Session Fees and Pricing

Session Fees & Session Duration

Session fees include the pre-session journeywork and preparation, plus the office or virtual session time.


Initial Sessions

Initial Sessions are set for 2 hours. Follow-up sessions are typically set for 90 minutes.


Extended Sessions

Sessions lasting longer than the paid or scheduled time will be billed at $25 per quarter hour of extended time. I will provide an invoice for extended session fees after the session.


Psychopomp & Curse Unraveling Sessions

Compassionate depossession (or psychopomp) and Curse Removal work requires significant pre-session and post-session work on my behalf. Therefore, there is a $50 additional fee when depossession (or psychopomp) work is performed. Most clients are unaware that they need psychopomp or curse unraveling services before their call. When this occurs, I will provide an invoice for the extra fee after the service is rendered.

Recorded Sessions For Your Use

Sessions can be recorded at your request for your convenience. Once the recording is provided to you, it is deleted from my servers and/or storage devices.

Client Bill of Rights

Minnesota statutes requires I provide for you a Client Bill of Rights. I must receive a signed copy of the Client Bill of Rights from you prior to our first session and retain them in my records.

For your convenience, I’ve provided them electronically.

Please read, sign, and download the Client Bill of Rights. You may sign it electronically or download, print, sign, and email or bring a signed copy prior to your session.

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Schedule a Distance Video or Phone Session

Initial Distance

2 Hours  •  $200

Follow-up Distance

1.5 Hours  •  $150

Depossession & Curse Unravelling
Initial Distance Session

2 Hours  •  $250

Depossession & Curse Unravelling
Follow-up Distance Session

1.5 Hours  •  $200

Schedule an In-person Session

In-Person Visit

2 Hours  •  $250

90-Minute In-Person

90 Min  •  $200

1. Click “Schedule Session”

2. Choose your session date and time.

3. You’ll be prompted to pay either with your credit card or your PayPal account.

What to Expect in a Shamanic Session

Sheri provides personal shamanic services in her office or virtually at a distance, using or Google Hangouts. At the request of the client, virtual sessions can be recorded. Often clients request a recording of their session so that they may listen again later.

Sessions are typically 90 to 120 minutes long, depending on the client’s need.

  1. Typically, a session begins with you sharing with me your situation or perception of your need.
  2. Once I understand the concern or need, I consult with my compassionate spirit allies to understand what healing is in your highest good relative to this situation.
  3. I then share with you what I learned and how it is recommended that we proceed.
  4. With your permission, I proceed with the recommendations of spirit and the work is performed in the non-ordinary spirit dimension. The work is painless. Depending on what we are working on, you may experience sensations that include energy moving within your body and/or resolution of pain or discomfort as energies that don’t belong to you are released.
  5. Once the work has been completed, I share with you the nature of the work that was completed and any aftercare instructions.

Services Offered

Compassionate Depossession
Curse Unraveling
Divination And Guidance
Energy Extraction
Energy Clearing
Energy Healing
Home, Land & Space Clearing
Karmic Resolution
Medical Medium
Mediumship & Channeling
Past Life Healing
Pet & Animal Communication & Healing
Power Animal & Spirit Guide Retrieval
Relationship Healing

Psychopomp Services
Relationship Healing
Releasing Energetic or Spiritual Blockages
Resolve Spiritual Blocks Manifesting as Physical or Emotional Illness
Resolve Chronic Bad Luck
Shamanic Business Consulting
Shamanic Healing Services
Shamanic Mentorship: Practitioners & Personal Life Practice
Soul Retrieval Sessions
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Light Healing
Spiritual Protection
Workshops, Mentoring & Training

Services performed in person or at a distance