When we posted the original "Sovereignty Protocol" in 2019 the energetic conditions within our local and global collectives were much different than they are today.

THE DIVINE will always honor the original Sovereignty Protocol, though we recommend using this updated version as it is more effective in its capacity to address any kind of condition and establishing the sovereignty, sacred space, safe space, and healing and clearing you may need at any time and in any given scenario.

We updated the original Sovereignty Protocol in December 2023 with THE DIVINE PRAYERFUL INTENTION FOR SOVEREIGNTY as it provides each person, place, and thing with DIVINELY HELD SACRED SPACE, SAFE SPACE, DIVINE CLEARING, DIVINE HEALING, and DIVINE SOVEREIGNTY.


A DIVINE PRAYERFUL INTENTION is always perfected, protected, potentiated, held, and conditioned by THE DIVINE.

When THE DIVINE perfects any intention, it is perfected to effect exactly what is required in the most DIVINELY POTENTIATED AND DIVINELY PROTECTED way.

When THE DIVINE potentiates a perfected intention, the intention is fulfilled perfectly.

When THE DIVINE holds an intention, THE DIVINE protects it from being modified, or copied, or in any way used by any other to cause anything other than the fulfillment of the DIVINELY perfected, protected intention.

When THE DIVINE conditions a perfected, protected, potentiated intention, THE DIVINE has established conditions that will only provide the perfected outcome of the intention.

A DIVINE PRAYERFUL INTENTION is a perfected intention.

You may decide to pray or to intend this DIVINE PRAYERFUL INTENTION, either way, it is perfected by THE DIVINE for you and for each person, place, or thing that is being addressed.

When you ask THE DIVINE to perfect your thoughts, your prayers, or your intentions, THE DIVINE will perfect, protect, potentiate, hold, and condition your perfected request. This is the safest and most effective method of making intentions.

Why We Recommend this Divine Prayerful Intention for Sovereignty 

THE DIVINE has provided us with a very safe, very effective, and very easy way to safely affect the sovereignty of any person, place, pet, possession, incarnate, or that which is animate, or inanimate is DIVINELY PROVIDED, DIVINELY PROTECTED, AND DIVINELY HELD.

When THE DIVINE affects sovereignty, none can be harmed.

When a person uses their personal power, which is their Vital Life Force Energy, to effect sovereignty or to "hold" anything related to any session, or to clear energy, or to heal, everyone and everything connected to the fulfillment of that intention may become connected by the entities, entity conditions, or other kinds of metaphysical conditions that affect or communicate to any that are connected to the fulfillment of the intention.

This DIVINE PRAYERFUL INTENTION FOR SOVEREIGNTY makes it very clear that only THE DIVINE is clearing, healing, and creating sovereignty exactly as it must be so that each and every person, place, pet, animal, thing, incarnate, or non-incarnate can be resolved of that which causes or could cause insovereignty and health, or life safety conditions.

This DIVINE PRAYERFUL INTENTION FOR SOVEREIGNTY protects you, your life, and everything connected or affiliated with it, including each person's Expanded Expanded-Family members.

Please consider prayerfully intending your 100% Best Life, 100% Prime Health, 100% Life Safety, and your 100% Uninterruptible Sovereignty. This prayerful intention begins resolvinvg that which is not in alignment with your 100% Best Life, 100% Prime Health, 100% Life Safety, and your 100% Uninterruptible Sovereignty.

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