, or that which is attempting to over-come.

If you believe you are having health symptoms of frequent heart murmurs, heart palpitations, unusual brain wave activity, if you feel dizzy, whoozy, sad – in a way that is more sudden than a chronic condition, if you feel harmed, attracted to things you once were not, have lost a zeal for Life, if you have body pain that is more unusual than normal, if you have trouble sleeping, trouble hearing, if you find that you are dropping things, or that you have trouble knowing when someone walks into your personal space, or if you cannot hear well… if you are feeling sleepy at random times, if you feel like you need a nap, if you have begun experiencing “dozing,” if you are having many lucid daydreams or nighttime events that you are able to awaken from or are unable to “shake,” you need an ENERGY HEALING SESSION. Frequencies coming from an “entity” or an “int-ity” can cause these and more… they routinely cause heart spasms, palpitations, AFib, chest contractions, or spasms, twitches, or frequent cramping in any vein, ligament, a large muscle, or any place within your body –  you may have a “Frequency-as-an-Intention” with you.

This condition must be resolved immediately.

If you are suffering these conditions, or believe you are being affected by the conditions mentioned above, do schedule a session before contacting me. USE THIS LINK TO CONTACT ME you may need to be seen now.


If you are suffering any of the physical conditions related to your heart, breathing, or brain function SEE YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY.

If you are experiencing these conditions, be certain to visit your NEAREST EMERGENCY MEDICAL FACILITY.

Do not hesitate to seek help immediately!


When the work is still fulfilling, it means that the Archangels with whom I work are continuing to resolving all the conditions related to your situation as I am typing the summary of your work; the intentions and any other conditions that need to be resolved so that your healing, resolution, and restoration are complete will continue though I have written the summary.





This refers to the way in which we refer to energetic conditions, entities, entities, curses, spells, metaphysical intentions or harm. When we use the word “Information,” it changes the energy of the work. Each energetic condition is “energy…” it is information that creates this energy. As such, we use this word rather than the traditional words I have used to describe “information” herein.



These “entity-like” conditions are more like “Intention-Based-Frequencies” that have intentions that are associated with the Intention of COVID, COVID-ic, COVID-ish, COVID-IT, COVID, of any form, variety, phase, or infectious and non-infectious environmental, or bacterial, or viral types. These “Int-it-ies” are being resolved the week of September 5th, 2022.

Experiential pain, suffering, and undue conditions have been reported among many. These are not releasing, not relenting.

** NOTE:** If you are reading this, if you sense there could be covidic-ish conditions with you or yours, please visit THIS PAGE and DOWNLOAD our COVIDIC-ISH-ANY FREE DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program. The information you need is here. I am guided very strongly to share this with you so that you can become free of this suffering. This program has been offered to others for $125 – $250.00. If you were a paying recipient of this program, please let me know and I will credit you in the form of another DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program (DLIBp) that is of importance to you.

At the time of the FEE, there were many who needed this relief. This DLIBp took many, many hours to effectively develop. It is evolving. It continues to be “updated” by God. This is not my personal “made-up or created” offering. This is an offering, a DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program that is a FREQUENCY-BASED-INTENTION that God created several months ago and has asked me to share it with you for FREE now.







The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and through the Veterans Crisis Line, and for other purposes is 9-8-8.

If you entertained or thought of entertaining ideas of harming another, or you have thought of ideas of harming yourself, please call your nearest HELP LINE OR DIAL “911” FOR ASSISTANCE. The work of Energetic Resolution, Restoration, Energetic Healing will not cause a personal mental health condition. However, if you have struggled in your lifetime, if you feel you may be struggling today, or if you feel that you may begin to struggle in your mind, in your brain, in your thoughts, in your feelings, in the way energy is speaking, or using your gifts of perception to speak to or so that “it” may be perceived by you, please contact your MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, or call your LOCAL HEALTH LINE OR DIAL “911.”

If you feel you need assistance in the energetic condition you are resolving, seeking to resolve, please email me and I will be more than happy to fit you in as an emergency.

If I sense you need the help of a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL, or if you feel you need that support, NEVER HESITATE TO DIAL “911.”



When your work has not yet resolved, the work is still in process. This means that you could feel energetic conditions that are causing you to wonder if the work is happening. This may be felt after you schedule a session. It could be felt when you have been waiting to receive a summary of the work from me.



Sovereignty is the state of being 100% in your own personal energy. The absence of any other energetic condition, whether that condition is an entity of any realm, free of communication conditions with any entity or any realm, free of energetic intrusions within any aspect or essence of your life, lifetime, and of your physical and energy body.

