Are You Fully Satisfied With Your Life?

When your life is not producing the kinds of successes you either once produced with a single intention, inspiration, or idea or that you planned carefully without challenges, your life has become overshadowed by the kinds of conditions that intend to block your capacities to thrive.

Thriving is a requirement to living your Best Life. If you are not thriving, you are losing your zest for life, your potential to fulfill your Divine Purpose, and your drive.

When this begins, there are subtle signs. It usually begins with ongoing "endings."

Endings result from the kinds of energetic conditions that intend that you fail ⎯ at everything.

If you sense this is happening to you, you have likely been cursed, targeted energetically, and you likely have a series of conditions that must be removed immediately.

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Ends Curses, Spells, Charms & More

When someone targets you - whether to win a competitive match, or to outrank you in the workplace; whether to over-power you or to minimize your freedoms, choice, or circles of friends you may have these metaphysical conditions upon your lifetime.

If your ancestral lineage has been targeted at any time in history, it is overshadowed by these kinds of "intentions," and the harm intended by any intention is carried out by very specific Entities. 

If you have had a dispute, if someone became irritated, frustrated, or worse - angry with you, your business, your employee, or your family, you may have these kinds of harmful conditions affecting your lifetime.

Being targeted isn't something most of us are aware of until our life has begun to "fail" in various areas.

Nearly every person we have ever worked on behalf of has been overcome with significant kinds of targeted affects, causing their lifetime to be harmed. 

Resolves All Entity Related Conditions

Whether you have encountered the annual Flu, Bronchial, Pneumonia, RSV, or other viral or bacterial illnesses or you have survived a threatening disease or symptomatic condition ⎯ Entity conditions precede every illness, accident, injury, trauma, financial loss, wealth depletion, domestic or any kind of dispute, separation or divorce, real estate problems, home repairs, mildew, rot, and utility failures.

Entity conditions may take the form of Thought Forms, or other kinds of non-verbal, non-corporeal, or "Other-Than" kinds of non-physical, or non-local, or non-present entity conditions.

"Other-Than" entities are the kind that "live" within a person's organ-fields, organs, intestines, lymph, cells, tissue, and other areas of the physical body.

It's time to end what Entity conditions bring to you, your household, and your life.

Resolves All Trauma

Regardless of when you experienced trauma - whether your trauma would rank on the scale of 1 or 10, it leaves resonant marks and unwell energetic conditions behind.

The trauma may seem nebulous to you or perhaps to others who are aware of it, however, when trauma of any kind occurs, the resonance of it is palpable to all energetic conditions that rally around every kind of traumatic experience - whether you or anyone would rank it on the Trauma Scale.

When trauma has not been removed from the Energy Body, it has a way of attracting more of the same resonance ⎯ which means that it may attract more conditions that vibrate similarly to the condition that caused, or became, or that followed the actual traumatic event(s).

If you have endured multiple trauma events, you have incurred traumatic resonant episodic events.

Heals 100% of Your Energy & Physical Body

Every aspect of your Physical and Energy Body is Healed, Cleared, Resolved, Restored, and Restituted with this DIVINE RESONANCE PROGRAM. This DRP is prescriptive and personalized for each person included in the work.

Throughout your lifetime, you likely encountered many different types of energetic conditions. If you have, your DIVINELY CREATED PERSONAL LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN (DC-PLIP) required experiential encounters with various kinds of entity- spirit- being- and other-realm conditions.

When this is the case, you will likely require an immediate and 100% Resolution, Restoration, Restitution, Healing, and Clearing of your physical and energy body.

When these are fulfilled eternally, THE DIVINE begins the manifestation phases. Throughout the manifestation phases, you may begin to notice that your body looks healthier, perhaps more youthful - if this is what you intended within your DC-PLIP.

Once THE DIVINE “eternally” fulfills the entire work of this DIVINE RESONANCE PRESCRIPTIVE HEALING PROGRAM, a sustainable and maintainable pathway toward your 100% Prime Health, 100% Life Safety, 100% Sovereignty, and your 100% Best Life.

When this pathway is established, all other aspects of your entire lifetime begin aligning to your DIVINELY CREATED PERSONAL LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN.

If you are wondering about your DIVINELY CREATED PERSONAL LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN, please ask your Practitioner if it is possible to receive DIVINE MESSAGES about it prior to the work being fulfilled.

Restores Your Best Life

This DIVINE RESONANCE PRESCRIPTIVE PROGRAM restores your life in the way you intended it be prior to incarnating

Prior to incarnating into this lifetime, your DIVINE SOURCE INCARNATING ENLIGHTENED ENERGY worked with THE DIVINE to understand the details of this lifetime, learn every detail so that you could understand how your DIVINE PURPOSE was supposed to be fulfilled, and in this state of DIVINE ENLIGHTENMENT you understood exactly what was required to fulfill your DIVINE PURPOSES, DIVINE INTENTIONS, DIVINE GOALS, AND DIVINE OUTCOMES. 

Understanding these details resulted in you fully understanding the need to have the experiences you have experienced throughout your lifetime. Each DIVINE INTENTION required learning experiences, and they required certain exposures to entities, beings, and spirit-realm conditions that created contextual understandings related to your DIVINE INTENTIONS, DIVINE PURPOSES, DIVINE GOALS.

As these conditions created very specific experiential events throughout your lifetime, you learned how to perform the skills required to fulfill your DIVINE PURPOSES, DIVINE INTENTIONS, and DIVINE GOALS.

THE DIVINE made very specific DIVINE PROMISES, DIVINE PROCLAMATIONS, DIVINE DECISIONS, AND DIVINE PROTECTIONS so that your lifetime experiences were exactly the way you intended them to be.

When your DIVINELY INTENDED experiential phases are fulfilled, you intended to be restored to your DIVINELY CREATED PERSONAL LIFETIME INCARNATE PLAN (DC-PLIP).

In restoring and aligning your lifetime to your DC-PLIP, THE DIVINE intended to begin the manifestation phases that eternally restores your lifetime to its 100% Prime Health, 100% Lifetime Safety, 100% Sovereignty, and 100% Best Life.