Prayerful Intentions for Your Personal Sovereignty


This Prayerful Intention is very powerful in its capacity to clear, to resolve, to provide restitution, and to fully resolve what is causing loss of sovereignty in many cases, as well as to fully begin to manifest God’s Restitution and Manifestation of that which needs to be Restituted and Manifested in your Lifetime.

When our Divine Personal Lifetime Incarnate Plan (PLAN) was created (by Source, Who is The Divine, Who is God – Who Are ALL Pure Source Light – And Who Are The Divine Realm) – God intended our Sovereignty in every Lifetime. Each person’s PLAN is sovereign. It is a Sovereign Creation with the Power and Capacity to end Insovereignty.

This Prayer will align you with your Divine Personal Lifetime Incarnate Plan.


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The Sovereignty Prayer

This prayer is a powerful prayer to end that which continues to become stuck in your Etheric Transitions, your Etheric Planes, your Causal Planes, your Intention-Planes, your personal “Choice-Fields, Spaces, and Planes,” and in your Chakras, your chakra fields, organ-fields, your Etheric Template, which is your Divinely Created Blueprint for Perfected Whole-Self Wellness.

Each aspect of your ⎯Physical Body, Etheric Body, Planes, Spaces, & Fields; your Causal Fields, Planes, & Spaces; your Auric Fields, Planes, Spaces, and clearing fields, which exist in every transition; your Astral Fields and Connections to your Causal Body, Etheric Body, and your Physical Body; including your 9 Major Chakras and their fields, each of your internal, external, and etheric chakra fields, all of your Etheric Body’s fields, chakras, planes, spaces, connections, and transitions that run throughout your Physical Body⎯ is fully cleared by The Divine’s Intention as you read this Prayerful Intention.

This Prayerful Intention is very, very Power-filled, Power-full, and has the capacity to end conditions immediately.

This Prayerful Intention may take you about 15 – 20 minutes.

If you begin to sense your body or space is clearing, healing, and that there may be ongoing resolution, please do your best to sit with it until you sense the healing, clearing, and resolutions have been completed.

If you are interrupted or need to end your personal session with The Divine, intending that the Divine’s Intention to heal, clear, and resolve continues until it has fully completed.

There are FIVE PHASES involved in a full “Completion” of a typical Intention.

These may complete in a few minutes or it may take weeks.

If you ask to be cleared so that you can “perceive” or “hear” The Divine, please ask in this way:

“Please heal me so that I am able to perceive or hear your guidance, answers to my questions, and so that I can continue to understand how you are healing me today.”

Your Perfect Etheric Body & Your Perfect Physical Body

The list below is a very comprehensive list of your Etheric Body and Physical Body assets, aspects, and essences.

Using this list to intend that your whole-self is fully sovereign and is being restored to its Divine Intention, which is to be fully in your personal power, to be fully with 100% of your Vital Life Force Energy, and to be fully on the path toward your Perfected, Protected, and Potentiated Best Life, Prime Health, and Safety.


The first step in resolving something, healing something, or ending something that should have ended long ago is to make power-filled, power-full intentions. Here are some examples of very good intentions.

  • “Please end what isn’t supporting my Best Life, my Prime Health, and my Life Safety.
  • “Please resolve what may be in, with, or communicating to my Physical Body or my Etheric Body so that I may thrive.”
  • “Please restore what needs to be restored so that my life is full of beauty, joy, happiness, and Grace.”
  • “Please fully restitute my life in every way that is needed.”
  • “Please manifest what needs to be manifested so that I can fully enjoy the Life I came to Live.”
  • “Please resolve and restitute what is needing to be so that I can enjoy never-ending, sustainable, maintainable sovereignty.”
  • “Please heal my family and I and each person who also need to be healed so that we can be full healed – as quickly as possible, please.”


As you read the various assets of your wholeself, please ask that the intentions we share above and any of your own personal intentions are fully, forever, and eternally fulfilled as you acknowledge each of the aspects and essences of your beautifully DIVINELY CREATED BODY.

Your Divinely Created Wholeself:

Etheric Body
Physical Body
Capacitated Brilliance-Planes
Physical Body-Planes
Causal-Intention-Thinking-Intended-Outcomes – Each of the following are determined by the sovereignty of this “Causal Space”

Choice-Based-Independence – related to any kind of capacity to exercise one’s independence

Other Spaces Within Your Whole-self

Intentions to Love Whomever You Have Loved
Intentions to Be Part of a Whole
Intentions to Not Partake in Prejudicial Behavior, Culture, nor to be Expected to Appear Better Than Others
Intentions to Not Part of a Group, Team, or Culture-of-Like-Minded People
Intentions to Get Along With Those Who Are Fully Different
Longing to Be Included
Longing to Be Understood
Longing to Be With Those Who Are Brilliant Without Being Judged
Longing to Have Intelligent Conversation Without Harming Another’s Sense of Confidence, Position, or Perspective
Longing to Have Long-standing Friendships, Relationships
Longing for Long-term Loving Relationships to Not End, Be Offended, or Be Overcome By Others, Other Energetic Conditions, and Others’ Opinions
Longing to be Accepted Just As You Are

Your Etheric Body

These include your:

Auric Planes, Fields, Spaces, and Etheric Assets, Essences, and Auric Spaces, Fields, Transitions, Connections to Each Other Field, Plane, Space, and your Etheric Template Are Responsible for Holding Each of these Conditions:

Unmet Needs
Loss of Freedoms
Loss of Identity
Loss of What is Yours
Loss of Financial Gains
Loss of Financial Interests
Loss of Financial Wealth & Revenue
Loss of Income
Loss of Career Inspiration
Loss of Love of Wealth Status
Loss of Love for Beautiful Things
Loss of Inspiration to Look One’s Best
Loss of Inclination to Get Out
Loss of Inclination to Do More Than You Are Doing
Loss of Intention to Fight For Life
Loss of Intention to Be The Best One Can Be
Loss of Interest in Thinking About Being What One Once Wanted to Be
Loss of Interest in Completing Tasks
Loss of Capacity to Finish Tasks
Loss of Personal Concern About These
Loss of Interest in Fighting For Their Return

* If you thought of others as you read this list, please add these to your “Prayerful Intentions”

Your Chakras – A Comprehensive Clearing

You were DIVINELY CREATED with powerful and beautiful Chakras. In addition, you also have many chakra centers, which some refer to as spirit-gates. These chakra centers are responsible for clearing your body of energetic conditions that do not support your capacities to thrive.

Healing Your Chakras and Chakra Centers

Your 9 Major Auric Chakras, chakra-ic centers, chakra-ic fields, the fronts, and backs are densely populated with your DIVINELY CREATED LIFETIME INTENTIONS.

These need to be healed and resolved of information that does not belong with them, and they need to be restored, restituted, and your Lifetime must be re-aligned with your DIVINELY CREATED DIVINE PERSONAL LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN.

This intention is powerful and begins a fabulously healing intention.

Healing Each of Your Auric Fields

There are 12 layers of fields within your Auric Body.

There are 14 transitions. These are the etheric “lines” that divide each specific field.

Each of the 14 transitions connect to the next Auric Field.

Each Field requires many, many layers of healing.

Each Field is extremely rich with data about this Lifetime and others.

These are intricate.

These should not be addressed by anyone other than THE DIVINE.

Please do not address these with your Helping Spirits, Guides, or other Spiritual Helpers.

Please only address your entire Etheric Body, particularly these aspects, with THE DIVINE THEMSELF.

Healing, Clearing, Restoring, and Realigning Your Fields, the Framework of Your Fields, and Your “PLAN” to Your LIFE.

Each Auric Field is densely rich with your personal Purpose, your Divine Purpose, Divine Intention, Divine Inspiration, Divine Knowings, Divine Intelligence, Divine Brilliance, Divine Longings, Divine Incarnating Source Vital Life Force Energy; All Aspects Require A Relationship With THE CREATOR.

If your Auric Field was harmed in a traumatic event, a harsh event, a troubled childhood, an abusive relationship or event, a traumatic or even slightly uncomfortable sexual-event, a loss, the loss of a dear friend, of a body of people whom you loved, the loss of a family, of a single family member, the temporary loss of relationship with a child, an ongoing condition that doesn’t end, abuse, domestic violence especially emotional abuse; disease, surgical trauma, loss of organs, the intention to be well and then become sick; the sense of your personal body betraying you; the sense or knowing you have nearly passed from this Life; experiencing spiritual, emotional, or etheric abuse, sexual affect, other effects, and ongoing harm; experiencing religious abuse, cursing, metaphysical conditions, etheric metaphysical harm, being forced to hold your silence when you have been misjudged or misunderstood or a very trusted family member or love misrepresents a condition and causes ever-lasting harmful, painful, and ongoing conditions; conditions that end anything in your life⎯ each of these – one of these – leaves trauma throughout a person’s Etheric Body, Physical Body, and throughout the Astral Field, throughout the Transitions of one’s Auric Field, throughout the connecting essences of the Auric Field, and throughout the Physical Body.

These conditions can become dangerously affected by spirit-realm beings. They are very susceptible to ongoing etheric, spirit-realm, or other kinds of “other-realm” harm.

Each event, every condition, every essence of non-DIVINE information, must be cleared by THE DIVINE from a person’s entire wholeself.

THE DIVINE will heal you whether you are understanding of these things or whether you are mistrusting of THEM.

THEY know you. THEY knew you before you incarnated into this Lifetime.

THEY do not expect you to enter a relationship with THEM, THEY expect nothing in return.

Your Powerful Intention to Heal The Auric, Astral, Causal, and Etheric Body

You only need to “Intend” that you want to be healed, cleared, resolved, restored, restituted, and to have manifested that which rewards your Life in the way THE DIVINE Promised to Reward this Lifetime prior to your incarnation into this Lifetime.

Each of the areas, aspects, essences, and vital areas of your Etheric Body are being healed now.

Understanding at the area of your Brain, your Consciousness, and your Cognizance the various aspects of your Wholeself is critical to the ongoing “retraining” of your “wholeself” and its capacities to remember how to heal itself.


No other energetic healer, no other spirit-level being should heal it.

Please repeat this healing practice over and over.

If you cannot find the page the next time, or if you recall this exercise, and you want to repeat it, ask THE DIVINE to repeat the “Healing Exercise you did when you visited Energy Healing Arts LLC website.” Whether it was this exercise or any other, THE DIVINE will resolve what is needed.

Thank You for trusting us, thank you for the honor of supporting you.


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