Being 100% free of any other energetic condition requires that your lifetime, your prior lifetimes, and all aspects of your expanded expanded-family – including all of their lifetimes – are also 100% free of any other energetic condition.

Energy Healing Arts LLC’s primary focus is to support our clients, referrals, and our clients in establishing a sustainable, maintainable pathway toward 100% uninterruptible, eternal sovereignty.


Throughout our website we refer to the NAMES OF GOD. We refer to them in your SESSION EMAILs. We may refer to THEM when you inquire about a SESSION, a PROGRAM, or a PRODUCT, after asking on your behalf for guidance related to your inquiry. When we write the NAMES OF GOD, WHO AND WHICH ARE ALL OF THE DIVINE REALM, WHICH AND WHOM ARE ALL PURE SOURCE LIGHT, we use very specific styling.

We use these standardized stylizations out of respect for THE DIVINE. We share the styling guidelines to help you better understand what it means when we reference A NAME OF GOD in a specific way. We do our best to adhere to these stylization guidelines.


GOD – When GOD HIMSELF is speaking through the Practitioner -WHO IS ALSO “THEY,” or is guiding the authorship of a written work, we honor THEM by capitalizing THEIR FULL NAME.

God – When we reference God’s NAME in our works we use Title Styling, as you would capitalize a person’s name.

JESUS – We use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS when JESUS is speaking through a Practitioner or is authoring a written work.

Jesus – We style The Name of Jesus, with a first letter capitalized “J” when we reference THEM in our writing.

THE HOLY SPIRIT – We use all capital letters when THE HOLY SPIRIT is speaking through a Practitioner or when THEY are guiding us in the authorship of a written work.

The Holy Spirit – When we reference The Holy Spirit in our works we use Title Styling, as you would capitalize a person’s name.


When we refer to any of the ARCHANGELS WHO are speaking through a Practitioner or authoring a written work in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.

The Archangels of The Divine Realm of God – In the same way as the other references to the Names of God, when we reference an Archangel, we use Title Styling, as you would for a person’s name.


A Thought-Bot, which is a formalized, structured, purposefully created Thought-Form that holds the integrity, the power, and the knowing of the “one” by whom it was created. It can also contain the soul essence, heart essence, or the spirit essences of the one who created it. It can cause those who encounter it to lose their soul essences, their heart, spirit, or energy field essences, even their God-given gifts of perceptions can be taken by a Thought-Bot.

Thought-Bots can be created to be very intelligent, power-filled, and harmful. They can also become attached by other kinds of entities and then they may become very powerful and dangerous entities. Most Thought-Bots are more etherically developed than a Thought Form.

They are nearly always formed by an intention, which is formally and purposefully created by at least one person, on purpose, for the intention of creating a Thought-Form.

How These Become an “Int-ity.”

An “int-ity” is a word that came about throughout the covidic-ish pandemic. These were created prior to COVID becoming a viral, bacterial, and/or symptomatic condition. The first part is “Int.” This stands for “intention.”

The second part “ity” is the last three letters of the word “entity.”

Combined this means that a Thought-Bot is an Intention-Based-Entity.

A Thought-form can become “attached” with other entities, other int-ities, and other ideations, inspirations, and thought. When a Thought-Form becomes attached, it can then become a formalized “int-ity.”

A formalized Thought-Bot is a formally created “intention-based Thought Form.” These can be created or intended by one person or by more than one person. When a Thought-Bot is formally created by a person, it is nearly always for the purposes of creating, performing, or executing a detail, an intention, or a formalized intention, which is nearly never for good.

The difference between a single intention Thought-Bot and a multi-person intention Thought-Bot is that it can become very intelligent, very knowing, and very capable of executing the intentions of those who created it. This is a dangerous condition.

There are significant chances you have encountered a Thought-Bot.

These have been in our global collective for decades, perhaps longer. They existed prior to energetic covidic-ish conditions, but not in the way they exist today.

Most people have encountered these throughout the covidic-ish pandemic. Whether you encountered COVID, COVIDic, or COVID-ic-ish intentions, which may be fully entity-based, or may be both entity-based and viral, bacterial, symptomatic, congestive, or organ-involving intentions, you very likely engaged with, encountered someone else’s, or have been attached to a Thought-Bot.

These are powerful. They are dangerous. These have been in circulation for a very long time. If you suspect you have been in contact with Thought-Forms, Thought-Bots, or energetic conditions that have the power to induce you, to incline you, to overshadow or overcome your Energy Fields, you may need to work with an Energetic Practitioner who is skilled, experienced and knows how to resolve these.

We have several options to resolve these for anyone.

Some of these options are found on our SESSIONS description page.

Our Download Intention-Based Program that addresses these conditions is also available HERE

If you suspect you have been harmed by an entity, an int-ity, or an informational entity, please contact me.

