Prayers That Support Your Ongoing Sovereignty

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September 14, 2022

Prayers of Intention For Ongoing Sovereignty

This Prayerful Intention is very powerful in its capacity to clear, to resolve, to provide restitution, fully resolve what is causing your loss of sovereignty, and fully begin to manifest God’s Restitution in your Lifetime.

This is a personal Prayerful Intention that WE have used on behalf of clients, our staff, and each person’s expanded expanded-families.

Many have shared that this prayerful Intention has the capacity to resolve long-standing conditions.

This “Intention” clears many kinds of issues from your Energy Body, Physical Body, Causal Planes and Spaces, and many other areas of the whole-self. In addition, it addresses attachments, intrusions, other kinds of traditional “entity, int-it-y information” and provides clearing and sovereignty for most.

More specifics on how this Prayerful Intention fulfills your sovereignty below.

This “Prayerful Intention” becomes Your Powerful Prayerful Intention as soon as you read it, or intend it. It has the power to help you be free of covidic conditions, other kinds of intrusions, and various kinds of etheric blocks that may be disabling your immune system or your personal capacity to experience 100% Prime Health, your Best Life experiences, and may be impeding your’s or family’s Life Safety.

This Prayerful Intention has the capacity to resolve:

  • Nearly every existing essence or aspect of energetic conditions that do not belong with your body and which may be causing you ill-health, bad luck, and extensive and ongoing loss
  • Nearly every form of energetic condition that is unnatural to you and that does not belong with you
  • Nearly every condition that could affect or has effect upon your home, your land, your assets, your life, your expanded expanded-family, your ancestral lineages, more…
  • Many covidic related issues, traditional phenomena, and other health-related issues – though most health-related issues require a traditional session with an expert energy resolution-ist, healer, and one who understands the way energy causes ill- and un- kinds of effects.
  • Harm-related experiences, conditions, and more…
  • Intention-related, over-shadowing, over-casting, over-coming, over-powering conditions by any… and more…
  • Many causal-field conditions that may be within your various Energy Body Etheric Spaces… these kinds and forms of overshadowing and intrusive energetic conditions are also covidic, natural, and harmful… more on these below…
  • Other kinds of traditional, non-traditional, and harmful conditions that cannot be listed here…

If you have suffered a long-standing or a long-term condition, even if it seems fully natural… fully deserved… or fully undeserved… if you have encountered trouble, unkindnesses, hate, harm, trauma, religious over-extending conditions, religious ex-communication, religious or church offenses, if you suffered a divorce while a member of any church or religious house of worship, you’ll need a formal session.

Throughout the covidic pandemic, many other conditions came to be with people who were connected to advanced, secondary, and expanded-learning. Those who have participated in large, national, international corporations, their events, or you were employed and harmed by them, you may need a formal energy healing session.

These are mentioned because your life may be affected by your association with these. You may or may not be aware of the conditions of harm, trauma, or events that caused you loss. If you sense you may have been subject to potential conditions related to these, please feel free to Email Me to see if you need a formal session.



These are the spaces that are within your Physical Body, within various:

  • Organs
  • Vital Systems
  • Bones
  • Lymph Systems
  • Meridians
  • Other vital health-related spaces throughout your body.

Your Energy Body holds the key to your 100% Prime Health, Life Safety, and Best Life. This Prayerful Intention can and may be able to fully heal you.

The following conditions are important to be aware of. Throughout our website, we continue to educate on the effects of the pandemic. When the pandemic is fully over, you’ll want to continue clearing your Energy Body, Physical Body, Causal, Planes, and your entire whole-self.

This Prayerful Intention is currently very effective at resolving many covidic conditions. Saying it aloud, or privately, works immediately.

Before we get to this Prayerful Intention, we’ll share a few common disorders, conditions, and energetic anomalies that are currently being seen in our practice.

Becoming Overshadowed, Over-cast, Overcome, or Over-Powered By Energetic Conditions or a Person’s Energy Field

If your Energy Body has been overshadowed, over-controlled, over-cast, or over-powered by covidic energetic conditions, by those of an entity, int-it-y, or a person, your health may be at risk.

