How To Clear Unwell Conditions
February 15, 2023
February 23, 2023

How To Clear COVID

From Your Energy & Physical Body

This 5 Part Workshop Series is both educational and experiential. You will learn how to clear energetic and infectious COVID in this step-by-step “How To” video workshop.

This Series is available as a Video Workshop or a Podcast Workshop

part one

Resolving COVID

How to Resolve Energetic Conditions That Are Harmful to Your Health

You will learn how to identify whether energetic conditions have come into your Energy and Physical Body. You will learn how to help your brain become aware of energetic information within your Energy and or Physical Body that it may have not observed previously. Understanding how to observe energetic conditions within your Energy or Physical Body is crucial to your well-being.

part two

COVID & Your Whole Body

How COVIDic Energetic Conditions May Be Harming Your Health

Sherí demonstrates the common areas where COVIDic energetic information and other kinds of energetic information come to your Energy & Physical Body. Understanding this will support you in "ending" its presence. In this video, we use practical steps and your personal intention to end it. This video provides ongoing insight into how Covidic conditions continue to affect the global collective.

Please watch Video 1 of 5 of this series. Each video builds sequentially on the information presented in the prior video. Thank you for watching, 

part three

Resolving COVID

Understand Ways COVIDic Energetic & Infections Conditions May Be Harming Your Health

 This episode is a tutorial for resolving COVIDic information within your Energy & Physical Body. Sherí demonstrates various ways to end energetic conditions that are harming your body. We introduce you to the resources that will support you in your ongoing healing.

Learn how to resolve life-threatening conditions. You'll gain the tools to resolve these on behalf of your entire family. 

part four

Clearing Energetic Covidic Conditions

How to Resolve COVIDic Conditions from Your Energy & Physical Body

COVID, as an energetic condition, has been with us for a very long time.

In this episode, Sherí helps you understand why your whole-self has been affected by the:

  1. Energetic effects of COVID,
  2. The ever-evolving covidic conditions, 
  3. The layering of effect within the Physical and Energy body of every person, pet, animal, and structure, land, physical thing, and
  4. The entities that bring covidic conditions and fulfill them throughout the term of their presence within your Physical Body, Energy Body, your home, autos, physical spaces in which you frequent,  and those that exist to end that which is not supposed to end; and
  5. Why you, those you encounter, your family and household members, continue to encounter these entity conditions.

These entity conditions bring energetic conditions into your Physical Body, including your Brain, Heart, Lungs, Intestines, Liver, Spleen, Adrenal Glands, Gallbladder, including energetic conditions that block your capacity to perceive and understand what you may have naturally, intuitively perceived and understood less than 10 years ago.

These entity conditions convey disease states, illness states, and episodic symptomatic conditions that can lead to specific diseases, illnesses, traumatic events, near death, death, and economic devastation.

These states of disease, illness, trauma, pain, symptomatic conditions, are entity-based. These are conveyed by entity conditions within our Energy Body.

Prior to the manifestation of conditions that lead to the diagnosis of any disease, illness, or syndrome, these entity conditions may be latent, active, or latently active within your Physical Body, Energy Body, your home, your spaces, autos, yard, community, and or the places you frequent.

These conditions invade one's Energy Body's Planes, Fields, Hidden Places, and Spaces ⎯ particularly,  those that are required for your Mind, Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spirit, Freedom, Choice, and other critical Decision making-spaces within your Energy Body.

Once this process begins, they begin to intrude, overshadow, and overcome one's Intelligence, Genius, Brilliance, and other Planes, Fields, Spaces, and Hidden Places within the Energy Body. This process begins the resolve of a person's Independence, Autonomy, Freedom to be and to pursue their life, and complete their day-to-day activities and responsibilities.

Before these entity-based conditions result in those outcomes, you'll observe that their effects have begun to block, end, and prevent those who have been affected by entity-based covidic-conditions from feeling well, from performing their day-to-day responsibilities, and those affected are exhibiting the symptoms associated with the inability to perform at their highest potential. 

We strongly recommend note-taking throughout this experiential workshop.

We share details related to your Energy & Physical Body and provide  step-by-step protocols you can use to clear energetic covidic-conditions throughout your day.  

part five

Clearing Older Conditions

How to Resolve COVIDic Conditions from Your Energy & Physical Body

We learn how COVIDic information as a energetic conditions enter one's personal Energy & Physical Body. We take interactive steps to support you in clearing what may be with your Energy & Physical Body.

This video offers practical guidance, interactive instructions, and real healing exercises that may heal you now.

We are unable to make any guarantee about the healing you may receive. Each person's life, life conditions, and experiences differ. Our hope, our intention, is that you learn how to heal your Energy & Physical Body and that you use these techniques to continue healing yourself and your household throughout your lifetime.