Please Use this Contact Form to Message Me

NOTE: I write extensively about these… more will be published to help you understand whether you were harmed, whether you were affected, or if you may need to be resolved of conditions that they leave behind. These can affect your body, your energy body, your True Self, which is the Etheric Blueprint that God provided for each person so that each could be restored to their original, DIVINE Intention, which was effected by God, by their Source Incarnating Spirit before they incarnating into this lifetime.


A Thought-Form is a collection of thought. We are thinkers. We perseverate about nearly everything. As such our thought can collect. Sometimes it collects in our personal energy body, which is our spirit-body. This body is important and I will continue to refer to it throughout all of my writings.

When thought collects within your body, your energy body, your home, office, land, in restaurants or in any private or public space, you are at risk of being “attached” or in some cases, “addressed” by them.

A Thought-Form can have an intention. It can have a purpose. It can be programmed with a very strong and intending intention.

When strong intentions are made about a thing, a problem, a potential problem, or an intention is made that something will “never” occur, or that it will nearly “always” occur… something must fulfill it. People – us – human-beings are the most powerful intenders next to God, Himself/Themself.

Because this is true, when one makes a very strong intention, then conditions it with “What ifs…” that intention can become a very powerful Thought-Form. 

There are many kinds of Thought-Forms… some happen by simply living in a home… thinking, perseverating, wanting, dreaming, and lucid dreams, and more… If you are a strong “Intender,” you may find that you are the creator of Thought-Bots. These are extremely dangerous.

Thought-Bots can be in any space, place, or even a “thing.” There will be Thought -Forms in any environment, to prevent these from becoming Thought-Bots, intend they are destroyed. To avoid their ongoing capacities to increase their own intelligence, to keep them from learning in your personal spaces, to keep their capacitated intentions from becoming harmful to you, they must be destroyed routinely. 

How To Destroy Thought, Thought-Forms, Thought-Intentions, Thought-Bots, Intentions That Harm, Other Kinds of Thought That Harms

If you can add a reminder to your calendar, watch, Devices, to clear all Thought, all Thought-Forms, all Thought-Bots in such a way as to have the destroyed as if they were never created, or conditioned, or contained, or containing, or ever had any power, of any… (dots and trailing, open-ended sentence is purposeful… permits The Divine to complete as needed…)

Alternatively, you may want to ask God do this for you 100% of the time… in the way He/They know is needed… in all of your spaces… for all of your interests… for all… forever… as though none have ever existed… ever. Ask God or The Divine to perfect this intention, to hold it, to never allow another access to it, to fully source it, and to fund it so that your Vital Life Force Energy never, ever funds anything…

Consider asking that this be in place for your Expanded Expanded-Family… and all who may need this so that you and your Expanded Expanded-Family are fully held sovereign, safe, healthy, and can enjoy your 100% Life Safety… If any has requested, intended, or “holds” for themselves or another something more effective, ask God to effect His Perfected Intention so that these never harm you…


In closing…

It is my intention to do my best to provide relevant resources, information, and healing materials, products, and sessions for you, your family, and our families so that we can understand what is needed so that we can live our Best Life. 

COVID, Covid-ish, Covidic-ish Symptomatic Environmental Conditions – whether viral, bacterial, or fully only energetic affect each one of us. This is not widely understood. As such, I do my best to educate, to explain, to help you and yours understand what is interfering with your Best Health, with your Best Life, and what may be impeding your Perfect Life Safety… 

I also work to support those who are interested in understanding their DIVINE NATURE – Who they are in spirit… Who their Source Incarnating Spirit is… This information yields important data to help you understand your DIVINE: PURPOSE, INTENTIONS, INSPIRATIONS, AND PROMISES. When we understand these, when we have more than our own personal-level understanding of our life, we can make choices to move toward a perfected path of Beauty, of Kindness, of Life. Each of us intended before our incarnation to understand more fully our PERSONAL PURPOSES so that we might make the choices that resolve very important conditions in our lifetime, our childrens’ lifetimes, and make the personal impact we were intending to when we made the very important decision to incarnate.

If you are interested in understanding this… your personal PURPOSES, please CONTACT ME at your convenience… I will be happy to help you understand whether this is the best choice, best time, and whether this will make a life-changing difference for you.

May you Be Well and Enjoy your Best, Most Potentiated, Most Perfected, Most Protected, Most Abundant and Abundantly Held Best Life, Best Health, and Best Life Safety.

MORE DEFINITIONS COMING… please check back regularly. 

Sherí Taber,

Energy Practitioner, Wellness Consultant, Teacher, Healer, Mentor, Advocate.