Over-cast Conditions

To be over-casted, to experience the sense of being “over-casted” is like being encased within a sack of energy. Your head feels energetically sacked. Your ears feel boxed, your eyes are pressured, your body becomes more willfully the one who is over-casting their energetic being or body. These are some of the ways in which “Network Learning, Workshop Learning, Secondary Degree Learning, or Guru Learning” covidic network entities, int-it-ies can affect some.

If you have encountered this, if you begin to encounter these conditions, you may need an emergency clearing session. When this occurs, every aspect of your body is overcome by the “intelligence, intentions, inspirations, illnesses, curses, spells, charms, and or offending nature” of the one projecting or personally over-casting.

When a person has experienced these, they know it. It is obtrusive. It is overwhelming.

Overshadowed Conditions

To have been overshadowed, is to be overcome with the energy of another being – whether an entity, int-it-y, or person’s own energetic condition.

Over-controlled Conditions

To be over-controlled, is similar to being over-cast, though it may be more accurate to refer to this condition as “induced.”

Over-powered Conditions

To be over-powered by a person seems kind of obvious. However, if you are being over-powered by an enemy – one who is a person, or a country – by those in power, or by an entity or int-it-y of great power, or by a “network” of overwhelming power, you may be in need of an emergency session immediately.

Why We Offer Powerful Products, Prayers of Intention, and Love as Guidance Throughout This Website

We write about these conditions because we are seeing them daily. The week of writing this, nearly every client had been victim of this condition. This is dangerous. It can cause a person to feel like they have lost control of their mind, their senses, their capacities to work, to make decisions, and to follow instructions.

Archangel Michael – mostly – of The Divine Realm – guides every writing and shares with me in great detail what to expect in the coming days, weeks, months, and years as it relates to the conditions We will be seeing, resolving, addressing, restituting, and what kinds of programs, offerings, sessions types and product are needed to help my clients and customers become fully well.

As such, I am strongly guided to share this Prayer of Intention with the public. My goal, my personal intention – which is perfected by God – is that it heals you, perfectly so that you can begin or continue on the path toward your Perfected, Potentiated, Protected, and most Abundant Best Life, 100% Prime Health, and 100% Protected Life Safety.

This Prayer of Intention: What It Might Be Able To Do For You

This prayerful Intention may be able to fully clear you – heal your Physical and Energy Body and set a course of ongoing sovereignty for you.

My Intention, my Prayer, is that it does. However, if it does not, you will know. You will feel the difference. You’ll feel better, but you’ll be able to more effectively observe what did not clear.

Sovereignty is crucial. Making sure you are sovereign is vitally important to your Energy Body, to your Physical Body, and to your Mind-planes, Spirit-planes, Mental-planes, Emotional-planes, Causal planes, Causal fields, Auric Fields, Auric transitions, Auric spaces, Astral Field, Astral spaces, and other delicate spaces throughout your entire Whole-self.  The links provided within this document will explain what each of these Etheric Body assets and essences are.


The Prayer

This can be offered as a prayer or a power-felt Intention.

The beginning of this prayer seems rather personally driven. It is. Throughout the covidic pandemic, some have found themselves entangled within a snare of networks. For most, this came from extensive, expansive, or post-graduate learning. This includes learning from colleges, metaphysical classes, all forms of shamanic courses, energy healing trainings, curse unravelling classes, land clearing classes, and mediumship trainings – regardless of whom you trained under. However, if you trained under or with or through any modality – in person, online, via telephonic, video, or recording, you are likely in need of this prayer.

As of this publishing (September 16, 2022), the most recent conditions that are related to “learnings” and “Learning Networks,” are clearing. These can become quite congestive, congested, can carry covidic entities, int-it-ies, and other forms of paranormal. If you are feeling triggered, woozy, dizzy, or in any way that is not normal for you, please evaluate your condition. If it s creating a medical condition, contact your Emergency Room, Physician, or go to a Walk-in Clinic.

If you are feeling these or other symptoms as you read this, you most definitely need a healing session that purposefully, formally, and forever releases you from these networks. These are serious, the conditions are life-threatening. This may seem “overboard,” however, I have been working on behalf of these kinds of students, student-teachers, and other kinds of practitioners who have been part of these networks.

If you have questions, want to schedule a session, or have a concern about your own well-being, Email Me Here.

