How to Stop Energy From Coming To Me

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September 15, 2022

How to Stop Energy From Coming In

When Energy Draws Other Energetic Conditions

There are some energetic conditions that can use your Energetic Signature to bring in energetic harm.

These energetic conditions may use your Mind-Planes, Mental-Planes, Emotion-Planes, Spirit-Planes, and Physical-Planes and each of these very important areas of your Energy Body’s Fields, Spaces, and Hidden Places to “call” in other kinds of energetic harm.

These conditions can cause a significant amount of harm to a person, pet, house, land, and any area to which the energetic conditions intend to affect.

Just before this occurs, you may believe you have had a thought and that you are naturally thinking about “a thing” that you may not have purposefully decided to think about.

When this occurs, it is possible to hear it as though you are actually saying it.

When this occurs, the energetic condition – whatever it is – has access to your “conscious and cognizant” spaces, places, and hidden fields.

This may mean that you have energetic intrusions, entity overshadowing, possession, or other kinds of conditions.

If this is the case, these are able to be with you for a variety of reasons, some of which may be that you have encountered:

  1. A Curse, or a Spell, or a Spellbound Curse, or a Metaphysical Condition of almost any nature
  2. COVID as an entity condition ⎯ which always precedes infectious COVID
  3. RSV, Flu, or COVID-Flu, each of which begin with an entity invasion of your Energy Body
  4. A circumstance or event where you encountered or felt a sudden sense of Fear or you were accidentally or purposefully Startled
  5. An injury, illness, disease or relationship Trauma
  6. You may have had an abuse occur within your life; multiple abuses increase the likelihood of incurring the condition we are referring to
  7. You may have been trained, educated, or studied in the fields of Health, Healing, Surgery, Trauma Recovery, or other Post High School Studies
  8. You may have been “Intended Upon” by another

Each of these is the “entryway” to incurring energetic harm.

We live in a world of energetic trauma, energetic conveyance, energetic communication, and energetic stalking.

This article is intended to help you become aware that you may have encountered an energetic condition that is calling in other harmful energies.


If this is occurring, please intend that THE DIVINE ⎯ WHO IS PURE SOURCE LIGHT – WHO IS GOD – WHO IS THE CREATOR – WHOM YOU MAY REFER TO AS JEHOVAH – OR JESUS – OR THE HOLY SPIRIT – OR THE HOLY TRINITY – OR BY ANY OF THEIR HOLY NAMES ⎯ resolves everything that funds, sources, or causes this to be occurring in any way throughout your whole Life.

We are providing an expanded intention below so that you have a better understanding of what you are actually intending.


When an “Intention” has been intended upon you, energetic conditions will fulfill the terms of that Intention.

In most cases, these energetic conditions will use your Mind-Planes, Mental-Planes, Emotion-Planes, Spirit-Planes, and Physical-Planes and each of these very important areas of your Energy Body’s Fields, Spaces, and Hidden Places to “call” in other kinds of energetic harm.

The intention of the energetic conditions that fulfill the terms of the “Intention” that was intended upon you may call this information into your personal or another person to whom you are connected (directly or indirectly), your home, your pets and animals, or your family members, your possessions, or your automobile, your office, or your business(es). When this happens, they may actually be calling this energetic harm into your Energy Body and your Physical Body and or to each of the other areas they are intending.

These energetic conditions often make an “all come” announcement using your PERSONAL RESONANCE, which is your PERSONAL VIBRATION, which is your PERSONAL FREQUENCY because there is a significant amount of power with every person to make effective intentions. When your Personal Energy Signature is used for good, good will come. When your Personal Energy Signature is used to harm or to bring harm, harm will be incoming.

If you believe you may have suffered any of these affects, this INTENTION will end it.


Ask THE DIVINE WHO IS PURE SOURCE LIGHT to perfect all that could possibly come from any essence of your Whole-Self, or your essence, or your vibration, or your field, or your Etheric Template, or your Chakras, or “any” aspect of your Energy Body or your Physical Body, your pets’ Energy or Physical Body, or your Home’s Energetic Signature, or your possessions’ Energetic Signature.

Ask THE DIVINE to resolve all “unwell intentions, energetic intentions, conditions, and any other energy of any kind or origin” that has ever come to you.

Ask THE DIVINE to resolve that which may have been with you or is now with you, including that which may want or may intend to be with you in the future.

This prevents “any” from calling or intending “energetic intentions or unwell conditions” from using your Personal Energy Signature, which is your Personal Resonance,  Personal Frequency, Personal Vibration, or Personal Vibrational-Frequency.

This will prevent conditions from coming to you in this way and from any further “actions” of these kinds.

Thank you for reading, for visiting, and for letting us know if you have been healed by reading,
intending, or praying as a result of what you have read, seen, or learned.



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