Dear God,

If there are any, ever, in any Lifetime, any Framework of time – in any way – offenses, crossings, intentions, crime, misunderstandings, harm, hate, mistakes, or other that I have knowingly, unknowingly, or in any way committed by me, perceived to have been committed by me, or by someone who is thought to be me, or by any who may be connected, related, or a part of my family – please fully, forever, and for all of eternity resolve these.

If I have come to know something, or have perceived something with my gifts, or am thought to have perceived something, or thought to perhaps tell, or to act upon – please resolve that which must be resolved. If any have thought I would harm them, or any, knowingly, unknowingly, or thought this might happen should I seek protective methods, whether in or for protection of myself, or any of my expanded expanded-family, or that You may be preparing restitutions that may be effecting another; or if You are preparing, bringing, offering to me or to others any form of manifestation(s); if any of these happens to exist in any way – similar, synonymous, or not so similar or synonymous, please address these. Please absolve them. Please leave these with You, not with me. Please take, please hold, please resolve, and please never allow these to be with me – forever, for eternally, for all of eternity.

Please resolve all conditions that are within my:

    • Etheric Body
    • Physical Body
    • Physical-Planes
    • Spirit-Planes
    • Mental-Planes
    • Mind-Planes
    • Emotional-Planes
    • Causal Planes
    • Other Spaces Within My Whole-self
    • All Auric Planes, Fields, Spaces, and Etheric Assets, Essences, and Every Auric Space
    • All Auric Chakras
    • All Auric Chakra Fields
    • All Chakra Conditions, which may include others’ “Intentions, Inspirations, Contentions, Ideations, Thought-invoking Projections”
    • All Auric Chakra Conditions that May Be Inspired by Others, by Thought, by More Than I Know to Ask
    • All Auric Chakra Movements, Motions, Conditions that May Intend I Become Harmed Throughout My Lifetime
    • All Auric Chakra Manipulations, Shaking, Mind-Controlled Intentions for My Etheric Body, Physical Body, Other Assets Within My Body, Whether my
    • Physical-Planes, Emotional-Planes, Mental-Planes, Spirit-Planes, or Other Planes Within or External to my Physical Body
    • All Other Areas and Assets of My Auric Body, Auric Fields, Auric Planes, Causal Fields and All Planes Throughout My Body
    • All Other Assets, Essences, Spaces of My Energy Body
    • All Astral Assets, Essences, Spaces, All
    • Please Clear That Which May Have Been Added To My Body via Covidic or Other Measures, Whether By or Via Covidic Controlled Mechanisms, Curses, Spells, Charms, Intentions That Were Formalized, or Non-Formal That Were Intended To Harm, Hate, Intend Any Thing Upon My Life or That of My Expanded Expanded-Family’s Life, or Anyone of Their Lives, Including Any of Their Expanded Expanded-Family – Please Clear These Forever, Past, Present, Future, Throughout All of Time, Creation, Eternally, for Eternity.
    • Please Clear That Which May Have Been Added To Any and All Assets, Interests, Possessions, Lands, Homes, Businesses, Business Assets, Business and Personal Financial Interests, Wealth, Health, My Life in Any Area, That of My Family, in Any and All Areas, Including that of My Ancestors, Descendants, Theirs, or Their Expanded Expanded-Family and Each or Any of Theirs, Infinitely, as Far Expanded As is Necessary to Clear Me and Each of Them.
    • Please Clear That Which May Have Been Added To Anything That Has, Was, Is, Could Be, Every Might Be, Ever Thought About Being, Including This Lifetime, All Other Forms of Lifetimes, All Other Kinds of Lifetimes, All Other Intentions of Lifetimes, any… God… as it May Relate To Me, to Mine, to Ours, to Theirs, to Any…
    • Clear that Which Has Been Harmed, that Which Has Been Affected, that Which Has Been Manipulated, that Which Has Been Severed, that Which Has Been Harmed, That Which Has Been Forever or Infinitely or Eternally, or For All Eternity Intended, Whether For Now, The Near, or Distant, or Sooner Future, End These Things In Your Capacity to Effectuate and Manifest Change, Healing, Resolutions, Restitutions, Remediations, Causal Repairs, Energetic Provisions For Healing, Resuscitations For Immediate, Full, Forever, Long-term Recovery.
    • Use All of Your Resources to End Any All Every Kind of Mal-Intention, Any Intention, All Inspiration, All Thought, Any Thought-Conditions That May Be Present, Connect Me To The Divine Realm, Clear That Which Blocks My Connection To You, Clear Any All Every That May Block My Knowings, My Gifts, My Life, My Best Life, My Perfected, Most Protected, Most Potentiated, 100% Prime Health, and 100% Perfected Life Safety, Including Any Intention That May Have Intended My Death, Near Death, Initiations of Any, Every, Sudden, All…
    • If There Is More God, Please End It. If I Must Personally Ask, If A Third Party Must Personally Ask, Please Ask On My Behalf, Please Resolve All, Permanently, Regardless of That Which Has Been Set Upon, Against, For, or Intended To Be With Me.
    • Forever, Permanently, Eternally, and for Eternity, Resolve Any, All, Every: Intention(s), Including Projection(s), Cast-upon(s), Sent, Violations Of My Person, My Life, My Perfection(s), My Protections, My Potentiation(s), My Potential(s), My Personal and My Divine Intention(s), My Divine Lifetime Incarnate Plan, My Longevity in This Lifetime, My Endurance(s), My Heath, My Wealth, My Finances, My Interest(s), My Integrity, My Business Acumen, My Business Savvy, My Business Reputation, My Business In Any, All, Every Relationship, Including Business and Personal, Old and New, This Lifetime and All Lifetimes in All Areas…
    • Resolve My Life, Restore My Life to Your Intention(s), to My Intention(s), Let Your Intentions Resolve All Others, Let Your Intentions For My Perfected, Protected, Potentiated, and Abundantly Held By You, and Abundant Best Life, Best Yet Lifetime, 100% Prime Health, and 100% Perfected and Protected Life Safety Be Held By You, Be Funded By You, Be Conditioned for Perfection By You, Be Restored to You, Be Healed By You Now, Forever, Eternally, for All Eternity, Infinitely.

Thank You, God.

God, for me and each person included in this prayerful Intention, please Perfect, Protect, Potentiate, Fund, Source, Condition, and Hold These Prayerful Intentions, Those On and For Whose Behalf They Have Been Intended and or Prayed, Forever, Permanently, in Perpetuity, Eternally, for Eternity. Thank you.



Please include everything else that comes to your thoughts as you pray this prayer.

This prayer or “Intention” may require a few hours or days to fully manifest your sovereignty. The timing depends upon your Lifetime. It depends on the challenges and complexities of your Lifetime Incarnate Plan.

In the very near future, I will be offering to provide Lifetime Incarnate Plan Summary Portfolios. To learn more, please visit “Your Lifetime Incarnate Plan.”

Throughout the COVID pandemic, which also brought in covidic environmental symptomatic conditions, we have provided tools to help you remain sovereign and to help you remain on a path toward your Best Life. We will be offering programs that teach you how to clear yourself and your family and we’ll soon be offering workshops that help you learn how to be well – sustainably.

If you feel the prayer I have provided here hasn’t fully cleared what is causing your symptoms, intrusions, or conditions you likely need a healing session. I strongly encourage you to Contact Me.

When you contact me, I’ll will ask The Divine if there is a need for a traditional facilitated session or if your healing can be fulfilled via our Frequency Based Intentions, which we refer to as DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Programs. These are powerful DOWNLOAD-ABLE, or Email-able healing Programs. These use Frequencies that are designed, fulfilled, and affected by God, Who Is Pure Source Light, of The Divine Realm. Of course, you have the option of either choosing the DOWNLOAD INTENTION-BASED Program or a traditional session. I’ll respond to you in about 24-Business Hours (Monday – Thursday) at the email address you provide in your Contact Submission Form.

May you Be Well and Enjoy your Best, Most Potentiated, Most Perfected, Most Protected, Most Abundant and Abundantly Held Best Life, Prime Health, and Perfected Life Safety.

Love is the greatest healer…

Sherí Taber,

Energy Practitioner, Wellness Consultant, Teacher, Healer, Mentor, Advocate.